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As Harry looked into Draco's tear filled eyes, he knew he couldn't leave him again. Last time he'd been driven by the knowledge that Draco hated him. He couldn't leave now. But he couldn't stay at Hogwarts. He had to go back to Cielo.

"I…I want to be with you Draco…" a look of relief spread across Draco's face. "But I can't stay."

"I'll go with you!" Draco said quickly.

"You can't…the barrier…"

"Make them take it down!" Harry sighed.

"Draco they can't just take it down. That would put the whole of Cielo at risk! Even if it was for a few seconds, Cielo would be visible to the wizarding world…"

"I don't care! I can't live without you!" Harry closed his eyes, sighing. "Come on Harry. Meravi's got the hots for you. He'd probably to anything to keep you happy." Draco muttered, spitting out the information like it was venom.

"Draco… nothing's happened between us the whole time I've been in Cielo. But I'm good friends with Meravi. I see him everyday and I fly with him every night. Nothing will happen between us, but I spend a lot of time with him. He's my friend. Can you handle that?" Draco averted his gaze, thinking.

"Yes…Of course I can…I…I do trust you Harry. I would know if you were lying about something like that… I'm so sorry for calling you what I did." Harry sighed.

"It doesn't matter anymore… it's in the past…I love you Draco." He muttered, "And I wish there was a way…" Harry was cut off by Draco's lips. They captured his own in a passionate, yet somehow desperate kiss.

"Mmm…" Draco ran his tongue along Harry's bottom lip. Harry opened his mouth and let Draco in. He lifted all of the barriers out of their link as they kissed. Draco's emotions came through clearly again. Love, happiness, longing, and underneath, despair at the prospect of losing Harry again.

"Please Harry…" Draco muttered, pulling away. "Try."

"You're going to love Cielo! I'll introduce you to Fuoco and Cavallo and…" Harry kept talking animatedly to Draco as they flew back over the channel. Draco knew this was Harry's way of distracting himself. There was every possibility that once they reached Cielo, Draco would just be told to go home.

His wings were hurting a little. He hadn't flown in weeks, and never for this long or far.

"Can we stop flying for a bit?" Draco asked. Harry stopped in mid air. They were halfway over the channel.

"Are you tired love?"

"A bit…" Harry sighed. He wanted to be back before morning, and he could already see the sun in the distance. If there was any chance at all of Meravi letting Draco in, they had to get there before it was too light – to lessen chances of Cielo being seen.

"Here." He picked Draco right out of the air and sped off again. Draco snaked his arms around Harry's neck, gazing up at him lovingly. "What?" Harry asked, smiling.

"Nothing. I haven't seen you for so long. I just want to look at you."

"Heh, you're getting sappy Draco. You must be tired." Draco huffed.

"Fine. Ok, then I'm totally horny and I want to fuck your brains out. How's that?" Harry laughed.

"Sounds more like you…Don't worry. There's a double bed in my room." He said, winking. Draco blinked. "Oh, and I have this awesome fridge…" Draco sighed, closing his eyes as Harry started rambling again.

"Here were are!" Harry announced. Draco looked up sleepily. Harry was looking over at a huge field with some sheep in it.

"You live in a field?" Harry chuckled. He dropped Draco suddenly. Draco yelped and quickly flapped his wings to keep in the air. "What was that for?!" he said indignantly. Harry grinned.

"Stay here. I have to go in and tell them to lower the barrier for a second. I just hope they'll do it…" Draco watched as Harry flew up a few feet and started zigzagging back down. He suddenly disappeared.

Harry quickly flew to Meravi's house. It was in the biggest tree in the forest, and had the largest house in it.

"Meravi!" he called, knocking on the door. There was a mumbling sound inside. Heavy footsteps came towards the door and it opened.

"What the? What's wrong Harry?" but Harry looked happier than he had since he'd been here – but very tense.

"I need you to lift the barrier. Just for a second so that Draco can come in." Meravi scowled.

"Harry, unless he's an Incandeche, he can't come in." Harry's heart sunk. The happy look on his face dissolved. "You know the rules…"

"But… he's my mate…" Harry seemed at a loss. Meravi groaned. 'Curse my soft spot for him…'

"Bambino don't give me those eyes… you know the rules."

"Please? Nothing will happen… I promise. We'll be as quick as lightning…"

"Harry…" Harry took that moment to give Meravi the most heart-wrenchingly innocent and upset look ever. "Fine. But only for a second. Make sure you're in position to get in fast." Harry's mouth dropped open in shock.


"Just never look at me like that again…" Meravi muttered, shutting the door with his heart pounding.

"Thanks so much Meravi!" Harry called to him through the door.

When Meravi said a second, he wasn't joking. When Cielo flickered into view, Harry had to pull Draco into a lightning fast dive, and even then they only just made it. The ends of Draco's wings were scorched after only just missing the barrier close. Afterwards, Draco had whiplash.

