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This is for my "Davis", Ron. I hope one day you read this story and realize how much pain you put me through. I also hope you realized that I bear no hatred or resentment toward you, only sorrow for the lose of a great friend.

Walking in the Dark

Chapter 11: There Will Always Be Fireflies

Izzy paced nervously in his office, a million thoughts ran through his head but he couldn't grasp any of them. He started pulling at his spiky red hair in frustration and cursed under his breath; how could he possibly make a mistake! Izzy, the Creator of Tenti-Soft and the killer of Mirco-soft, had no room to make mistakes, yet somehow he just happened to blow up the train his friend's parents were on! Some Child of Knowledge he was! Izzy collapsed at his desk and groaned, when did he become so cold? Of course people mattered, when did others become so meaningless to him? So many questions yet never enough time to answer them. The red head rubbed his forehead and pressed an intercom button to his secretary, "Li, would you be a dear and get me some of that tea I like?"

There was some static until a stiff voice answered, "Get your own damn tea, I'm busy."

Izzy snorted and pressed it again, "Your job is to get please my every need!"

The red head could almost see Li roll his eyes, "You're too needy."

Izzy growled in irritation, "Okay, just get your skinny Chinese ass in here! NOW!"

Li walked in clearly angry. Izzy almost laughed, the Chinese man looked so funny when he was angry! Light shone off his spiked black hair as he approached Izzy's desk, "You're not going to fire me are you?"

"Sorry, today's not your lucky day," Izzy leaned back in his chair, "Li, who rescued you when you were an inch from death?"

"You did."

"Good, who hid you from the Italian Mafia and gave you a safe home to live in?"

"You did…."

"Good, now, who is going to get me a cup of tea?"

Li sighed, "I am?"

Izzy nodded, "Hurry, I'm expecting someone soon. And no more arguing!"

Li rolled his eyes and sauntered off, Izzy groaned and wondered why he helped that guy in the first place. He looked at his watch, Ken and Onizuka and maybe Davis would be showing up in ten minutes. Izzy bit his lip and hoped that Ken would show himself as the Child of Kindness and understand that Izzy was truly sorry. He ran a hand slowly through his hair as Li came back with the tea and set it next to Izzy's other hand which rested on his massive oak desk. The Chinese man gave Izzy a somewhat sympathetic look and turned his back to leave.

Izzy picked up the hot tea, "Li…thank you."

The man nodded and left the office. Izzy leaned back in his chair and watched the door reopen a few minutes later. Onizuka walked in first wearing his white teacher suit and looked somewhat nervous. Ken followed him in a nice pair of dark blue jeans and a form fitting black turtle neck despite the growing summer heat. Davis lingered by the door for a moment and then opted to wait outside; Li stood up and closed the thick oak doors leaving the three alone.

Onizuka let Ken sit down first and chose to stand behind him instead of taking the other seat. He rested his hands on the back of Ken's chair and bowed his head. Izzy looked at Ken for the first time in many months and saw that Ken looked much paler and thinner than when he last saw him. Ken's face bore no anger or hatred, just deep sorrow for losing the remainder of his family. Izzy sipped his tea and then set it down next to the telephone. He stared at Ken for few minutes and then broke the silence:

"It's been a long time Ken.."

Ken looked up and him, his eyes resembling soft pools of velvet, "It has."

Izzy bit his lip, "I want to tell you Ken….you've always been like a brother to me. I know I messed up, I won't lie about that." He started fidgeting with a pencil, "I guess I was being greedy…I wanted you for myself, as my family. But…." he looked at the ceiling, "but I just ended up screwing up your life Ken….I'm truly deeply sorry."

Ken looked at him slightly confused, "I know my parents were on that train you accidentally blew up….but it sounds like you're apologizing for something more than that Izzy…"

"Yes…you see, the reason Davis 'ignored' you was purely my fault."

Shock spread across Ken's features followed by a dark, melancholy look, "What did you do Izzy?"

Izzy took a deep breath and proceeded to tell Ken about the afternoon Davis asked him and how Izzy responded. Ken's face continued to have the same melancholy look to it and he stared at the desk rather than stare at Izzy. The red head looked at Ken, "It's because I wanted you for myself, I thought Davis would be bad for you. I was proven wrong when I found out he sat by your side every chance he could at the hospital and even sung to you to show he was there. I was wrong about Davis….and everything really. I'm sorry Ken."

Ken sat for a few minutes thinking about what he was just told; Onizuka looked at Izzy and asked, "Do you even know who the real SandWhale is?"

Izzy shook his head, Ken surprisingly did the same. He voice was soft as he said, "I never knew his real name, he was just an online friend…it's strange you would use him Izzy."

