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What if Angelus had never fed from the gypsy and been cursed with a soul? This is based on that premise. There may be a little history viewed but for the most part it will take place starting in the first season and going from there. I might take some events from the first season but I might not. I won't have any of the Master so let's pretend he's loose somewhere else. You'll just have to wait and see. Feedback is welcomed as long as you're not an idiot and mean about it, be nice, if you see mistakes go ahead and point them out but be nice about it. I hate mean reviews, they upset me and then I go through a stint of not writing at all. Anyway, on with the story. Oh, and Bad Pet is pretty much done, I don't have the will to work on it and I left it off at an ok spot even though it does leave a lot hanging.

Buffy Summers had come to Sunnydale, hoping for a normal life without all the vampires and demons. When a corpse was found in a locker she knew that wasn't going to happen. She had made new friends already at least, Willow, Xander, and Jesse, and she was dreading them finding out about her duty. She didn't want them to know, didn't want to have to worry about them but then again, she worried about them anyway. Her new watcher, Giles, had told her that Sunnydale was on the Hellmouth, that it drew in all manner of demon and vampire. She worried about her new friends, didn't want to see anything happen to them. The blonde slayer ended up telling them everything after they were attacked one night.

A pair of chocolate eyes watched through the library window, watched the slayer and her friends talking, watched the watcher flipping through a book. The owner of the eyes was sleek, dangerous, dressed in leather pants, boots, a scarlet silk shirt, and a duster. A perfect form, perfect for hunting, stalking, killing, taking, owning, destroying, and creating, that's what he was and when he saw something he wanted he took it. As he watched he saw what he wanted and he would have it. He had been alone for years, ever since he had left his childer. A part of him missed them but he was hunting for a pet, a toy, someone he could play with for awhile and then maybe turn if they were worthy of being his mate.

Buffy had allowed her friends to come with her on patrol, they were talking, enjoying each other's company, and the owner of the chocolate eyes and leather pants was silently following them. Finally he made a sound, he couldn't help it, he was tired of them not really noticing he was following, the slayer should have known he was there. She whirled around, seeing him standing there under a streetlight. He chuckled to himself, hearing her heartbeat speed up, she had no idea what he was, the fool.

He stepped forward, moving towards them, "You know, it's not really safe out here." He said calmly, his voice held the slightest hint of an Irish accent; it wasn't that noticeable, as if he'd been in the US for a long time.

Buffy looked at him for a moment, "I could tell you the same thing."

He chuckled softly, "Oh, I know you can hold your own, Buffy." He looked at each of them in turn, his eyes lingering on Xander for a moment, "Just worried about your friends."

She scowled slightly, "Well, it seems you know who I am who are you?"

He allowed a smile to grace his features, "Angelus. I'll be seeing you." He said before turning on his heals and walking away.

"I think we've done enough patrolling for the night, let's go talk to Giles, I want to know if he knows anything about him." Her eyes never left the one called Angelus as he moved away.

Xander's eyes couldn't leave him either. The brunette human wasn't sure why but the way Angelus had looked at him for that moment made him shudder. He didn't know what to think but he wasn't sure he liked it. The three of them made their way back to the library quickly, knowing Giles would still be there.

"Giles." Buffy said as they walked in the door, "I need to talk to you."

The Englishman looked up from his book, "What is it?" He asked, removing his glasses and looking at her.

"We ran into someone today, called himself Angelus. There was something odd about him but I don't know what…" She was about to continue when he interrupted her.

"Angelus?" He paused and she nodded, "I seem to remember something…" He trailed off, looking through his books. Finally he pulled one out, flipping through it and setting it on the table. He looked worried, "Read this." He said quietly, not about to read it out loud.

The three of them crowded around the book, each reading the page he had put out in front of him carefully. Willow was the first one done, she stepped back blinking, Buffy and Xander finished at the same time, both looked shocked, finding it hard to believe that the man they had met was a vampire. He hadn't attacked them, hadn't been anything but a little mysterious. He didn't seem like the heartless killer the book had made him out to be. Of course they couldn't really tell too much about him since they hadn't spent all that much time in his presence.

"I suggest that you stay away from him. From what I understand he likes to play with his victims, a lot. He's over two centuries old, the Scourge of Europe, and part of the Order of Aurelius."

"Awww, I was hoping you wouldn't find out for awhile." A mocking voice said from the door to the library, "Takes all the fun out of it." Without a thought Buffy had a stake in her hand, looking at him threateningly, "I'm not here to hurt you, well, at least not right now." He chuckled, "I enjoy playing and hope to enjoy many games with you." He said with a malicious smirk, "You see, I do so enjoy my games." He moved calmly around the library, looking around before spying the book they had been reading, he chuckled softly, "That book doesn't do me justice you know. There's a lot you watchers don't know about me." He smiled.

"What do you want?" Buffy questioned, keeping a firm grip on her stake.