"Great! If they can't kill me, they'll just severely hurt me!" Draco muttered, rubbing his neck with one hand and trying to smooth away the unpleasant buring feeling in his wing-tips with the other. Harry rolled his eyes. He walked up behind Draco and started massaging his neck and shoulders. Draco's eyes slid shut



"So this is Draco huh?" Draco nearly shot out of his skin. He glared at the offending man. Harry laughed, moving between them.

"Yeah. Draco, this is Fuoco. Fuoco, Draco. Don't expect a warm hello from Draco. He has whiplash." Fuoco chuckled.

"Yeah, Veela just can't keep up with us can they?"

"No. shame." Draco scowled. He was about to do some serious insulting when Harry's hand slid around his waist, his hand landing in a very bad place. Draco yelped. Fuoco raised a brow.

"What's up with you?" he asked.

"Uh…n,nothing." Draco mumbled. Fuoco grinned like a madman as Harry increased the pressure of his handing teasingly, making Draco blush.

"Well, you should probably introduce him to Cavallo and Meravi before you get too into each other." Harry smirked. Draco just flushed, scowling.

"Oh yeah, and merry Christmas." Harry said, holding out Fuoco's present. Fuoco stared at him.


"Take it or I'll bolt you." Harry said, grinning. Fuoco blinked, then smiled.

"Ok…thanks Harry."

"I can't believe you did that! Infront of that guy! What a great first impression I made on him!" Harry laughed. He slid an arm around Draco's waist, letting his hand rest on Draco's hip, where it started tracing circles. All Draco's anger was forgotten instantly. "S,stop feeling me up Harry, or I wont make it through two more introductions." Harry grinned. Draco rested his head against Harry's shoulder and they started walking through a forest.

"I'll take you home first. Meravi will probably be there anyway." Draco lifted his head suspiciously.

"Why would Meravi be at your house?" Harry rolled his eyes.

"We're all close in Cielo. We're the last of our kind…" Harry lowered his eyes sadly. "So… there is no need for barriers or protectiveness. We all visit each other… we all trust each other…"

"Do you have to trust him though?" Harry pulled Draco closer, smiling.

"Don't worry love. I'm sure you'll fit in here…even though you'll be the only one who's not an Incandeche…"

"Hey, as long as they don't attack me with various muggle items, I don't care." Harry laughed.

"We have to fly now."


"I live in a tree." Draco gave him a questioning look.

"A tree?" Harry couldn't suppress a chuckle. He took off, closely followed by Draco. Draco looked around at the houses built into the trees. "Oh…"

Ron was first to stir that morning. He looked sleepily down at Hermione and smiled. But he frowned when he noticed the window was open. He had closed it before he went to bed, and sealed it with a locking charm to shut out the cold air. And the only one who could break his locking charms was… Ron looked quickly over at Harry's bed, hoping to see him back. But the bed was empty still. He sighed. His eyes dropped to his bed-side table.

"What…?" he picked up the two wrapped presents, the book, note, mistletoe, and finally, a silver/white feather. "Hermione wake up!" he shouted. Hermione jolted awake.

"What?" she muttered sleepily.

"Harry was here!" Hermione shot up. She looked at the presents and tears formed in her eyes. Ron was already opening his. Hermione picked up the feather and sighed, smoothing it.

"Why didn't he wake us up?" Ron took out the delicate chain. He slipped it over his head and put the beans to one side. The chain had a little gold broom stick on it.

"I don't know…but this must've cost a lot! How did he get money?"

"He took all of the money he had here with him." Hermione sighed. She flicked through the book. It was empty. There was an ink picture frame on the first page, but nothing else. "This mistletoe…it's not like anything I've ever seen before…"

"It must be from that Ceelio place."

"Cielo, Ron." She sighed, opening her present while Ron opened the note. She started crying again as she slipped her necklace over her head. It had a gold book on it.

"Listen to this!"

Ron, Hermione.

Merry Christmas! I'm sorry I didn't stay to talk to you or anything, but I didn't want to make things difficult for me to leave again. I hope you enjoy your presents. The mistletoe is from Cielo. Just something to remember me by.

I want you to know that I'm happy here. I'm sorry if I worried you in any way by leaving so abruptly, but it was necessary, and I really feel like Cielo is my home now.

Now about the book. Do you remember me saying that I could talk to Meravi through a book? Well this one acts in the same way. Just open it, and touch the picture frame with your wand. If I'm there, I'll be able to talk to you. If not, just write something on a page, and I can read it later.

Missing you both loads


"He sounds happy." Hermione said, sighing.

"Let's try it out!"

Harry had never been more apprehensive in his life. Meravi and Draco, meeting for the first time… 'This can only end badly.' He thought.