Onizuka nodded, "Especially since I'm SandWhale."

Ken and Izzy looked at Onizuka shocked, Ken gave a small smile, "No wonder I liked you so much when I met you in the park."

The violet eyes turned toward Izzy, "Well, Koushiro. This is quite a predicament we're in….you killed my parents and made my life a living hell for the pass few months…"

Izzy winced slightly as Ken continued in a soft voice that held no emotion, "I suppose since you did both things unintentionally it's not as horrible. You didn't know my parents were on the train so it's not like you personally attacked them in the attempt to kill them; but why you put a bomb on a civilian train is beyond me.

For a long time now I've been walking in the dark all alone, during that time I've thought over many things. About what true friendship was and how sometimes it blossomed into love, after I think about what happened now, I want to thank you."

Izzy gave a very confused look, "Thank me?"

Ken nodded and continued, "If you hadn't told Davis those things he wouldn't have started to ignore me. After Davis stopped talking to me I realized how much I looked him, then I realized without a doubt that I loved him. Davis saw me struggle every day but felt like he couldn't do anything without breaking his own heart, he become conscious of my feelings as well as his own….. Thanks to you we both realized how much we loved each other…..I think if this didn't happen we would've dated for a week or two and then go back to being friends to avoid the strange emotions."

Izzy blinked and remained silent, Ken took a deep breath and kept going, "I know this sounds very strange to you Koushiro…Izzy, it's like a feeling I can't really describe. I feel that I can forgive you for what happened with me and Davis but it's going to take some time for me to get over my parents deaths….the remainder of my family is now….dead. I don't hate you Izzy, I just can't understand your thinking pattern anymore, I'm sorry."

"Ken--don't apologize--"

"I'm sorry that I can't give you a start answer right now, all I ask for is some time until I see you again. However Izzy, let it be known that my mind has forgiven you but my heart hasn't yet."

Izzy bowed his head, "Thank you Ken, you are truly kind…I hope someday I'll win your trust back."

Ken stood up and lowered his eyes to Izzy's desk, "You will, don't worry about that."

"Well," Izzy sighed and stood up, he walked around his desk and softly embraced Ken, "if you ever need to talk.. I'll be here."

Ken let one tear slide down his cheek, "I know."

"Take care of yourself Ken."

"I will Izzy."

The red head let Ken go and let Onizuka shake his hand. He sat back down and watch the bleached teacher escort Ken out; at least in went better than he thought. Izzy pressed the intercom button, "Li, can you get two glasses and a bottle of brandy please."

There was some static as Li responded, "Anything for you Izumi-san."

Onizuka dropped Ken and Davis off at the cemetery, "Ken, be home at nine o'clock alright?"

"Yes Eikichi, thank you."

Davis laced his fingers with Ken as they slowly descended to the polished stone that bore the name "Ichijouji". Neither boy said a word as they walked pass the numerous grave markers, Ken looked at the ground thinking. If his parents had survived then how would he have explained the reasons for his attempted suicide? Would he have been able to see Davis? Would Ken's mother insist he'd be home schooled or move again far away from his old life? Ken bit his lip as Davis stopped and pulled him back, "Hey Ken, it's here."

Ken bowed his head and Davis quickly pulled him into a comforting hug, "It's going to be alright Ken."

The indigo haired teen rested his head on his boyfriends shoulder and looked at the simple stone that meant everything and nothing. That everything in his life changed and there was nothing he could do to bring his parents back. Davis rubbed Ken's back and buried his face in Ken's hair. They remained like that for a long time until Ken gently pulled away and kneeled in front of his parents grave.

"Hey Mom, hey Dad….I miss you, I hope you're happy up there. I just what you to know that you don't have to worry about me like Sam, I'm fine now. Like you always use to say Dad…once you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up. I want you to enjoy the after life and please take care of Sam for me…he needs you both so much. I promise you I will never try to kill myself again…I have no reason to now. I don't want you to worry anymore, I' m so happy that you were my parents, I'm happy I got the chance to know you over the past sixteen years of my life. Rest in Peace…please, for me. I love you both.."

Davis put a hand on Ken's shoulder, "It's okay to cry now Ken."

Ken shook his head, "No more tears Davis, I've cried too much over these past few months. I want them to know everything's going to be alright…and it will be."

Davis kneeled down next to Ken and embraced him lovingly, Ken smiled softly and looked at the grave marker again, "I never thought that I'd have to live without you in my life, I never could guess that you'd be gone. I wish that I just could've said goodbye. I'll always remember you all….Mom, Dad, Sam. Thank you so much for everything."

The indigo haired genius kissed the middle of his hand and pressed it too the stone, "Good-bye."