He smiled, "I came here to talk to you." He paused, "Mostly talk." He chuckled.

"About what fang boy?" Xander piped up.

His smile grew and he burst into laughter, "I like you boy. This is going to be oh so much fun. You see," He ran his fingers over the edge of the table, "I do so enjoy a good challenge and playing with the four of you will be the most fun I've had in a long time. The last slayer I killed wasn't much sport." He smiled at Buffy, "Will you beg me to end your life when the time comes or will you be strong, not shed a tear as I torture you to death?" He questioned, causing her to scowl, "We'll just have to wait and see won't we? This is going to be a fun game Buffy; I hope you enjoy it as much as I will." He turned to walk out, "Oh, one more thing, I'll give you a hint, keep reading, find out what I enjoy doing, it might help you but then again it might not. History doesn't always repeat itself you know. So many possibilities this time around." His gaze flitted to Xander, "This is going to be a blast slayer. Stay on your toes." He said before walking out, duster flowing out behind him.

"Giles, find me everything you can on him. I'm going to get rid of him before he has a chance to hurt anyone."

"He's old and very powerful." He said, looking through the various books, "I don't know what else to tell you really. It's going to be difficult." He paused, pulling out a book, "Oh dear." He said, sounding a bit disheartened.

"What is it?" Willow asked, looking over his shoulder, she instantly went pale."

"Don't leave us hanging here, share." Xander said, looking at a picture in the first book. It was of an elegant 'A', the caption stated that it was Angelus' tattoo.

Giles cleared his throat, "Apparently Angelus has been responsible for the deaths of multiple slayers." He paused, "The last three that were called, he was the one responsible for their deaths."

Buffy blinked, "Are you serious? He's killed three slayers?"

"At least." Giles interjected, "He's killed more I'm sure." He continued reading, "He's a master of torture and enjoys playing with his victims. I don't know what else to tell you."

"So we find him and Buffy stakes him. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?" Xander asked, tracing the tattoo.

"Well, yes Xander, that is how it's supposed to work." Giles said, his glasses in hand, "We have to treat this vampire carefully, if anyone acts rashly it could be their death or torture. From what I've just read we need to be cautious and stick together. He likes to pick people off."

Buffy nodded, "Alright then, no one goes out alone or unarmed."

Angelus smirked to himself; he was going to enjoy this oh so very much. He was plotting, deciding who was going to go first, who he was going to torture, torment, and kill. The one called Xander kept coming to mind but no to maim, oh no, to torture and keep for a long time. He liked his spunk and attitude and knew that he would give that hurt puppy look once he had him under control. He loved that look as much as he loved seeing strong willed individuals break under his ministrations. It was then he decided that Xander would go first.

Xander was safe at home; well, as safe as he could be with his parents fighting. He was seriously debating on whether or not to ask Willow if he could come over and stay when there was a loud knock at the door. A scowl crossed his features and he looked out his window, trying to see who was there. All he caught was a glimpse of a black leather duster walking through the door and into his home. Big brown eyes grew wide and he began cursing under his breath, moving a chair in front of the door as well as his dresser, stacking things up to make it harder to get in. When he heard his parent's scream his fears were confirmed, they had invited Angelus in.

"Shit oh shit." He muttered, hearing a sing-song voice call to him from the other side of the door.

"Xander, oh Xander, here kitty, kitty." Angelus called, "I've got a surprise for you."

Xander fumbled with the phone, intending to call Buffy as quickly as he could. He knew the cops couldn't do anything just as sure as he knew he couldn't. He continued cursing as he dialed, hearing pounding at his door.

"Open up little Xander, it'll be better for you if you open the door." Xander could tell the vampire was loosing his patience. Angelus growled lowly, "Open the door boy." He snarled, his fist going through the door.

Xander was instantly reminded of the Shinning when he saw Angelus' face in the hole he had made. He half expected him to smile manically and say, 'Here's Johnny'. A nervous laugh bubbled up from his throat as he hit the last number to call Buffy. Angelus growled again, chocolate eyes narrowing dangerously. The ringing phone in Xander's hand seemed to be the cause of the growl.

"Please Buffy, please pick up." He was almost panicking.

Angelus smirked, "Calling Buffy?" He chuckled, "Oh this will be so much more fun!" He exclaimed, shoving on the door hard, the dresser scrapping across the floor.

When he finally heard Buffy's voice on the other end of the line he quickly spoke, "Oh god Buffy, you have to help me!" Angelus gave a final shove on the door, pushing it open.

"Oh yes Buffy, come help him." Angelus taunted, jerking the phone line out of the wall, "She won't get here in time, well, she'll get here in time to see the present I left down in the living room but not to save you." He growled, punching him hard.

The mortal's head whip lashed to the side as he fell to the floor, his head throbbing and his lip bleeding. His head was foggy as Angelus picked him up and kicked out the window, jumping outside and running off with his prize into the night.