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It had been three days since he had woken up chained to a bed with the vampire standing over him. He had been trying to keep track of time. It was difficult but he kept track by how often he was fed. Once a day a vampire would bring him food. His captor fed him well for that one meal. Very well balanced, with something from each food group. Xander was beginning to worry. Angelus hadn't been to see him in those three days. It was a relief, his wounds had scabbed over nicely but he was worried that he was going to be food and not make it through his next meeting with the vampire.

Angelus walked in, dressed the same way he had been the previous time. He looked down at him, disgusted, "You reek." He growled, jerking him roughly to his feet. Xander let out a yelp of surprise and pain as a few of the whip marks were pulled open. He followed helplessly as fresh blood oozed its way down his back, "Be quick boy." He said, throwing him into a bathtub filled with steaming water, "Shave as well." With that said he sat down on the toilet seat.

"A little privacy?" He snapped from his place in the bathtub, his back was on fire. The wounds hurt so badly at the touch of water.

Angelus raised an eyebrow and rewarded him with a hard slap, "Don't sass me boy. Wash up quick and get rid of that hair on your face, I know there's not much there but I want it gone."

"And what do you want me to use? My hand?"

The vampire hit him again, "Keep your mouth shut and do as you're told." His voice was a low growl.

Xander narrowed his eyes and quickly began to wash himself, when he was finished he looked up at the vampire, wondering how the hell he was supposed to shave. He grabbed his hair, jerking his head back and smearing shaving cream over the lower part of his face. Without a word he pulled out a straight razor. The human's eyes grew wide at the sight of it. With quick, sure strokes, Angelus quickly shaved his boy's face, wiping off the razor after each pass. Xander soon found himself hanging from the bathroom ceiling. He hadn't even realized he'd been manacled until it was too late.

"What the hell!" He asked, squirming.

He gave him a sharp spank and began to smear shaving cream over his legs, "Be still and shut up or I might slip and you'll loose something." He punctuated the statement by putting some of the cream around his length. Xander's eyes grew wide and he whimpered, stilling, "Good boy." With that said he began to shave.

He was good at it, quick and efficient, not missing a single spot. The human bit his lip when he began to work over and around his length and balls. He nearly whimpered as the blade moved over him carefully. Finally he was finished and he rinsed him off, running his hands over his now smooth legs.

"Much better. If I decide to turn you the rest of your hair will go, well, except what's on your head." He chuckled softly, "Dry off." He unchained him and handed him a towel. Xander was quick to comply. He wrapped the towel around himself when he was done and looked at Angelus expectantly, wondering what he was going to do now, "Time for your training to begin." He smiled maliciously, "Drop the towel and get down on your hands and knees." He ordered, "You're going to crawl beside me where you belong."

"No way!" The words were out of his mouth before he even realized it, "I'm not some dog!"

Angelus backhanded him, hard, making him fall to the floor and bite his tongue in the process. He tasted blood from where he had bitten himself, "At least a dog knows its place and doesn't try to become something more." The vampire growled, buckling something around his throat. Xander inwardly groaned, it was a collar. A tiny padlock made it so the human couldn't remove it, "You are mine now Xander, your friends won't find you, and they can't save you from me. You're in my world now and in my world I am your life."

"Jesse." Willow said, wrapping her arms around her friend, "There's been so much going on! I'm happy you're back!" She said, he had been gone on vacation for a few weeks and had missed Buffy's arrival and Xander's kidnapping. Willow had already asked Buffy if it was alright to tell him about everything, "Come on, I have so much to tell you."

Jesse hadn't even been able to get a word in edgewise, "Will, what's up, where's Xander?" He questioned as she pulled him into the library.

Once they were inside Willow began to tell him everything, starting from Buffy's arrival. The teenager took it pretty well; he didn't look too surprised when he was told that vampires were real. He was more worried about his friend. That night, Willow, Buffy, Jesse, and Giles were in the library, trying to figure out where Angelus could be and where he was keeping Xander.

