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Naruto was 7 years old at the time when he met Gai. The jounin with bowl haircut slapped his back numerous times when he was building sand palace. At that time Naruto was hoping to find solace, when the jounin suddenly emerged out of the blue one day and started with his youth ranting. This was the third day in row he appeared in the park. Needless to say Naruto was quite annoyed.

Experimenting for a week for a new potion he could use to extract his revenge, Naruto succeeded in concocting the potion. It was transparent liquid, with no smell, just like normal water, but it had secret function that only Naruto and later other people including Gai knew.

He was ready with his makeshift bow and arrow, made from the sturdy and yet whippy branch he found on the woods. When he walked to the park, the jounin was there, scaring other children though obviously he didn't realize that. Naruto jumped toward a tree in the north side of the park, quite far from where the future instructor of Lee was standing. A thin rubber ball he bought on a stand whose owner didn't know about Kyuubi was on his palm. Only instead of air or water, it was filled with his special liquid. A liquid that he intended to splash Gai no matter what happened.

Naruto tied the rubber ball to his arrow and put it on the bow. He carefully pulled the bowstring, one eye closed as he targeted Gai and his tongue licked the corner of his lips. He let loose the arrow, and just like he thought the man slashed the arrow and the rubber ball with what the jounin thought as a hero pose. The liquid splashed on Gai. The jounin with green spandex swept the water from his face and rubbed it to his spandex with a grin.

"What a good plan you've done! I, Maito Gai, Konoha's taijutsu specialist compliment you, whoever you are!" Naruto moved from his spot and walked to a deserted alley where he still could see the park clearly, a camera was on his hand.

A minute later a simultaneous 'Eww!' and catcalls were heard from the children's lips. Naruto flashed his camera, as the device took photos of his newest victim.

The next day, Morino Ibiki handed over some money from his wallet to Naruto for the photos, with a wide satisfied grin. He spread the photos to his other ninjas who quickly laughed at Gai's misfortune for being picked as the new victim of the infamous prankster.

In the photos, Gai's infamous green spandex was deteriorating, leaving him covering his 'goods' in embarrassment as he dashed to his house in what the shinobis later would call a record breaking speed.

Parents demanded Gai to be turned over to them for what they call 'corrupting' their children to the amused sandaime, who obviously didn't give Gai to the furious parents, knowing exactly what pain they would inflict to the poor if only 'a bit' passionate jounin.

Gai's face wasn't seen until 2 weeks after he succeeded rebuilding his self-confidence to walk in public. And even after that he had to be careful to avoid furious parents for another week.

The End

Part Twelve

"Pitiful," Naruto said bluntly as team 7 and Tazuna swept through the town. Broken homes littered around the way. People walked around with dead eyes, dirty clothes, and children begged for food to quench their hunger. The people here looked as if they had no future and merely waited for their time to die. He snorted before turning his attention back to the road.

A man bumped him and muttered apology, but before he could go, Naruto caught his wrist and twist it painfully. Naruto took his fox wallet (AN: hell yeah, no more Gama-chan!) casually as the man wailed. "If you want to steal, do it to someone else," was what he said before he left the man writhing on the ground, cradling his wrist. Team 7 and Tazuna wisely kept their mouths shut at the blatant display of violence and cruelness.

When they arrived at their destination, which was Tazuna's house, a kind looking black haired woman opened the door. Her face brightened when she saw the bridge builder's face and ushered her father and the 4 guests inside. The woman called for her son loudly. A scowling boy entered the room. His frown changed into a happy smile when he saw his grandfather and dashed toward him. Tazuna petted his head for a moment before he introduced his companions. The scowl was planted once again to the boy's face.

"Why don't you understand that no one will be able to beat Gatou. They would die for sure! They're useless!" a vein throbbed on Naruto's forehead as he stared at the yelling boy in annoyance.

"INARI!" his mother admonished. The child's glare turned toward his mother before he turned around and ran to his room. "I'm sorry for my son's rudeness. My name is Tsunami and I'm Tazuna's daughter. That boy you just saw is my son, Inari," she introduced herself, before taking them to eat. Her son refused to come out from his room, obviously brooding.

