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Walking in the Dark

It was dark everywhere, Ken ran and ran but he couldn't escape the darkness closing in around him. He screamed for help, but no one came. He was lost, lost in a world of darkness that always dragged him back down every chance it got. Ken just never expected things to go this way, he never expected that Davis would randomly stop talking to him or that the pain would hurt this much. Ken never expected to see the Dark Ocean again and feel the water filling his lungs to a point where he couldn't breath. He didn't want any of it, he just wanted it to stop

"Hey Ken, wait up!"

Ken stopped and turned around just in time for Davis to crash into him. "Ouch!"

"Sorry man," Davis laughed as he sat up, "I tried to stop, I really did."

Ken smiled and then winced from his lack of air, in an airy voice he replied, "It's fine, just get off me.."

"Oh, sorry," Davis stood up and held out his hand to help Ken up with a grin on his face, Ken took a deep breath and grabbed the tan hand. Davis easily pulled him up and then picked up Ken's school bag. Scratching the back of his head he held up the case and gave a timid laugh. Ken sighed and took it, "So what are you so excited about?"

"You'll never believe this Ken!"

"Believe what?"

"It's so shocking that it even shocked me!"

Ken resumed walking, "Well, if you won't tell me how can I not believe it?"

Davis walked up in front of him and then turned around and walked backwards so he could stare at Ken, "Well you see…."


"Today is….."

"Today is what?"

"I see you're hanging on my every word Ken!"

"Davis! Just tell me."

Davis took a deep breath, "Well, you see, today is the very first day of high school for our Sophomore year!"

Ken fell over.

Davis grinned, "See! It shocked you too!"

Ken groaned and stood up, twitching a little he lied, "Yes Davis, I had no idea that today is the first day of school."

"And it's great 'cause we're going to the same school now! Not at all like last year!"

Ken nodded, "Yeah, I hated that other school, I'm glad my parents let me transfer…..but Davis, if we don't hurry, we'll be late."

"Huh?" Davis checked his watch, "naw, we still have forty-five minutes till it starts."

Ken shrugged, "I guess my watch is fast."

They resumed walking again in a comfortable silence, Ken stared at the ground, holding his school case in both hands while Davis slung his over his shoulder and stuck his other hand in the pocket of his green uniform jacket. Ken wore his uniform correctly, shirt tucked in and the tie err...tied, Davis on the other hand was the complete opposite; shirt untucked, tie undone, and even an untied shoe lace. Ken looked up at Davis and smiled, "So are you excited?"

"You bet!"

Davis looked over at Ken and gave a big grin, "You'll be able to help me with my homework right?"

"I doubt you'll need my help Davis…"

Davis sighed and said quickly, "yeah man, I'll definitely need your help. Can you speak French?"

"Yeah, I'm taking French 301 this year. I could've taken 401, it was a lot easier for me to learn it quickly since I all ready know Spanish, but I didn't want to be stuck with people I didn't know. I think T.K. is taking it too, Kari's in Spanish though with Yolei."

Davis frowned, "Aw man, I'm stuck in a class with T.M."

About twenty meters behind them they heard T.K. dreamily say, "Trademark." (AN: Don't ask, just don't ask.)

Ken smiled, "But I'll be there."

Davis slowed down so T.K. and whoever else was with him could catch up, "That will make things a lot better."

They heard a squeal and Ken felt a heavy weight pounce on his back, "Ken! I'm so glad to see you!"

"Hello Yolei," Ken turned around and sighed, "it's nice to see you and you've gotten taller…"

T.K. laughed, "Tell me about it! She's still taller than me and I'm on the basketball team! I bet you'll hit a growth spurt sooner or later. Until then I guess I can use you as an arm rest Hahaha!"

"Haha, very funny T.K."

Yolei put a hand on Ken's shoulder, "You're still taller than Kari and Cody so don't be complaining!"

He shook her hand off, "I wasn't."

Davis grabbed Ken's arm and pulled him away from Yolei, "Stop it Yolei, you're bugging him."

Ken looked at Davis with gratitude but also worried, did he look that annoyed? Yolei just smiled, "Sorry, I'm just really excited about today, now let's hurry up."

The four nodded and started walking again. Davis frowned and looked at T.K. "Where's Cody and Kari?"

T.K. sighed, "Well, Cody's grandpa wanted to drive him on his first day and Kari is already there…..something about starting up a photography club."

Davis nodded and walked up in front of Yolei and next to Ken so she couldn't bother him. Ken smiled and continued to look at the ground. The four walked in an awkward silence until T.K. suddenly asked Davis something Ken never expected, "Hey Davis, you're still not trying to make my girlfriend into your girlfriend are you?"