Davis helped him too his feet and intertwined their fingers together, "Let's go to the park Ken."


Ken looked back at the grave one more time as they left and smiled, everything was going to be alright.

Davis pulled out his old soccer ball when they reached the park and dropped it on the ground, "First one with five goals wins."

"Okay," Ken smiled, eager to leave his depression behind him. The mahogany haired Goggle Boy gave a swift kick to the ball and started the game. Ken soon forgot everything he was thinking about and only focused on the game. Davis faked the ball to the left and then ran down their makeshift field, Ken skirted ahead of him and stole the ball back. It was half an hour before the first goal had been made, and after that first goal it started to rain lightly. Davis and Ken continued playing in the rain, mud splattered everywhere and they both thought of an earlier time when they did this; a time where they went back to Ken's house and his mother fussed over them worried sick they'd catch colds.

After three hours of playing the rain stopped and Davis scored his fifth goal ten minutes later; the ending score was 5-4. Both boys crawled beneath a tree onto the wet grass and collapsed from the intense game. Davis pulled Ken toward him and let Ken rest his head on his shoulder. They panted satisfied and content as the sun started to set; Davis moved so that they were in a sitting position and leaning up against the tree so they could watch the sun set. Goggle Boy II couldn't remember a time where he felt so at peace; he smiled and started playing with Ken's hair as the last rays went down.

As it started to become darker, little lights started floating around them--bathing them in a warm, yellow light. Ken lightly laughed and snuggled closer to his boyfriend, "Hey Davis, look! Fireflies…"

"Yeah," Davis rested his cheek on top on Ken's head, "There's so many of them that's sometimes you have to wonder if there was a time when they weren't around."

"Like there's so many good times you often forget there was any bad times."

Davis raised his head up and looked lovingly at Ken, he loved the other so much that it hurt. Ken looked up and Davis a stroked his cheek, violet eyes met chocolate brown. Ever so slowly Davis moved his head down and softly kissed Ken, the other boy returned it causing Davis to pull up on his lap. He pulled away and pulled Ken into a tight embrace, "I love you so much Ken."

"I love you too Davis, I always will.."

Davis laughed a little and cried with joy, "I've never been so happy before, every moment with you becomes more precious than the last."

Ken ran his fingers through Davis' spiky hair and kissed him on the forehead tenderly, as he pulled away he softly said, "I told you that I couldn't live without you."

Fireflies drifted around them as Davis pulled Ken in for another kiss, when he broke it off he drew Ken in so the other boy rested his silky, violet head on his shoulder. Stroking Ken's hair he whispered, "And you won't have to Ken."

He held Ken for a few moments in silence, letting the fireflies quietly buzz around them. A smirk broke slowly on his face as he coyly whispered in Ken's ear, "Hey Ken.."

"Yes Davis?"

"Guess what!"

Ken rolled his eyes, "Oh Davis, you know I hate this game."

"I know, but still!"

Ken looked up at Davis with his violet eyes, "Okay, what is it Davis?"

Davis grinned and whispered sexy like in Ken's ear, "I wouldn't mind if it was just you and me. Screw T.K. and Kari and Yolei and Cody, even Willis. I could live with just you….I don't want to think of a time when you're not around."

Ken smiled and gently touched Davis' cheek, "You know what?"


"You won't have to."

They kissed again--sitting under a tree in their favorite park--with fireflies floating around them--wishing that the moment would last forever.

As they broke off for air Davis looked deeply into Ken's eyes and tenderly whispered, "Whenever you're around, there will always be fireflies."

T.K. looked at his laptop satisfied and clicked the save button, Kari came up behind him and looked at the last line, 'There will always be fireflies.'

"Hey T.K., what's that?"

"It's a story Kari. A story that's filled with despair and love, pain and beauty, teachers with bleached hair, a train explosion, and two friends finding out their more than friends."

Kari smiled and rubbed T.K.'s knowing exactly what story it was, "So what are you going to call it?"

T.K. sighed and tapped his chin twice, "Well let's see, Ken always described it as--and Davis did to….I guess….the only right title would be Walking in the Dark. What do you think Kari?"

She kissed him on the cheek, "I think it fits….but we really have to head over and deliver that soup. Ken and Davis can't seem to get over those colds they caught last week!"

T.K. laughed, "Yeah, go ahead, I'll catch up."

Kari nodded and walked off into the kitchen. T.K. looked at the screen one last time, stood up, and cracked his back. He smiled down at his computer and turned it off; scratching his shaggy head he picked up his leather coat and hit the light switch. That was the end of it, and just like T.K. hoped, it turned out to be a happy ending. He chuckled and grabbed Kari around the waist, "Hey Kari, don't you just love happy endings?"

-The End-