The food on the table was meager, but for Wave citizen it could be considered lavish dinner. It was consisted of 3 medium fishes, rice, and a pan of soup. None of team 7 complained as they ate quietly, knowing the state of this country and saw it first hand.

"Starting tomorrow, I will train all of you hard," Kakashi said after they finished eating.

"Don't you think it's a bit late for that?" Naruto said cheekily. The jounin glared, but the younger nin seemed to ignore it completely. "What training you're talking about?"

"It's tree walking."

"But sensei, we already know how to climb tree," Sakura told him, her voice was a bit hoarse because of the wound on her neck.

"I'll pas, I've already known to do this simple chakra control training," with that Naruto left the dinner room.

"Chakra control training?" Sasuke asked at last.

Kakashi nodded. "When I said tree walking, I wasn't joking. This is a training to use your chakra to stick your legs on tree and walked on it. You'll see how tomorrow," he said, knowing both genins want to know more. Both genins nodded reluctantly.

Sasuke entered the room he was supposed to stay in. There was already the blonde boy there, lying on the futon with both eyes closed. The dark haired genin stared at him for a moment, questions running through his head.

"If you want to ask me something, Uchiha, then ask! Your staring annoyed me," the Uchiha heir stiffened, knowing that he was caught.

"How did you become so strong?" he blurted out.

Naruto snorted. "Training of course, what else?"

"I don't believe it. There must be someone who taught you. And what was that with the fire?"

"What's with you today? So many questions," he teased.

"Answer me!"

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "Don't think you can demand anything from me, Uchiha. You might be Konoha's favourite, but for me you're nothing. If you want to act as a spoiled brat, do it somewhere else," Sasuke gritted his teeth.

"You're just a dead last!" Naruto laughed loudly when he said it.

"Dead last? It was this dead last who caught you on so many traps, it was this dead last whose clothes was clean when the missions handed to use over, and it was this dead last who defeated the A-class missing-nin, Zabuza, single-handedly. Tell me, Uchiha, if I'm a dead last, then what are you?" Sasuke didn't answer. "Precisely. For your information, the fire is my ability."

"There is no clan with that bloodline!"

"Now, there is, isn't it? And for my trainer, yes I do have a trainer."

"Who is he?"

"If you want him to train you, it's useless. He won't do it."

"Why?" he demanded.

Naruto sighed. Once a spoiled brat always a spoiled brat. "He doesn't like Konoha, and you're Konoha's favourite. He doesn't like spoiled brat, and you're a spoiled brat," Naruto smiled as Sasuke glared. "Beside you can't meet him, because he's inside my mind," Naruto tapped his forehead with a smirk.

"What do you mean with that?"

"Exactly like what I said. He's inside my mind."

"Don't make fun with me!" he shouted. A second later, Sasuke found himself pinioned on the wall by Naruto. His black eyes widened because he didn't see him move at all.

"What have I told you about being rude to me?" the freezing blue eyes pierced unto his onyx eyes.

Sasuke swallowed. "You don't," Naruto raised an eyebrow. "You only said not to demand anything from you," he pointed out. Inside his mind, Sasuke was wondering if he was sane, playing game with this dangerous genin. To his surprise, instead of being angry, the blonde boy chuckled.

"You do have a guts, Uchiha. I compliment you for that," the hand on his neck tightened and Sasuke had to gasp. "But next time you do it again, there won't be anyone stopping me from killing you. Consider yourself warned!" he released his hold on his teammate and put him down to the floor. Sasuke gasped deeply to breathe. His hand caressed his throat.

"An advice for you, Uchiha. If you want to become stronger, forget your revenge until you have become stronger. Your drive for revenge only makes you weaker. It distracted you from thinking clearly when you're supposed to be training."

"What do you know? You don't know anything!" he muttered softly, voice still hoarse after being held on his throat.

"Oh, I do know about it. I forget my revenge to Konoha. I still hate them if you want to know, but freedom is my 1st priority. Of course if anyone from Konoha try to attack me, I won't stay idle either," he smirked at the thought. "You said that you want to revive your clan, didn't you?" Sasuke stared at him for a moment before nodding. "Even if you succeed in killing your brother—"

"How did you know it was my brother?" he interrupted.

