Athrun's Birthday

It was a special day for Athrun. When he was sleeping, Cagalli, Kira, Lacus, Yzak and Dearka were fixing a surprise party for the birthday boy!

"I hope he'll like this surprise party," Lacus said happily while placing the icing on the cake

"Yeah, he'll love it!" Kira said while placing the decorations on the walls

"Hey how do you put this thing?" Dearka asked while looking stupid cause he can't put a streamer for the birthday

"Dearka! You really are stupid! Just hang it on that corner!" Yzak said still acting like the way he acts in Z.A.F.T.

"Well sorry! I'm only a coordinator!" Dearka said then followed Yzak's instruction

"Easy guys we don't want to wake Athrun just yet, ok?" Kira said in a calm way

"Yeah shut up guys," Cagalli said as she was arranging the tables.

They hurried up wit the party. When it was already, Cagalli went to Athrun's room to wake him up. When he woke up they went down stairs. It was very dark and all of a sudden.

"Surprise! Happy birthday Athrun!" Everybody said while party poppers where used and it was like a noise barrage in there!

"Thanks everyone, I really appreciate you remembering me, so I thank you guys" Athrun said

"Well let's get this party started!" Cagalli said then opened the music players.

They started the party and when it was time Athrun blew the candle of his birthday cake.

"Ok guys wishing time! Me first ok? I wish that Athrun will have many more happy Birthdays to come!" Lacus said

"Me I hope that my bestfriend will always be happy at all of the time," Kira wished for his bestfriend

"Well me, hmmm…. I wish that you will get many delicious cakes to come in your birthday," Dearka said while eating a slice of cake

"Dearka! Athrun hasn't cut it yet! Well my turn, hope that you'll always be a good pilot well not better than me of course!" Yzak said making Athrun chuckle

"Ok fine nice wish Jule! Now my turn I hope that you'll always be happy and have many more birthdays to come." Cagalli said

"Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your wishes for me, but I wish that you guys will always be safe and will always be my friends." Athrun said that had an effect with the others.

After that he opened the presents of Kira and the others. He was very happy that day and when it was already late, they went back home. Cagalli stayed to help Athrun clean the house.

"You don't really need to help me clean Cagalli," Athrun said to her not wanting her to get dirty.

"Well it's ok, and beside I want to help!" Cagalli said then smiled at him

"That's what I like about you, you're always making me smile," Athrun said then he kissed Cagalli

The End

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