Davis lowered his school case from leaning on his back to hanging by his side and had a dark look on his face, "Naw….Kari said she didn't like me that much anyways."

Ken frowned slightly, if something happened between Kari and Davis he would've heard about from someone, mainly from Davis….so what exactly was T.K. asking him? T.K. gave Davis a sympathetic look, "Hey man, she doesn't hate you, Kari just likes me more than you, that's all."

"Whatever T.P."

"My name is T.K.!"

"Sure it is P.Q."

"Why do you always make fun of my name!"

"Why do you always make fun of me?"

Yolei quickly changed the subject by announcing, "HEY! Look we're here .!"

Davis grumbled something and held the door open for Ken, then he shut it right in T.K.'s face. Ken looked at the white tiles as the walked, he could here T.K. swearing through the door because it shut on his foot. Ken looked up at Davis who seemed alright, "So… still don't like T.K.?"

"Naw, it's just he bugs me a little bit when Kari's not around. He always shoves their relationship on me, bragging 'cause he got the girl you know?" He looked at

Ken and sighed, "I don't care anymore, Kari said she didn't like me."

"How many times did she tell you?"

"Twenty five."

"Oh….well, that's okay Davis, you'll find someone."

"Yeah whatever."

They were clear down the front hall before T.K. got the door open with Yolei's help, "Hey Davis," he yelled, "why did you shut the door on my foot!"

Davis turned around and gave off a goofy grin, "I guess my hand slipped T.P."

T.K. caught up with them and scowled, "Your hand slipped?"

"Yeah, isn't that right Ken?"

T.K. and Davis both looked at Ken, the indigo haired teen looked back at Davis to see that yearning trust and need he felt years earlier in the Digital World. T.K. narrowed his eyes slightly, still mad about the whole foot-in-door thing. Ken sighed and nodded, "His hand slipped, but I'm sure he's sorry T.K."

T.K. sighed, "Okay, you win. It was an accident Daisuke." with that he walked off.

Yolei gave a low whistle, "Boy! Nice Davis, but next time don't use Ken as your skate goat."

"I wasn't!"

Yolei blew a kiss to Ken, "See you at lunch Gorgeous!" She ran off after T.K. down to the Commons.

"It's okay Davis," Ken started walking again, "I don't mind being a skate goat, after all, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be who I am today. I would probably be dead like Sam."

Davis followed him quietly for a moment not knowing what to say, then he quickly asked, "Where's your locker?"

"I don't know, the number is 666." Ken laughed softly, "Imagine that!"

"Yeah, that's kinda funny." Davis lead him down a certain hall, "here it is."

Ken looked at it, the locker seem to be pure evil itself, the new coat of black paint on it gave it a shiny look and a demented feel about it. It took Ken three tries before it finally opened. He sighed and placed the things he didn't need there, and softly shut the locker, too afraid he would anger it otherwise. Davis' locker was a couple down from Ken's, number 654. The indigo haired teen turned towards Davis and saw another boy there the same height as Davis. They were laughing and joking around like they had been friends for a long time. Ken frowned, surely Davis would've told him about this guy, some things just weren't adding up.

"And then Terrimon jumped on me and said the bus driver looked like Etemon!"

Davis laughed, "Man Willis, it's been way to long!"

"I know man, it took me months to convince my parents to move here, but now I see it's all worth it! Terrimon loves it here….so does Kokomon."

Davis' happy face fell, "Say…how is Kokomon?"

"Doing better," Willis replied, "much better."

Ken walked up and tapped Davis on the shoulder, "Hey."

"Oh hey Ken! This is my friend Willis from the States! He has two digimon, isn't that cool!"

"Yeah, uhh, next to meet you. I'm Ken Ichidochi."


Ken liked the guy, he was funny and smart, the kind of guy Ken could probably play chess with, Davis always got too board when it came to those kind of things. Willis grinned and slapped Davis on the back, "So how are T.K. and Kari?"


"Well I saw that one coming when I first met them in New York. Sorry man."

"It's okay, well... let's go find them."

Davis grabbed Ken's arm again and pulled the smaller boy up next to him, "Walk next to me Ken, not behind me."

Ken nodded and tried to tell his mind to shut up. He had a weird feeling that Davis wasn't as happy as he looked.

Ken had an empty feeling inside as he stared at his ceiling, his dull violet eyes watching the light slowly pour into his room. He sighed and laid a hand over his heart to make sure it was still beating. His body felt numb and nothing seemed to matter anymore, Davis was all that mattered. Ken rolled over on his side and shuddered, all he wanted to know was why.

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