"From your data of course, what else? Oh, if you're thinking about finding my data, forget it. My data is completely classified. Back to my advice, even if you succeed in killing your brother, what if he kills you at the same time. That will mean: bye-bye reviving your clan. Well, this is only an advice, whether you follow it or not is up to you," with that Naruto went back to sleep.

Sasuke sat on his futon. More questions running through his mind. He glanced at his teammate, wondering why his data was classified and what he meant by his trainer was inside his mind. He was also wondering if his thirst for revenge was making him weaker. It certainly drove him to become stronger, but at the same time, just like Naruto said, it made him think not clearly. Was he supposed to forget his revenge at least until he became stronger just like Naruto suggested? But it wasn't as easy as saying it. He had become completely immersed on his revenge ever since Itachi slaughtered his clan, that he couldn't think of anything else to do.

Sasuke brought his hand to his throat. There was red mark on it, courtesy of Naruto. The blond was strong, he admitted. He wasn't dead last like he first thought. Even if he was a bit…er…insane, he knew what he had to do with his life.

Sasuke sighed. Perhaps…he would consider his advice. It wasn't like he would lose something if he did it.

With that in mind, the survivor of the Uchiha clan slaughtering drifted into dreamless sleep.

The next morning when Sasuke woke up, there was no trace of Naruto. Kakashi walked with Sasuke and Sakura toward the woods where their training would start. The copy-nin started to teach them the meaning of tree walking and how to do it. As expected, Sakura learned it quickly because of her small chakra reserve. With his mind clearer and no thought of his revenge, Sasuke improved quickly. He had to admit that he would probably have to learn it longer if Naruto didn't tell his advice, though he would rather die before he admitted it to his teammate.

Since Sakura had a good grasp on tree walking already, Kakashi added her training with taijutsu lesson to improve her reflex and strength. The girl for once didn't complain at all, knowing that she needed to be better or she would be a nuisance only. No longer did she want to rely on her teammates. They didn't care about her safety, so if she wanted to live, she had to it on her own. Her crush to her black haired teammate has diminished bit by bit gradually after knowing that it was just a fantasy. Sasuke didn't like her and wouldn't care if she lived or not. She became more withdrawn and silent but more determined to become stronger. Her inner self cheered her up, telling her that she didn't need any man.

The jounin instructor sighed at the now nonexistent teamwork, if there was teamwork at all in the first place. They certainly became stronger, but team 7 drifted apart. Each one strived to be stronger on their own, not caring the others.

Kakashi instructed the pink haired girl to do tree walking and throwing kunais or shurikens at the same time for hours everyday. That way her chakra reserve would expand and her accuracy would improve. The jounin also taught what he knew about sharingan to Sasuke incase he awoken his bloodline while the boy was doing tree walking.

The rest of team 7 was wondering what Naruto was doing on his own. In these 3 days, they only met him when dinner started. The boy's body was full of bruises and his clothes was dirty and he always brought fishes with him, but the morning later his bruises would be gone and he used different clothes that he must have bought from local shop, before he went on his way.

Today, it was Sakura's turn to guard the bridge builder. They went shopping for their dinner. The old man brought her to a food store. Sakura noted that even in the grocery, food was scarce. There were only some variations and even then the number was limited. She was startled when she turned around to watch the road only to find Naruto was walking casually. Some kids were following him, but he ignored them.

"Naruto-niisama, will you do it again?" a young girl exclaimed as she tugged his clothes. Sakura's heart went overdrive, thinking about what Naruto would do to the girl for that.

…Wait a second…did she said 'Naruto-NIISAMA'? Her wide green eyes were trained on Naruto. Her heart skipped when the boy turned toward the children who followed him. 'Oh my gosh, don't tell me, he's gonna kill them!' she screamed inwardly.

The next scene made her jaw dropped to the floor. Naruto, the cruel monster was smiling! Smiling! Not smirking! And to make the scene more unbelievable, it was a true smile, not an evil smile he reserved for people he was annoyed at. Sakura was wondering if someone put her on genjutsu. "Kai!" Nope, Naruto was still smiling as he patted the girl's head. "Holy shit! I can't believe it! Is this the same Naruto who is insane?" Either she was hallucinating, or this was real. Real? Yeah, right!

