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Part One

Fail Attempt on Failing The Genin Exam

It was usual day in Konoha. Birds chirping, people sauntered on the village, and shinobis doing their whatever duties. This day in particular building, a group of children and a man with a slashed scar across his face were doing something. This building was the ninja academy where young children trained since they were thought grown enough to handle shinobis' training. And at that particular moment the man who was apparently the teacher looked irritated and annoyed at a blond haired student who looked as if nothing was wrong in the world. On his side was 2 horribly half-done bunshins.

"Naruto, you fail!" he barked out. Most of the students there laughed at the boy except a lone dark haired child named Uchiha Sasuke who remained as stoic as ever to the outside world.

"Hai, hai," replied the indifferent boy still looking uninterested. "May I back to my seat now, Iruka-sensei?" even before he answered the boy named Naruto went back to his seat and plopped his leg on the table across him, looking at the ceiling bored out of his wits. The young teacher wanted to scold him for being so nonchalant, but at last kept it to himself. He was very worried of that boy. Naruto was the container of Kyuubi, the very demon who killed his family and thus making him an orphan. At first he despised the boy just like the other villagers were, but then he started to have a change of heart after he observed the cold indifferent blond boy. From what he knew, before Naruto entered the academy he was a very bright loudmouthed boy who has probably a bundle of hidden energy somewhere for his hyperactivity to gain people's attention. But then 5 years ago, when he was only 7 years old, the bright personality ceased to exist. His grin changed into frown, and he no longer craved for attention, instead he became such a closed shelled boy that he or anyone for that matter, couldn't reach. He didn't try to make friends with children of his age or other ages for that matter. Infact he tends to avoid any human contact as much as possible. The boy was practically shut himself from the world.

Naruto always performed barely passed ability, but the young teacher thought that he could do more than that. The boy didn't seem to care if he would graduate or not and just dosed off on his lessons. Iruka wanted to graduate him just to see that once cheerful boy, but he knew he couldn't do that, so he was forced to fail Naruto for the 4th times.

Naruto was looking at nothing despite him staring at the ceiling above him. He might look nonchalant about it, but actually he was cheering inwardly. He made it. It was success. He will not become a genin. He wanted to become stronger, sure…but being an official genin of the leaf meant that he pledged allegiance toward the very village where everyone gave him cold stares and hatred for something that he didn't do. Why should he become a shinobi if he had to protect the very village he despised? He hated this village and the villagers, and failing his genin exam was the best thing to do. Afterall it was fairly easy. He only needed to twist his bunshin to make them appeared dead and blotched up and the teacher would fail him. The only reason he was attending the exam in the first place was just because Sandaime threatened to cut half of his allowance if he didn't come to his exam, just like what he had, every times the genin exam was held. Stupid old man, he growled mentally.Well, he only said to come to academy not to do well in genin exam, so there.

Practicing the fire jutsu he got (or rather, demanded) from his tenant, Naruto looked up when his sensitive ears picked up the sound of fighting. Curiosity got the better off him, he neared the source only to find Iruka and his other sensei he didn't like, Mizuki, were battling against each other. The favour went to Mizuki though. He wondered what the hell happened there.

"Give the scroll back, Mizuki!" Iruka ordered, but the said person just laughed.

"With this scroll I would be unbeatable. And I'll be stronger than Hokage himself," Naruto raised an eyebrow before rolling his eyes.

I see…another power hungry human, figures. Human are so predictable. He scoffed. He saw Mizuki slashed Iruka's shoulder with a poisoned kunai—judging from its sick green color on its tip and the smell that nothing but a very sensitive nose could smell. Should he help him? But if he did, he would help Konoha, something that he didn't want to do. His decision made when his sensei dropped to the ground breathing hard as the poison started to effect his body and Mizuki stood before him, kunai readied to strike.

He better appreciate this, or I'll be the one who castrate him afterwards. Naruto grumbled. The man didn't deserve to die, he was rather different than others who only saw him as Kyuubi and that got him on his few 'OK people' list.

