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>Chapter One

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't loose it."
--Robin Williams

"You know what, Sirius?" James yelled, throwing his hands up in fury. His face was red from the cold chilly air. He silently cursed himself for leaving his cloak up in his dormitory. But that was a whole different matter completely. Right now, James was really mad.

"What?" Sirius countered, the anger quite apparent. This only made James' temper increase.

"I….you…we're…I'm not talking to you anymore!" James was so infuriated that he couldn't even string together a proper sentence.

"Fine then, don't." Sirius crossed his arms and stared at James defiantly.

James snorted. "Oh, go brew a love potion!"

With a final glare at Sirius, James turned around and started off towards the castle, grumbling the entire way.

Sirius sighed and kicked the trunk of a nearby tree. He cursed himself as a searing pain shot through his foot. "Go brew a love potion…" Sirius mimicked at James' retreating back. "I'll give you a love potion!" Sirius picked up a rock and threw it in James' direction. It fell quite a few hundred feet short.

Sirius bent down to retrieve another rock. He tossed it up and down a few times, before an idea hit him. He began to argue quietly with himself.

"If I do it…it'll be tricky…he'd skin me alive! But…oh, it's so worth it! To see his face!" Sirius threw the rock behind his back. He had no idea that he'd hit a bird. Sirius was too busy figuring the final details to his complicated plan. With a final glance at James' tiny outline entering the castle, Sirius knew that he mustn't waste any time. If this was going to go as planned he'd need to collect some things. He'd have to do a bit of research.

He'd give James one hell of a love potion all right.

After his fight with Sirius, James decided to cool off by wandering around the Hogwart's corridors. He trudged along at a slow pace, just every once and awhile glancing up to look at one of the many moving portraits. He sighed as he thought back to his blow out with Sirius. If he was to be honest, James wasn't even that mad about Sirius going out with his ex-girlfriend Ivy. If Lily Evans hadn't riled him up at dinner, he might have been happy for his mate. Instead, when Sirius told him, he freaked out and started yelling about a whole bunch of nonsense.

He didn't even think that Ivy was that good looking. She was kind of pompous and a little loopy. If it had been up to James and not the sorting hat, he would have placed Ivy in Slytherin. He was still trying to figure out what the sorting hat had been thinking. Ivy was nothing compared to Lily. James slapped himself in the forehead. Enough about Lily, he lectured himself. How did he always end up talking about her? Why did she just pop up? James was really considering enrollment at St. Mungo's. They had a ward for crazy and deranged people. James certainly fit the bill.

All of James' thoughts stopped abruptly when he ran into something hard. He'd walked right into a wall. Just thinking about Lily was enough to make him do the weirdest things. James didn't appear to be hurt, so with a sigh, he started off down the corridor again. He hadn't even realized that he'd walked right up to the picture of the Fat Lady.

"Password?" The Fat Lady asked, while picking at a spot on her dress.

"Armadillo Bile." James said quietly.

"Right you are, dear!" The Fat Lady swung open to reveal the Gryffindor common room. James entered slowly. He looked around and noticed that most of the chairs and couches and been occupied. He spotted Remus Lupin sitting at one of the tables tucked away in the corner. He approached him slowly and sat down with a 'thump'. Remus looked up over the top of his book.

"Hello, Prongs." Remus marked the page in his book and set it down on the table. "What can I do for you?"

James just stared. "You could banish Evans to Antarctica." James stated hopefully. Remus snorted.

"I don't think so. Nice try though." Remus looked over James' shoulder to one of the chairs in front of the fire. There sat Lily Evans, the girl that caused James to completely loose his mind. "I don't think Lily is that bad, James."

James' mouth opened in shock. "How could you say that Remus? She's been completely horrible to me since we were eleven. I've given up any hope. I'm just paying her back for all the years that I wasn't horrible to her." James crossed his arms and frowned. "We're seventeen Moony! Honestly! As long as she treats me the way she does, I'll be just as foul!"

At that moment, Sirius entered the common room. He looked around frantically, as if searching for something really important. He seemed to have spotted it, when his eyes landed on Remus sitting in the corner. To his horror, James was also seated at the table. Sirius frowned, and decided that he could talk to Remus later. Instead, he made his way up to the seventh year's dormitory. He had a bit of reading to do.

James frowned at Sirius as he made his way up the stairs. He had really messed up. It wasn't Sirius he was angry with…it was himself. No…it was Lily. She seemed to be the start to all of James's problems lately. Remus brought James back to reality.

"James?" Remus waved a hand frantically in front of James' face. James blinked rapidly.


"Earth to Prongs! You need to snap out of it." Remus picked up his book again.

"Maybe I should just go up to bed."

"That's a good idea."

James sighed and got up slowly from the table. He casually glanced over at Lily. She was sitting with her best friend, a 7th year, Michelle McCartney. James has a theory that Sirius fancies Michelle. Sirius would never admit to it, but he could tell. James made his way over to the boy's staircase. He climbed the stairs slowly, occasionally glancing back at Lily. He reached his dorm and opened the door cautiously.

Sirius was in a bit of a bind. He hadn't realized just how complicated love potions really were. It hadn't taken him long to find one that fit his purposes. The ingredients wouldn't be entirely difficult and the potion would brew fairly quickly. He just needed to find the perfect location. As Sirius thought some more, and jotted down a few notes, he heard the door to the dormitory open.

He peeked around and saw James standing there. Sirius groaned and closed the hangings around his bed. After a moment he heard a mattress creak, and knew that James had sat on his bed. He heard the shuffle of hangings being closed. James had gone to bed. Either that, or he's too pissed off to deal with anyone. Sirius would bet all of his galleons on the pissed off option. With a sigh, Sirius moved his things under his bed and settled down under the covers. He would have to be up early in the morning.

James wanted a love potion after all….

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