"Harry!" he turned to see Cavallo flying up to them. "Fuoco said you brought a Veela back with you!" Cavallo stopped, looking at Draco. He lets his eyes trail down Draco's body then looked back at Harry. "Why Harry, you're been holding out on me! You didn't tell me he was that yummy!" Harry laughed.

"Yeah. And he's mine so talons off." He said, giving Cavallo a playful punch. Cavallo grinned.

"I know. Off to see Meravi then? He's at your house waiting for you."

"Thanks." Cavallo raised a brow.

"I saw Fuoco had a present. Where's mine?" he asked. Harry chuckled, holding out Cavallo's present. "Oh…uh…I was joking Harry…I can't…"

"Did Fuoco by any chance tell you that I threatened to bolt him if he didn't take his gift?" Cavallo grinned.

"Thanks Harry. You're present is at your house." Cavallo saluted Harry, bowed to Draco and flew off. Draco blinked.

"Who the hell was that?" he asked.

"That was Cavallo. He's a real joker."

"He's allowed in your house too?"

"Yup." Draco rolled his eyes.

They landed on the balcony of Harry's house a few minutes later. Meravi emerged from the house smiling.

"Hey Bambino."

"Hi Meravi. Now that the sun's up, Merry Christmas!" he said, grinning. Draco was glaring at Meravi. 'Bambino?!' Meravi glanced at Draco.

"Hello. You must be Draco Malfoy." Draco just nodded. Harry nearly groaned out loud in exasperation as a cloud of tension filled the air.

"Here." Harry said, holding out a present to Meravi. Meravi took it, smiling as he gave something to Harry. It was wrapped in the sweetest smelling leafprint Harry had ever seen/smelled. He purred at the scent as he opened it, holding onto the paper. Inside was a thick gold chain with a locket on it. On the back of the locket was an inscription. It read:


No matter who you decide to put in this locket, I will always love you, and you'll always be in my heart.

Harry blinked. He looked up at Meravi, who had already put his bracelet on and was observing it like it was precious.

"Wow…thanks Meravi…I…I didn't…I mean…" Meravi smiled.

"You're quite welcome. I could never say that out loud. Especially now that you have a mate." Draco was looking between them suspiciously.

"What does that say?" he asked Harry blinked, slipping the chain over his head quickly.

"Uh nothing!" he said hastily. Meravi smiled.

"I'll leave you two alone then. Cavallo called round with a present for you. It's in your room. There's also a rather large snowy owl in your room. She arrived just as you left with four wrapped packages. Harry, I hope you know by now that we don't believe in making owls carry mail."

"Oh I know. That's Hedwig. She's mine. She gets snappy if I don't send her out on trips." Meravi smiled, nodding before taking off into the early morning sky. Harry watched him go, and when he was out of site, Harry pounced on Draco. He wrapped his arms around Draco's waist, hugging him so tightly that he knocked the wind out of the part veela. "That went much better than I expected! I love you!" he said, hugging Draco even closer. Draco yelped, trying desperately to breathe. Harry was crushing his wings against his back, along with his lungs against his ribcage. Harry purred, running his hand up Draco's feathery back under his shirt as his instincts kicked in. Draco smirked – he could feel how excited Harry was getting through their link and it was having an effect on him. It had been so long…

"On your balcony?" Harry pulled away, grinning. He took Draco's hand and pulled him inside, throwing him down on the bed.

"Harry?" the two jolted. Harry nearly flew through the roof. He walked over to where the sound seemed to be coming from. He found the leather bound book, whose partner he'd left in Hogwarts. He opened it to the first page quickly, seeing Ron and Hermione's faces staring back at him. "HARRY!" Hermione squealed. "You're ok!"

"Of course I am." Harry said, chuckling. Draco, by now, was very annoyed at the complete lack of sex.

"Harry put that bloody thing down and get over here!" he snapped.

"Who the hell was that? It sounded like Malfoy!" Ron asked.

"It was. I brought him with me."

"Oh yeah so the ferret got to see you in person!" Ron muttered.

"Watch your mouth Weasel boy!"

"What are you going to do if I don't Malfoy? Fly over here? Here's hoping you drown half way across the channel!"

"No I'll just shred up that oh-so precious book and…" Harry sighed exasperatedly.

"Look…I'll talk to you later but for now…I really need to do something…" he said quickly.

"What?" Ron asked, frowing. Hermione started blushing.

"Come on Ron. Shut the book." She said. "Bye Harry. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas guys." Harry shut the book. He took a deep breath and turned back to Draco. He was sprawled out on the bed in a very suggestive way. "Time to give you your real Christmas present." Harry purred.

As he made his way over to the bed, neither of them gave a second thought to the mere second that Cielo had been exposed. After all, no one could see it in that amount of time, right?


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