As if in trance she stepped forward to see Naruto and the children walked away. She was determined to follow them, completely forgetting about Tazuna, when someone tugged her skirt. She whipped her head and found another girl, even much younger than the one who followed Naruto, tugging her clothes. She didn't say anything as she put her palms out, asking for money. Sakura turned her head toward Naruto's direction, only to find him missing. Sighing, she sat on her knees and took out some candies from her bag and handed them out to the awaiting palms. The girl smiled happily before she thanked her and ran.

"Sakura-san?" Tazuna asked, concerned with the young genin. "Is everything okay?"

"Hm? What? Oh, it's nothing really. Are you finished?" the bridge builder showed her his grocery and nodded. They walked back toward his house. Sakura turned her head to the spot where she last saw Naruto before she followed her client.

'Tazuna-san," a fisherman called him out.

"Oh, Genji, what's up?" Tazuna greeted his fellow Wave citizen, but frowned when he saw the worried look plastered on his face. "Is there something wrong with the bridge? Is it Gatou?" he asked worriedly.

"It's not that," the man scratched his head. "There are 4 people asking for your house address. Three of them were in the same age like young lady over there," he pointed at Sakura. "They looked like ninjas, so I thought you should need to know."

"Ano…were they wearing this?" the punk haired genin showed him her hitae-ate.

"Hm?" the man tapped his chin. "Ah, yes, they did have those!"

Sakura smiled. "It's alright, they're our aid that we requested from our village back home. Thank you for the information," she bowed. Tazuna and the only female in team 7 returned to his house.

Sakura opened the door and went to the kitchen where she heard people were talking. She found the team sent by Konoha was being served lunch by Tsunami.

Her eyes were quickly drawn to two of the team, the adult and one of the teenagers. No, it wasn't because they were handsome because the other male member was definitely more handsome than them and might be on par with Sasuke. The thing that drawn her to the other two was their…caterpillar eyebrows. She took a step back in surprise. "The heck?"

"My, what a lovely day for youth today, I, the green beast from Konoha has arrived together with my youthful students," the adult exclaimed in lame pose when he noticed her enter.

"Gai-sensei!" the younger nin with the same lame haircut and spandex hugged his sensei.

"Lee!" The others were sweat dropping. The brown kunoichi was sighing, suggesting to Sakura that it was common occurrence.

"Can't Konoha send me a not-so-strange team?" Tazuna mumbled dejectedly. It was as if it wasn't enough to give him a team with an insane and murderous genin as a member, and now they gave him a team with 2 gays? Heaven, help him!''

"Ano…who're you?"

"Of course, my lady. How rude of us no to introduce ourselves first!" Gai's teeth was sparkling.

Lee reappeared in front of Sakura, kneeling with hearts on his eyes as he clasped her hands. "Ur…" Sakura wondered what she should do.

"My beautiful goddess, I'm Rock Lee, sent here to save yo—URK!" Lee's face was slammed to the ground, hands still clasping Sakura's by Gai. Sakura sweat dropped.

"Lee, don't be so rude! Your introduction is wrong. You lack the passion needed! This is how you should do it!" the man kneeled like a prince in the fairytale. "My princess, I, Maito Gai, has come to your rescue! Your youthful beauty—" an imaginary cold storm blew Sakura's hair as she stared at the two like they were insane.

'I think I prefer a murderous Naruto than these two,' she glanced at the other two and found them trying to hide their embarrassment at their teammate's and jounin's behaviour.

The other female dragged Sakura away from the two and let her sat down. "Er…sorry for them. Their minds aren't exactly working right," she apologized.

"Yes, I can see that," she said dryly as she stared at the 2 crying shinobis.

"…Right. My name is Tenten," she offered her hand.

"Haruno Sakura, nice to meet you," she shook her hand.

"My other teammate is Hyuuga Neji," Neji turned his head, scoffing. "Er…don't worry about him. He's just in his usual brooding mood," her black haired teammate glared, but she ignored it. "So, where are your teammates and jounin instructor?"

"Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei are training in the woods, while I don't know where Uzumaki is," she told her.