With his blurry eyes, Iruka looked up and saw Mizuki's kunai brought down to him. So this is it…I'll die… he closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable. The sound of kunais clanged snapped him out of his mind. He watched another person protected him. 'Anbu…thank God,' but he was proven wrong when Mizuki realized who he was.

"Uzumaki…" he growled in distaste.

"…Naruto?" he asked in disbelief. Now that he thought about it, the person was too short to be an adult and there was no one ever made an anbu at such young age after Itachi.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you ruin my plan!"

"Whatever," the boy snorted. Mizuki wanted to retort something, but as if something struck his mind, he started to laugh, making the boy before him wondered whether he was out of his rocker.

"Ku, ku, hku. Do you ever wonder about why the villagers hate you, boy?"

"Mizuki, don't!" Iruka cried out, but Mizuki laughed harder, making the blond boy rolled his eyes.


"Save your breath, I have known about it since I was a child, moron," he smirked at the shocked faces from both people. "Now, why don't we finish it?" he smiled maliciously than sent shivers to Mizuki.

"Y-you know why they hate you?" a tone of disbelief came out of his voice.

"Of course I know. What do you think I am? Stupid?"

"Then you know that you're a demon!" the scroll thief snarled.

"Hardly. The thing inside of me is the demon, I'm only its container, there is a difference," Naruto yawned much to his irate. "Now, could we finish it? I want to have a warm bath after this." Gritting his teeth, Mizuki dashed with kunai on his hand.

"Naruto!" Iruka shouted. The boy stood there doing nothing, only eyeing the traitor lazily. He yawned once more, hands still on his pockets. In the last moment when the kunai almost connected with his chest where his heart resided, Naruto simply sidestepped and brought his knee to the surprised Mizuki right on his stomach, giving him a heavy blow. Before the man could recover Naruto brought his leg and stroke his back neck making him kissed the ground and let out a muffled yell of pain.

"Is this all you can do? You said that you will be stronger than Hokage, but honestly seeing your condition right now I could say that that won't happen to a weakling like you. A chuunin got beaten by a mere genin. Ha! What a laugh!" Naruto smirked as he placed his foot above the man's head. He back-flipped to a branch to avoid a kunai from Mizuki whose dirty face was red from rage. "Oops, did I bruise your ego?" he chuckled. Iruka was gaping at the sight of it. Was this person really Naruto? If he was, the boy really did a good job hiding his real power.


Naruto sighed in annoyance. "Haven't we already established that issue? You don't need to shout that loud. I'm not deaf, you know?"

Roaring, Mizuki lashed out 5 kunais to his direction only to meet with empty air, as Naruto dodged them like it was the easiest thing to do in the world.

"My, my. What a feisty temper you have. You really need to keep in check with your temper," he taunted and it worked.

"SHUT UP, DEMON!" he charged blindly. Naruto sighed at the blatant stupidity act. Why couldn't he get a better opponent, someone that was more challenging? He held Mizuki's wrist that gripped the kunai, and using the momentum he swung his body to a nearby tree right on his face.


"Eugh… That seems quite hurt," he waited for a moment, but he didn't give an indication of being conscious. He turned his attention to his slackjawed sensei. "What? No 'thanks' at all?" he smirked. "Oh well, you could handle the situation now, right?" he started to turn.

"Naruto, wait! Come here," he said feeling the poison still inside his system. Quirking a quizzical eyebrow the boy complied. "Close your eyes."

"You're not gonna try to kill me, right? Because I tell you that it won't work," Iruka shook his head. Sighing, he closed his eyes. He felt him fastened something on his forehead. Blood was drained from his face. It couldn't be…

"Congratulation, Naruto. You passed as a genin!" the blonde boy was as white as a sheet and he looked horrified.

"NANIIIIII!" the shout rang from the forest and scared birds away.

TBC… …

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