This story occurrs after the 3rd Austin Powers movie, "Goldmember". Scott is still trying to become evil. Dr. Evil and Austin are still brothers and everything is the same. Ya-da-ya-da-ya-da, you get the idea, just read the damn thing.

Doctor Evil. and Mini Me ride their chairs into view holding their Bigglesworths. The normal party of people sit at the table and Doctor Evil begins to address them.

Dr. Evil: "Ok, ladies and gentlemen, my hand is forced. After countless losses to Austin Powers, not mention the recent news of our common family tree, I will have to start playing it straight. More than likely we will be forced to make income by working at one of the many Starbucks owned by Number 2. Something about havingto work sowe don't go to jail or something."

Frau: "Oh, herr dokter, no more evil plans?"

Dr. Evil: "No, no more plans."

Frau: "No more tractor beams?"

Dr. Evil: "No, no more tractor beams."

Frau: "No more sharks with laser beams on their heads?"

Dr Evil: "Uh...(thinks)...I bet we can keep those. The goverment shouldn't mind that much."

Frau: (with passion) "No more hot, steamy nights in that secret janitors closet?"

Dr. Evil: (looks around the table uncomfortably) "Eh...heh-heh..."

Number Two: "Dr. Evil, thanks to my planning, we now have enough money to success-"

Scott: "Wait." (puts a hand up to Number 2) "Dad, have you been going down on Frau?"

Dr. Evil: "Scott, daddy's sex life does not concern you." (whispers to Frau) "Ix-nay on the go-down-ay!"

Frau: (giggles and puts up a hand showing 4 fingers and mouths "4 times last night" to Scott)

Scott: "You have! You've been going down on Frau!"

Dr. Evil: "Scott, we don't "do" going down around here."

Scott: "You went down."

Dr. Evil: "No, we-"

Scott: "Yawantdawna."

Dr. Evil: "It was a-"

Scott: "Yawendowna."

Dr. Evil: "Wait a minute, this is my-"

Scott: "You. Went. Down. You went down with the german lady."

Dr. Evil: (getting very frustrated) "That-"

Scott: (falsetto voice) "Doctor, we have a patient here, her name is Frau. We need you to perform a "go-down-on-her-escapy"."

Dr. Evil: "Why you little shit! I-"

Scott: "How many licks to the center of a Frau-pop? Ask my dad!"

Number Two: "We really have to get back to the-"

Scott: "I wasn't finished! That's the problem with all of you! You never finish what you start. Well, I'm going to change that."

Number Two: "What do you mean?"

Scott: "I'm going to take over the world" (starts evil laugh) "BWA-HA-HA! BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!" (but no one laughs with him) "Oh, come on! You laugh for him!" (points at Dr. Evil who looks around the table after being pointed at)

Dr. Evil: "Scott, how will this help daddy's coffee business?"

Scott: "You all just don't get it do you!" (Number Two rifles through papers while Scott talks) "I'm going to rule the world! I'm going to have you all as my slaves! I'm going to have chariots with--"

Number Two: (Number Two hands Scott a paper) "You're going to have night shift janitor duty at our Starbucks on Hill Street."