"Huh? You don't know where your teammate is?" she asked confusedly.

"Ur, we're not exactly close," behind her Tazuna snorted.

"Close? He told her that he would kill her," Neji's attention was caught.

"Kill her? That's just a joke, right? Neji also did it when we first met" Sakura bit her lips.

Tazuna shook his head. "No, it isn't. The boy won't hesitate to kill her, I tell you. He's practically a killer machine. You'll understand when you see him tonight."

"…Haa," Tenten nodded dumbly.

Meanwhile in Gatou's headquarter

Gatou smashed his glass angrily, wine dripping from the glass unto his expensive carpet but he took no notice. "Guards!" he shouted. Two guards came over. "Hire other ninjas! That fool Zabuza is useless!" the guards nodded and exited the dinner room hastily.

Back to Tazuna's house

"And they sent you for our aid?" Kakashi's eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"My eternal rival, Kaka—"

"Yeah, yeah whatever," he waved him off completely. He switched his eyes to Gai's younger 'twin' incredulously. 'He had succeeded in corrupting this kid? Same haircut, same green spandex, same attitude. Gai, you're so foolish!' Kakashi wanted to scream. Behind him Sasuke scowled.

Tenten tapped Sakura, her brown eyes were focused intently on Sasuke. "Hey, is he Uzumaki?" she asked, thinking that he must be Naruto since he brood as much if not worse than Neji. 'He's cute,' she squealed inside her mind. If Sasuke knew what she was thinking about, he would absolutely kill her for thinking that he, the heir of Uchiha clan, was cute.

Sakura laughed out loud. "No, he isn't. He's my other teammate, Uchiha Sasuke. You might think that with his angst that he must be Uzumaki, but I'll tell you, you got the wrong guy. Uzumaki's hair is blonde and his eyes are blue, his appearance is completely different than Sasuke. The first time you look at Uzumaki, you won't think him dangerous but only as annoying person, but he's more dangerous than Sasuke. You better be careful around him, he has worse mood swing than even a pregnant woman. One time, he could be playful the next you could be dead," she warned.

"Surely, that isn't true," Sakura shook her head amusedly.

"Tell you what, just see him for yourself, but don't cry after he's finished with you," a flash of the afternoon event filled her mind. Naruto was smiling at the children. She shook her head. "Anyway, he would be back soon. He's usually here when the dinner starts."

Tenten and Sakura sweat dropped when they saw the 2 moody teenagers stared at each other's eyes. Kakashi was completely ignoring Gai as he read the new volume of Icha Icha Paradise, and Lee was trying to get his sensei's attention.

"Er, Neji, you better stop staring at him or people will think about you in the…uh…wrong way," Neji's brown haired teammate adviced as she could see the sparks flown from their eyes.

The Hyuuga branch member scowled as his gaze turned to his friend. "And what do you mean by that?"

"She's saying that people will think you're gay," Sakura piped in bluntly. Tenten nodded in agreement.

"Yes, that's what I meant," the death glares sent to her by both genins (because if she implied that Neji was gay, that meant she also implied that Sasuke was too) were ignored completely by the humming girl as she tried to see anything but their eyes.

Neji's eyes turned toward the front door.

The door was opened, revealing Naruto with his torn clothes. Naruto blinked when he saw a tear soaked Gai embracing the next green beast of Konoha.

"Ah, that inappropriate jounin!" he exclaimed.

Eyebrows were raised.

"What did you call Gai-sensei?" Gai's 'twin' shouted angrily as he dashed toward the blond. Fist clenching, he threw a punch, only to have Naruto caught his fist casually using his free hand, since his right hand was holding 4 fishes.

Tenten, Neji, and Gai eyed Nauto carefully. Even if Lee couldn't use ninjutsu or genjutsu at all, his taijutsu although far from perfect was better than many shinobis.

"Catch," he threw the fishes to the frantic Sakura who hoped to catch the fishes. Naruto's blue eyes stared at Lee's black eyes. "I said: inappropriate jounin. Get a problem with that?" he mocked. "If you don't believe me…" Naruto took a small scroll from his pouch using his free hand. He unrolled the scroll and bit his thumb, before smearing his blood on the scroll, all the while still holding Lee's punch. A poof later, an album was revealed. The blond opened the pages and found what he was looking for. He thrust the book close to Lee's wide eyes. Lee's jaw dropped. He stared at the album openmouthed, he was silent for once. Lee withdrew his fist and stared at his jounin sensei with tears brimming on his eyes. Betrayal was portrayed behind his eyes. "Gai-sensei, how could you do it?"

