Second Best

Malfoy's always fancied Harry. He hides it well, and chooses who he tells very carefully.

He thinks Harry's straight

He's in for a surprise.

(p.s – Voldemort was defeated in 5th year in this story)

"Draco, just ask him out for god's sake." Blaise snapped. There was only so long a straight guy could tolerate a male friend talking about how hot another boy was. Draco stopped talking, looking slightly miffed.

"Don't be stupid. For one, he's hated me for five years…"

"With good reason."

"…Two, he's straight."

"How do you know that?"

"I just do alright! He's Gryffindor's Golden Boy, saviour of the fucking world. He just can't be gay!"

"Uh huh…"

"Don't give me that look." Blaise sighed.

"Well if you're going to keep talking about Potter's arse, I'm going to bed."

"Oh well thanks for being here when I need someone to talk to!"

"I have been. For the past 5 bloody years. I'm bored of it. It's the same old thing. 'Oh he's hot he's got a nice smile he's the sexiest thing on earth' Then there's 'Why can't the situation be different why can't he like me why can't I have him?' oh, and…"

"Shut up Blaise." Draco snapped, closing the hangings around his bed and turning the light off.

Harry had, quite possibly, never been so bored. He was staring into a crystal ball, trying to think of something to lie about seeing. So far this week he'd predicted he'd fall of his broom, get struck by lightning, and be pushed down a flight of stairs. Professor Trelawny was staring at him looking slightly impatient.

"I'm….going to…erm…well I see…a bus…"

"Yes….and?" Trelawny urged.

"It's um…running me over?" Trelawny gasped.

"You are a marvel, Mr Potter! It's the beginning of term and you're seeing things that cannot transpire until next July! Amazing!" and she shuffled on, looking pleased with herself. Ron rolled his eyes.

"If you're not careful, you're going to be the star pupil of this lesson." Harry groaned. He prodded the crystal ball a bit, making it wobble haphazardly towards the edge of the table. Ron sighed, picking it up. "Well…I think my 'Inner Eye' needs a monocle…" Harry snorted.

"Some laser surgery wouldn't go amiss." Ron gave him a blank look.

"Laser?" Harry opened his mouth to explain, but decided against it and just sighed.

Harry made his way down to Potions, scribbling his Divination homework on a piece of parchment as he walked.

"It's not like you to do homework straight after a lesson mate." Ron said.

"Yeah well I've just had new inspiration. Let's see… 'Ron gets…hit…with a…large…bludger'"

"Ha ha." Ron said sarcastically. "That's not inspiration. I've got a game tomorrow."

"Good luck." Harry said brightly. "And watch your back." Ron just scowled.

Once seated in Potions, Harry, Ron and Hermione took out their ingredients and waited for Snape. But when the door flew open, a witch with amazingly bright pink hair walked in. it flowed all the way down her back and stopped at her waist.. Her left eyebrow and lip were pierced and she had a glowing pink skull on her robes, where the Hogwarts insignia should have been. She looked barely 4 years older than Harry.

"Hey all." She said brightly. "I'll be teaching you for a while coz I'm in training. Just wondered, where's Harry Potter?" Harry gulped, putting his hand in the air. The student teacher walked over to him. "Two things. One…" she gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Harry went bright red. "Two…can I have an autograph for my little brother? He worships you like a god."

"I…he…what?" She stuffed some parchment under his nose.

Draco was watching from the other side of the classroom. He was glaring with all his might at this girl who dared kiss Harry.

Harry quickly signed the paper and handed it back to the teacher.

"Right. Thanks dude. You rock."

"Um…" but she was already walking back to the front of the class.