"You won't find my childe that easily." Someone said, walking into the library. It was a petite blonde, she looked to be in her late teens but from the word childe they all knew that she was old, older then Angelus to be his sire. Her eyes looked a bit haunted, "I know your friend has been taken by my childe, he doesn't give up things that he thinks are his." The four of them looked over at her as she stood at the library doors, "I'm Darla and I made Angelus what he is today. Now I wish I hadn't."

"Be still boy." Angelus growled, using his body to pin the struggling human down, "You're going to be marked as mine whether you like it or not." He held a wickedly curved dagger in his free hand, the boy's back open for what he was about to do, "I said be still!" He snapped as Xander tried to buck him off, "If you don't hold still I'm going to make you bleed far more then you already will." He was straddling the boy's hips holding his wrists above his head with the hand that wasn't holding the dagger.

A whimper escaped his lips as Angelus held the blade to his back. Carefully, painfully, he began to carve into him. Each stroke artfully done, mimicking the 'A' on his own shoulder. Instead of the bird that was a part of his 'A' he carved in a pair of angel's wings. Xander's throat was raw from screaming and he was soon only able to let out whimpers and half cries as Angelus continued his drawing. He didn't move, couldn't as pain continued to rip through his back. Tears stained his cheeks and the bedding beneath him. It wasn't long before Xander passed out and Angelus was left to his drawing in peace. He smiled as he looked over his fresh mark, running a finger through the blood.

"Perfect." He growled, licking his lips. Carefully he began to clean it off; not wanting to ruin what would turn out to be a perfect scar tattoo. Without a word he smeared antibiotic on it and put a clean pad over it to keep it clean and help it heal properly, "Mine." His voice was low and possessive, "And there's no way I'm letting the slayer take you from me." He ran a finger down his spine, purring lowly, "I want you." He growled, "But you're not ready to belong to me fully. Oh, you're mine, but I have to make you worthy to take me into you." He chuckled, petting down his back and sides.

"So you created Angelus, huh?" Buffy asked the blonde sitting across the table from her.

Darla nodded, "Yes, I'm his sire."

Jesse spoke up, "So what are you doing here and why aren't you trying to kill us?"

She sighed, "I suppose those are valid questions. See, to put it simply, I was cursed for killing the gypsy that I brought for Angelus to play with. To make a long story short, he wasn't there when I brought her home and I couldn't just let her go, so I killed her instead. Her clan was a little upset and they cursed me to bear a soul." She paused, "As to why I'm here, well, Angelus still wants to, 'put me out of my misery' as he puts it and honestly I don't blame him. I thought that by helping you I cold start to…atone for all that I've done. You want your friend back and I'm going to help you. I won't let him hurt anyone else."

"Well, I suppose you know him better then anything we've read. I just hope it's not too late for Xander." Buffy paused, "What do you think he wants to do with him?"

Darla looked down at the table for a moment, "Well, if his habits haven't changed, and I doubt they have. He'll start by 'training' him, which is a nice way of saying he's going to break him. If he's decided that he's going to keep him for awhile he'll brand him by carving into his shoulder."

Jesse didn't look too happy, "And if he doesn't plan on keeping him?" He wasn't really sure if he wanted to hear the answer.

"Then you would have found his dismembered corpse a day or two after he was taken." Darla replied, her voice very serious, "I think he intends to keep him for a long time. Your friend is just his type."

Willow looked at her intently as she spoke, "How can we find him?" She questioned, wanting her friend back.

"He's always enjoyed places where he'll be harder to find but that are better then say, a crypt or factory. Although if he had a choice between the two he'd take the factory. Best way to find out is to ask around. He doesn't stay completely hidden all the time, someone is bound to know something.

"Ask around, you mean like before I stake a vampire I ask it, oh, by the way, do you know where Angelus is holed up? He kind of kidnapped my friend and I want him back." Buffy snapped, getting tired of dealing with the vampire.

"Well, there are demon and vampire hangouts in every town. I suppose I could ask around for you. If you'd like me to that is." Darla ground out, soul or no soul, she did not like being mocked.

"Yes, thank you Darla." Giles said before anyone else could speak.

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