Here's another original story: Darrel Curtis is struggling to keep his family together. But when he is offered a job that will alleviate much of the stress, a better job for more money, everyone is happy. Until they find out, that the job is in Miami, Florida. (Includes a sister.)

"Curtis!" Called George, the boss of Darrel Curtis. Darry carefully climbed down the ladder, off of the roof and walked to his boss.

"Come on into my office, Darry." A bit of fear entered Darry, as his mind immediately thought of the worse. If he got fired…he couldn't! His life depended on this job! His life and the lives of his brother and sister, too! Darry followed his boss into his office and sat down in front of his desk.

"Darry," George began, sitting down himself. "You're the hardest worker I have."

'Well,' Darry thought. 'If he's telling me I'm his hardest worker, he isn't gonna fire me!'

"We're opening an office, just like this one, in Miami, Florida. We need a boss for it, a manager. As I said, you are my hardest—and best, worker. What do you say, Darry? Can you move down there? It'll pay at least five times what this job pays." Darry' stomach churned. Move? Leave Tulsa! But this was his home! Had been, for the last twenty years! His brothers' home! His sister's home! His friends! He couldn't move, he just couldn't! But this job…it was a big opportunity to alleviate the lives of the Curtises.

"C-can I think about it?" He asked, his face, a very shocked expression.

"Of course you can! I expected you too!" George said. "I just need an answer by next week." Darry nodded.

"Now, go home." George said. "Talk this over with your family."

Okay, I know it's short but there's a storm outside with lightning and everything so I have to shut down my computer but I really wanted to get this up so I'm posting it. Even if it's short.