"Right, well this place is way too dingy. It says the lesson plan for today is to study the ingredients used in making a Greengilla potion…so we're going outside! No one should be cooped up on a day like this. All the ingredients can be found by, and a little in to the Forbidden Forest…" there was an outcry from several students. "…oh don't be wimps. They're not that far in. there are lists by the door. Just grab one and head on out! Professor…erm…Snaps?" all the Gryffindors burst out laughing. "Ah whatever…dreadful guy anyways. Professor Whatever wants two rolls of parchment on the ingredients. On what they are, where they're found, what they do and all that Jazz." The students who came from muggle families laughed. The majority looked confused. "Well, carry on. I'll be out in a while. Make sure you're working. You never know when I'm going to pop in." She winked.

"Hey what's your name?" Seamus called out. This was something new to everyone. No one dared call out when Snape was here. Seamus' voice echoed.

"Just call me Kass. None of that 'Professor Velty' stuff. I had that problem when I introduced myself with my full name last lesson. Had a bunch of first years calling me ma'am or professor…made me feel really old." Some of the students laughed. Most of the Slytherins seemed to dislike Kass's easy going approach, but some were finding it hard not to smile.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were settled a little way in to the forest, looking at a piece of 'nerefight's moss' – which turned out to be green slime that looked nothing like moss.

"I like Kass." Hermione said suddenly. "This is one of the best lessons I've ever had in Potions. First hand experience that doesn't cause explosions."

"Yeah. I'm actually learning something." Ron agreed. Harry just blushed a lot.

"Oh come on Harry she just kissed your cheek." Hermione said, rolling her eyes.

"But…but why? It's not very teacher-like."

"Because you're a star. And incase you haven't noticed, Kass isn't like any teacher I've ever met. She wants students to call her by her first name, she dresses like a muggle rocker, and she just doesn't seem to care! She feels like she's one of the class."

"Or maybe she loves you." All three jumped at the new voice.

Draco, who had been nearby eavesdropping, decided it was time to move in and cause a row. Any kind of attention from Harry was good enough for him. "Ever thought of that Potter? A little studentXteacher action? It has been known." Harry blushed seven shades of red, looking angry.

"Oh yeah. I always wondered about you and Snape." He hissed through his teeth. This caught Draco by surprise.

"Pft. He's my mentor. Not that I have to explain myself to you Potter."

"Why don't you go away Malfoy? Nobody likes you here. Go find your cronies."

"Tch tch This isn't working." For a second time, everyone jumped to see Kass standing behind them. "Though you're the first lot I've seen in the forest. Rest are all wimps. Let's see your work so far." The trio held up their papers and Kass quickly read through them. "Very good. Almost finished. What about you… Blondie?" Draco blinked. Blondie? He sneered.

"Sorry professor I left it with my friends. Just came over to see how Golden Boy is doing." This was actually true. Kass sighed.

"I see you're the trouble kid. Have you got daddy issues?" Harry and Ron burst out laughing. Hermione tried not to, but failed. Draco straightened himself up.

"My father is Lucius Malfoy. He may be in Azkaban but…"

"Okaaay don't need your life story." Kass said, putting her hand up. "Carry on Blondie." Draco scowled, stalking away.

"You know, I may just pass Potions yet." Ron said at dinner. "If Kass keeps teaching." Harry looked up to the teacher's table. Kass stuck out even more than Hagrid. Her hair seemed brighter than the thousands of candles.

"Don't get your hopes up Weasley." Ron turned to see Draco standing right behind Harry. "I've just been talking to Professor Snape. He'll be back teaching tomorrow afternoon." And with that, he cuffed Harry round the head, and left. Harry glared after him, rubbing his head.

"Great…" Ron said, sighing. But Hermione was staring into space, looking determined.

"We might be able to do something about this."

"I touched his hair. I touched it." Blaise sighed as Draco held out his hand. "Does it smell like him?" Blaise groaned, shoving his hand away.

"Draco, this is really…unhealthy. This…this is Hero Worship."

"Well he is a hero." Draco said dreamily.

"And you are a Slytherin. We hate people who get praise for things we can't! And we do not hero worship! So either tell Potter how you feel, or stop talking about him!" and Blaise closed the curtains around his bed.