Lost Again and That's More Like It
Author: MacGateFan
Rating: PG
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Janet found Sam getting ready to leave again. She looked expectantly at her friend. "Janet!" Sam exclaimed. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Where's Daniel?" she asked, her voice wavering. Suck it up she told herself.

"I'm sorry, Janet. He and Jonas are still on Anubis' ship. Colonel O'Neill and I are heading to Kelowna--"

Janet cut Sam off. "Kelowna! Those are the bastards who killed Daniel! How can you go back there?"

"Janet, listen to me!" Sam replied, taking her friend by the shoulders. "Anubis' ship is sitting directly over their capital building. We're going to save them, I promise!"

Tears fell down her cheeks. "Don't do that, Sam."

"Do what?"

"Make a promise."

Sam was shocked, to say the least. "Why not?"

"Because Daniel did that and look what happened." Sam held her friend close as she cried. They stood that for a few minutes when they realized that time was running short. Janet composed herself and they headed up to the control room.

Janet watched as Sam and Colonel O'Neill stepped through the event horizon. She wanted so much to believe Sam, but what if her friends weren't able to keep that promise? She needed to see Cassie. "General," she said.

He nodded to Walter and walked over to her. "Doctor."

"I really need to see Cassie right now." She took a breath. "With your permission, Sir."

"I understand, Dr. Frasier. Take all the time you need."

"Thank you, Sir."

Janet found Cassie asleep in her room. She decided she wouldn't wake her daughter up just yet to tell her they may have lost Daniel again. Besides, she was exhausted and just wanted to lie down herself. She didn't expect to fall asleep so quickly after her head hit the pillow...

Janet, I'm sorry things worked out like this, but I don't care about you! All I care about is finding ways to keep the Earth safe. I will risk my life for this world, don't you understand that?

But, Daniel... she exclaimed, reaching out for him.

No, I have to go!

Daniel! Please don't leave me! Daniel!

"Mom! Mom! Wake up! You're dreaming! Mom!"

Janet's eyes snapped open and she was staring into the worried face of her daughter. "Cass?"

She nodded. "Yeah, it's me," she replied, wrapping her arms around Janet. "That must have been one hell of nightmare. I'm not surprised you had it, though."

"Cassie, he's stuck on Anubis' ship. Jonas too."

"What?" Cassie cried out, pulling away from Janet.

"Calm down, honey."

"I will not calm down, Mom! I told you not to go back to him!"

Janet stood up and stared her daughter down. "Cassandra Frasier, I will not be spoken to like that! Besides, telling someone I don't want to be with them anymore even when I still have feelings for them would not have diffused the heartache anymore if they were killed."

Cassie shut her mouth. She was being such a child. She knew exactly what her Mother meant. "I'm sorry, Mommy," she whispered.

"It's all right," Janet replied, hugging her close. "This is very frustrating for all of us. I want you and me to be friends again. I want you to give Daniel another chance. He's always been there for us even if you don't believe it. Just because we didn't see him when he was ascended, doesn't mean he never watched over us."

"I will. Not for him and not for me. I'll do it for you, Mom."

Janet smiled. "Thank you, Cassie. That's all I ask."

When Janet and Cassie arrived at the base, everyone was in a cheerful mood. "What happened?" Cassie asked the guard.

"SG-1 has returned safely. All five members."

Janet grinned at her daughter. "Thank you, Airman. That's the best news I've had all day."

As they headed into the bowels of the SGC, they heard the announcement about incoming travelers. Janet had to drop Cassie off at the infirmary, for obvious reasons, and took the elevator to level 28. She would wait for Daniel just outside the doors of the Gateroom.

She looked up to see Jonas being wheeled past. Janet squeezed his hand and left him in Dr. Warner's care. Sam rushing towards her pulled her from her thoughts.

"Janet!" Sam hugged her friend tightly. "We brought him back for you!"

"Thanks, Sam," she replied happily. She felt Teal'c's hand on her shoulder. They nodded at one another and he left them.

"I'd better get changed. I'm sure General Hammond is going to want a full report as soon as possible."

"Cassie is here. She'll want to see you."

"Doc Frasier."

"Colonel. You seem to be a little bruised."

"It's all good." He glanced behind. "I'll leave you two."

When Daniel finally came into view, the floodgates opened and she ran into his arms. "God, I thought I lost you again!"

"For a minute there you almost did," Daniel replied. "I really need to be more careful."

She laughed in his arms. "Either that, or we have to tell the bad guys you're off limits."

"Why didn't we think of that before?" He wondered, pulling her close for a kiss. He really didn't care who was watching…

Cassie was pacing back and forth when the door to Janet's office opened. Her Mother and Daniel entered. He looked a little battered, but otherwise in one piece. Despite the anger she felt towards him, she quickly walked over and hugged him close.

Daniel was quite surprised by this considering all that Janet had told him in the elevator. He glanced back at her and she shrugged. "Cassie," he whispered, hugging her back. "I'm sorry for everything. I know I should have thought things out more, but I didn't have much time to do that. I will try my hardest not to leave the two of you ever again. I love you and your Mother so much."

Cassie lifted her head and looked him in the eyes. She could see what she had always seen in those blue orbs. Truth and love. "I love you too, Daniel. I love who you are and I am so happy you chose my Mom cause she deserves everything you give her."

"I couldn't agree more, Cassie," Daniel said with a smile.

"Come here, Mom!"

Janet joined the pair, hugging them close. "I love you both too!"