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Tenten sighed. Running her hand through her hair, she looked at her mirror. A girl with chocolate eyes and hair looked back at her. She winced at the sight of her hair. It was sticking out all over the place like she just came back from hell. Picking up a brush, she mercilessly attacked her hair. She winced when she came to a knot and forced it apart. Soon, her hair was straight and tangle free. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. Finally, she separated her hair and pulled both sections into her usual hairstyle: two Chinese buns.

Tenten looked back at her mirror. I'm moving to a new high school today...she thought. Walking from her bathroom she immediately went into her room and pulled out her school uniform. Her face twisted into a disgusted look. The shirt was ok, but a skirt? She couldn't wear this. Almost throwing it on her bed and wearing another outfit, she remembered that every student was required to wear their uniform. She looked at it again. The sight almost made her gag. Maybe I can ask for pants...she thought. Slowly but surely she put it on and looked at the mirror. She bit her bottom lip when she saw how short it was. She tried pulling it down but it didn't work. Looking at her watch, she realized she still had enough time for breakfast. She lazily walked down the stairs and popped some bread into the toaster. She poured some milk and waited patiently for the toast to finish, sipping her milk. By the time she finished her milk, the toast popped up. She stuffed them in her mouth, threw a sweater on, snatched her keys and walked out of the empty house.

Tenten walked to her motorcycle and hopped on. She always called it her 'baby'. She drove it everywhere she went. Throwing her backpack under the seat, she put the bike into gear and drove away. Stopping at a red light, she put on sunglasses. Even though it was eight in the morning, the sun was rising and was hurting her eyes.

It wasn't soon when she reached the school. Parking her baby, she hopped off of the bike, almost forgetting her backpack. Seeing she was a bit early, she headed straight for the principle's office. To her surprise, she found the office easily. But then again, this wasn't a big school and the fact that the office was right beside the front door...

Knocking on the office door, Tenten took deep breathes. A raspy voice told her to enter. There was a woman sitting behind a desk talking loudly on the phone and chewing a piece of gum. Tenten mentally made a disgusted face. Seeing there were chairs beside her, she sat on one. She could've sworn that a million years passed by until the secretary hung up. She looked at Tenten, chewing her gum loudly.

"So you're Tenten! I'm Shirley. My, you're not very pretty. Anyway, here's your schedule, your locker number, and everything else you need. Anything else I can do for you girl-who-is-not-as-pretty-as-I-am?" The woman said. She looked around her mid thirties. Her hair was tied in a tight bun at the top of her head. Her large and heavy glasses at the bridge of her nose, and her crooked teeth showing every time she chewed on her gum. I'm not as pretty as her, am I? That's a laugh. Tenten thought.

"Yes, can I change my uniform from a skirt to pants?" Tenten asked. Shirley blinked. Once. Twice. Then burst out laughing.

"Oh, that's funny dear. Now really, any other questions?" She asked. Tenten's left eye twitched. She forced a fake smile.

"No thank you." She spun on her heel and left the office in an angry puff, mumbling under her breath.

"155...now where's 155?" Tenten mumbled to herself. She was paying so much attention to the locker numbers that she didn't notice the girl in front of her until she bumped into her. Both of them fell down.

"Ow..." Tenten and the girl moaned. Tenten looked at the girl. She had pink hair and emerald colored eyes. She was wearing a pink shirt that said 'Baby Boo' and black pants. The first thing TenTen noticed, however, was her tad wider forehead.

"Sorry about that. I can't find my locker." Tenten said, standing up. She offered her hand to the girl, who accepted it. They smiled.

"My name is Haruno Sakura. What's yours? Are you new here?" Sakura asked.

"My name is Tenten. Yea, I'm new here. Can you help me find locker 155?" Tenten asked her. Sakura smiled.

"Hey, my locker is next to yours! Follow me." Sakura said and walked away. Tenten followed her. Soon, they reached her locker.

"Thanks Sakura!" Tenten smiled and Sakura smiled back.

"Sure thing Tenten. Hey maybe when your done, you can meet my friends! We can even give you a tour of the place." Sakura said.