"Huh?" a confused Gai frowned. The others were wondering just what it was that made Lee who idolized Gai to the point of obsession looked so betrayed like that. They turned toward the smirking Naruto.

Sakura stared at Naruto's smirk. That was it! She decided that she was imagining things. There was no way Uzumaki Naruto, the boy wonder who could kill you in seconds without remorse was smiling!

"Naruto, may I see it?" Kakashi couldn't help but asking him politely, knowing wrong sentence could very well end his life. Beside he was curious and it was better to be on his good side.

Naruto shrugged amusedly, as he took out something from the album and threw it to his father's pupil who deftly caught it. It was a photo. The next second, Kakashi's eyes (though his sharingan eye was covered by his hitae-ate) were so wide that they were in danger of popping out of their sockets. His jaw would've dropped if not because of his mask still attached on his face. The next second Kakashi was chuckling and then laughing.

"What is it?" Tenten asked curiously.

Still chuckling, the silver haired jounin handed the photo to Gai's female pupil. Wordlessly, Neji, Sakura, and even Sasuke couldn't keep their curiosity and stared at the photo from behind her shoulder. Simultaneous snickers were directed to the still confused Gai, holding his crying student, who was pounding his chest. The genins laughed out loud, though Neji tried to shut his mouth from laughing since he was the ever 'noble' Hyuuga member, so he settled on amused smirk, while Sasuke whose ego was still as big as his head wouldn't want to be caught laughing out loud and settled on (odd) chuckle.

Tenten gave the photo to the curious Tsunami. A second later, she exploded. "Gai-san, if you dare to do that in front of my son, I'll kick you so hard that you grandchildren will feel it, although I felt sorry for Lee-san to have a father like you!" she screamed angrily, stomping her feet on the floor, not knowing that Lee was simply Gai's pupil and not his son like she thought, even if his face and almost everything else about him resembled Gai.

"HUH?" Gai was still confused.

Tazuna took the photo from his berserk daughter's hand. "…Oh. OH…" Tazuna grinned suggestively to the green spandex jounin. "I don't know that you work part timer as strip dancer, Gai-san."

"WHAT!" Kakashi's self exclaimed rival shouted incredulously. The others except the furious Tsunami laughed harder. Inari peeked curiously from the door.

"Inari, get back to your room!" the boy's mother shouted. Looking at his furious mother, Inari decided that a retreat was good.

Gai snatched the photo from Tazuna's hand. "What the hell? How did you get this photo? I thought I have burned all of them!"

"Ibiki still has a collection of those," Naruto said, not saying that he actually didn't get it from Ibiki, because it was him who gave the photos to Ibiki who paid generously for it. Then again, it was a truth, even if it wasn't a complete truth. How Gai implied it, wasn't his problem.

"B-But," the green beast of Konoha stuttered.

"How come I don't know any of it?" Kakashi wondered, feeling a little sad and disappointed that he didn't know about it before this.

"If I'm not wrong, you were still an anbu at the time, so it was no wonder if you arrived to Konoha after the news died out," Naruto told him, remembering about Kakashi's data.

"Damn! And no one tell me about it?" the jounin cursed as he eyed Gai trying to soothe Tsunami to no avail.


He-heh, another omake! Hopefully you'll like it.

As you can see, Naruto isn't completely heartless. He is unstable…yes. Cruel…yes. Evil…well, not really. In his own way, Naruto made an impact to the people around him. Sakura started to train harder and took being kunoichi more seriously. Sasuke was reminded that revenge wasn't everything, though whether or not he becomes a traitor later is still a huge question mark that not even I at this point of time, could answer. Kakashi had to deal with more headaches and Gai was completely humiliated (he…3x), sandaime was defeated by simple blackmails and Ibiki was happier than ever. While Anko was still her usual cruel self, though her imagination went overdrive.

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