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My name is Erik. But around here, I'm known as synthodrone # 901. I know what you're thinking. Didn't Kim Possible put him away for good? Well, I'll explain that later. Right now, I'm going to talk about Kimmie and her goofy sidekick, Ron Stoppable.

First, I'll tell you about my "father", Dr. Drakken. He's an evil genius bent on ruling the world. His synthodrone project goes back at least two years. His first synthos were like clones of Kim and Ron. They were chemically unstable and Kim melted them. Drakken gradually made improvements on the synthos until he made me. He called me his greatest creation.

Drakken's plan was golden. He was going to use Nakasumi's toy design to give away his robotic warriors. Since they were made using Kim's dad's project, they could grow into super robots once they received a command signal. He was able to give them away through kiddy meals at Bueno Nacho, which he acquired in a hostel take-over. I was the trump card in his scheme. He sent me to Middleton High to distract Kim from his plan.

It work out well, but I noticed that her friend, Ron, didn't like the fact that I was dating her. I did whatever I could to hurt her relationship with that lack wit. It seemed to be going well when Ron didn't show up for the Prom. But he wasn't there because he was at Bueno Nacho, where he found out that Drakken was in control of it. Worse, he told Wade, who tried to contact Kim. I convinced her that was probably nothing big.

Somehow, Ron escaped the Little Diablo Bots and barged into the gym. He figured out a great deal of Drakken's plan. I tried to convince Kim that his theory didn't make any sense, but she believed him anyway. After all I did to keep her from him, she still looked at him with respect. I had to call Shego, Drakken's co-hort, and warn her about Kim's actions.

Drakken was way ahead of me. He activated the Diablos in Middleton and they turned into Omega Diablos. While Kim and Ron were working on taking out the command signal, Shego "kidnapped" me and took me to Bueno Nacho Headquarters. When Kim took out the signal, Drakken called her and told her to surrender or he'd hurt me.

Drakken didn't think Kim would surrender, and she didn't. Instead, she got a new battle suit and went to save me. She totally kicked Shego's but (of course, Shego meant to lose). However, Kim didn't see me as a threat. You should have seen the look on her face when I told her that I was really a synthodrone. Ron wasn't to happy when I shocked Kim. He looked about ready to kill me, but Shego clothes-lined him and he blacked out.

Drakken started the world-wide strike a little early to ensure that Kim wouldn't interfere. It didn't help. Kim and Ron escaped. Shego took on Kim, and I fought Ron. I thought it would be easy…until Ron kicked my head so hard that it twisted backwards. If I hadn't been a synthodrone, that would have done me in. As I fought Ron, I told him that naked mole rats weren't cool…they're gross. He didn't like that. I was about to finish him when I noticed Kim shooting some dart thing at Drakken's command tower. I caught it, but Ron's pet naked mole rat bit me! All of my synthoplasma leaked out.

Now, that comes to why I'm still here. Drakken was so attached to me that he refilled my shell, and gave it a thicker covering. So now that little freak won't be able to—

"Don't be dissing the Rufus."


—Ron kicks Erik and hand cuffs him to pipes along the wall—

'Nice work, boys.'

"As the world famous Kim Possible would say, 'No big.'"

Hey! You can't just leave me like this!

"You're right."

—Ron twists Erik's head backwards—

Sorry I haven't been updating in a while. Finals. Need I say more. I'll try and finish most of my other stories before starting any new ones.