"Thanks, I'd like that." Tenten said. As quickly as possible, Tenten arranged her locker the way she wanted it. She also dumped her sunglasses in there too.

"Lead the way!" Tenten told Sakura. Sakura grinned. Sakura led her past the office, the library, and finally into the cafeteria. The first table she saw was filled with boys and girls. Some of the girls, she noticed, had their skirts rolled up a little bit too high. She secretly hoped Sakura wouldn't bring her there. To her relief, she didn't. Instead, she lead Tenten to another table. A blonde girl, four black hair boys, and a girl with blueish black hair that was playing with her fingers.

"Hey guys! This is Tenten. Tenten meet Ino, Kankuro, Shino, Kiba, Lee, and Hinata." Sakura said, pointing to each one. They all said hi. Hinata was the girl with the blueish black hair. The thing Tenten loved most was her eyes. They had no pupils. Lee was a bit weird. His eyebrows were huge, and his bowl shaped cut hair didn't make it any better. And to and to that, Lee's teeth pinged when he said hi. Freaky. Kiba had a jacket on and four triangle marks on his cheeks. She noticed, however, his jacket was a bit lumpy. Kankuro was even freakier then Lee. He was wearing a black hoodie and had face paint. Face paint! He was also wearing baggy pants. Ino was the blonde girl. It was tied in a high ponytail. She was wearing a tight blue shirt that said 'Kiss me' in front with pink letters. She was also wearing a tight blue jean mini skirt. The last one, Shino, had dark sunglasses covering his eyes and a high collar jacket. He seemed to look very closely at the table. With close inspection, Tenten saw it was a bug. She backed away a little bit. She hated bugs.

"Hey Ino, Shino! What made you so pissed off to join us today?" Sakura asked, taking a seat. Tenten nervously followed, by made sure the seat was a little bit farther away from Shino.

Shino didn't answer. But Ino did. And she answered very loudly.

"It's Shikamaru! He's always saying 'oh your so troublesome' or 'how troublesome' and he won't do anything but look at the clouds! He's always pissing me off!" Ino yelled. Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Like that doesn't happen everyday. Come on Ino and Hinata. You wanna come with me to show Tenten the school?" Sakura asked. The two nodded.

"Hey Tenten." Sakura asked.

"Yea?" Tenten cocked her head to the side and looked curiously at Sakura.

"You're a sophomore, right?" Tenten nodded.


"Just wondering..."

"Anyways, let's start with the groups." Ino said. Tenten was confused.


"Yea, you know, who to hang out with, the Geeks, the jocks, and the popular people. Those groups." Sakura explained.

"Oh yea."

"Starting with the popular people. You see that table over there? Yea, those are the 'popular people'" Sakura said, quoting on popular people.

"S-s-sometimes Ino-chan and S-s-Shino-kun j-join t-them." Hinata stuttered. Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Once they wanted me to join them. But I hated so many people there, like Temari and Kin. They are sluts. A sway here, a kiss there, I won't be surprised if they get laid every day!" Sakura said.

"But the worst are the boys." Ino said.

"Especially the Uchiha and the Hyuuga." Sakura agreed.

"N-not r-really. R-r-remember that t-the H-hyuuga is my cousin." Hinata pointed out. Ino and Sakura nodded. Tenten was again confused.

"Their...their names...are Uchiha and Hyuuga?" Tenten asked, confused. The three girls burst out laughing.

"No, their last names are Uchiha and Hyuuga. Their names are actually Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Neji." Sakura said. Tenten looked embarrassed.

"Here, hand me your schedule. We might be in the same class as you!" Ino squealed. Tenten resisted the urge to cover her ears. She handed them her schedule. The other three girls poured over her schedule. After a few moments, they frowned.

"Well, I only have home room, drama, and chemistry with you." Ino said sadly.

"At least you have three courses with her! I'm only with Tenten for advanced calculus!" Sakura told Ino.

"W-well, I have band with Tenten." Hinata said. Tenten smiled at all of them.

"Good thing that you're all in Phys. Ed with me... that only leaves me with history, Japanese, and health alone. That should be good." Tenten said. Then something snapped.

"How come you guys aren't wearing school uniforms?" Tenten asked. They looked at her weird.

"Tenten, in this school, it's an option to wear the school uniform..." Ino said. Tenten blinked. Once. Twice.


Tenten was very glad. Very, very glad. Why? Because she remembered to bring a spare change of clothes. When she heard that it was an option, she practically jumped in joy. She dragged the girls to her locker, and changed in the bathroom. She changed into baggy cargo pants with a red shirt, but you can't see it because of the white hoodie she put over it. And just in time too. Because right when she pulled the hoodie over her head, the bell rang. She rushed outside and joined the girls. They walked for a bit, but then separated ways. Ino and Tenten talked all the way to their home room, giggling and laughing at some times. When they entered the home room, Tenten was shocked. Why? Because all of them...

Were boys.

It seemed like only Ino and Tenten were the only girls! Only, upon closer inspection, she spotted a girl sitting on top of a desk with boys surrounding her. Ino rolled her eyes.

"That's Kin. She practically owns this classroom." She whispered to Tenten. Tenten nodded.

"I'll stay with you since we have seating arrangements. So that means you also have to introduce yourself and all that crap." Ino grinned. Tenten smiled weakly. I hate introducing myselfShe thought. Then the door opened. Everyone stopped talking and stared at the person at the door. Ino giggled.

"That's Neji Hyuuga, Tenten! He's Hinata's cousin. You can tell with the white eyes." Ino whispered. Tenten looked at his eyes. Ino was right. They were white. His long hair was put in a low ponytail. He was wearing a beige sweater and black shorts. He also had a black headband on. Neji walked to his seat by the window and sat down. Tenten could hear some squeals from the crowd of boys. Then, the second bell rang. Ino waved bye and took her seat at the front. All the boys went to their seats. Tenten was shocked, because when the boys left, she could clearly see at least 5 other girls, who took their seats as well. A few seconds later, the door opened.

"Ohaiyo, minna!" The teacher said. He had large glasses and a mop of black hair. When he grinned, Tenten could see the rotten teeth that he had. He was wearing a checkered sweater and striped pants.

"Ohaiyo, Zhao-sensei..." The class groaned. He grinned at them. Then he spotted Tenten.

"Oh! You must be the new student! Why don't you come up here at tell us something about yourself?" Zhao-sensei said.

"Nothing to say really...My name is Tenten, and I like to play soccer and badminton the most, even though I like to play all sports. Um, I was just transferred from another school for breaking someone's nose..." Tenten said.

"HAHA! You broke someone's nose?" A random voice came from the back. Tenten smirked.

"Yea, I broke someone's nose." Tenten said.

"Why?" That random voice from the back asked again.

"He was flirting with me." Tenten said. Crickets chirped.

"Uh...yea...I transferred from this school from another school for breaking someone's nose, and I excel in math and mandarin...nothing else to say..." Tenten trailed off. TenTen looked at Zhao-sensei. And wished she had a camera. His face was twisted in a way with shock; his face dead panned. TenTen giggled. His face turned into a thundercloud.

"Ok, if you excel in mandarin, say something complicated!" He almost shouted. Tenten shrugged.

"Wei ming zi shi shi jie wen ming de shui shang chun shi. (Venice is a famous city on water)." Tenten said.

"Na ma, gao shu wo. Na ge shan zai yi he yuan jiao she me? (Then, tell me. What is the name of the mountain in the Emperor's Garden?)" Zhao-sensei asked.

"Wan shou shan. Duh...(Long life mountain.)" Tenten said. She chucked at his face. You can almost mistake his face for a ripe tomato; it was all red! She could hear some laughter within the students.

"Ok, why don't you sit down?" Zhao-sensei asked through gritted teeth.

"Where?" Tenten asked smugly. She liked winning. She can tell that Zhao-sensei could barely control his temper. Zhao-sensei glared at the room, trying to find an empty seat.

"There! Now go!" He shouted, pointing to a seat. When she turned around to see what seat she was in, she was both happy and shocked.

Happy because Ino was right in front of her.

Shocked because she was sitting beside the one and only...Hyuuga Neji.

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