p class="MsoNormal"strongspan style="font-size: 10.5pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: 'Helvetica',sans-serif; mso-bidi-font-family: Helvetica; color: #282828;"Enjoy/span/strongspan style="font-size: 10.5pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: 'Helvetica',sans-serif; mso-bidi-font-family: Helvetica; color: #282828;"br / br / Eleven years had passed and the triplets are on the way to college. Bianca was sitting in her room looking a photo album. Sitting down next to her Maggie place her arm across her wife's / br / Maggie: Hi / br / Bianca: Do they have to go? (Leaning her head against her.)br / br / Maggie: You know it was coming class="apple-converted-space" /spanbr / br / Bianca: I know. (Tears in her eyes.) They are gonna be so far away. (As their was a knock on the door.)br / br / Jeffery: Moms Grandpa Aaron is / br / Maggie: Will be down in a min / br / Jeffery: Ok. (Turning Around.) You know mom. You're not loosing us. We just want to make you proud of us like Mandy / br / Maggie: We know buddy. (Smiles at him.)br / br / ~*~*~*~*~*~*~br / br / Morgan: So when are you guys leaving?br / br / Eliza: Oh sometime tonight. (Pulling her girlfriend into to her.)br / br / Morgan: Do you think they will mind that we are roommates?br / br / Eliza: Nah it's not just us. So I don't like / br / Morgan: Yeah April, and Theresa will be living with us too. (Putting her head on her shoulder.)br / br / Eliza: Hey Mandy. (She said to her sister as she flopped down on the couch.)br / br / Miranda: Hey Stephy. Where's moms?br / br / Eliza: Upstairs. How was work? (Looking over at her.)br / br / Miranda: Exhausting. (Closing her eyes.) Don't ever work for / br / Maggie: Hey I heard / br / Miranda: (Smiles.) I know you did. That's why I said it. (Getting up.) Hi Moms. (Hugging them both.)br / br / Maggie: How was the office / br / Miranda: (Rolling her eyes.) Good. Had three births. It's tough being and OBGYN. (Smiles.) But I love working with you / br / Maggie: Yeah cause you know I won't firing you. (Chuckles.) But if wasn't for your grandpa Aaron's money it would have taken us longer to open up our practice of / br / Miranda: Yup Montgomery-Stone and daughter. (Putting her feet on the table and then takes them of when she sees Bianca's face.) Still don't see why my name can't be on there / br / Maggie: Cause the chandlers have there name on to much stuff. (Messing up her hair.) Plus this is our / br / Miranda: Yeah. (Looking at Bianca.) How are you mom?br / br / Bianca: My babies are leaving me. (Tearing up again.)br / br / Leo: Did mom act like this with you? (The youngest Montgomery-Stone said to the Eldest.)br / br / Miranda: Yes she did Leo my man. (She said messing up his raven colored hair.) But you and Chrissie were just itty bitty when I / br / Leo: Ah Mandy. (Shaking it back into place.) My hair gotta look good for the / br / Eliza: Who have you been talking to Francis or Aunt Frankie?br / br / Frankie and Francis: Hey! (Looking at each other.)br / br / Eliza and Leo: Both. (Laughs.)br / br / Amy: Oh baby don't be so offended. (Messing up her hair.)br / br / Frankie: Hey my hair gotta look good for the ladies. (She said before she realized.) Ummm I mean I for my gorgeous / br / Amy: Nice save Stone. (Shakes her head at her.)br / br / Christina: Man everybody's here. (She said the family dog.)br / br / Kendall: What are you doing over here Chrissie?br / br / Christina: (Smiles.) Nothing Auntie Kendall. Just talking to Butterscotch. (Looks up at her.) How's the baby?br / br / Kendall: Kicking like crazy. (Smiles.) You look more and more like your Mama / br / Christina: Ah Auntie Kendall. (Smiled with her flowing blonde hair.) Mom says that all the twin. Like I'm mama's mini me. (Giggles.)br / br / Mya: Mom Dads parking somewhere or something. (Walking by her mom.) Hi Chrissie. (Sitting down next to her younger cousin.)br / br / Christina: Hi Mya. (Smiles.)span class="apple-converted-space" /spanbr / br / Kendall: Teenagers gotta love them. (Rubs her belly.)br / br / Walking down the stairs Maggie saw all of her family sitting in her home. Thinking back she could have missed out on all of this the wife the kids it all. She just smiles and thanks God that she choose to get on that / br / "Ok baby I got it sitting next to her wife."br / Bianca: Thanks honey. Is now a good time?br / br / Maggie: Give it a bit my dad is still helping her boys load the car. (Wiping the tears from her wife's eyes.) Guess what?br / br / Bianca: What?br / br / Maggie: I love you. (Leaning in to give her a kiss.)br / br / Bianca: When'd that happen?br / br / Maggie: (Looks up as if she is thinking.) Oh… Ummm… two days ago. (Smiles as her wife playfully pushes her.)br / br / Bianca: You're dead tonight Stone. (Trying to be serious.)br / br / Maggie: That's what I'm counting on. (Winks.) Oh by the way. You may need this. (Handing her what looked like a ring box.)br / br / Bianca: Maggie you didn't have / br / Maggie: Yes I did. I'd do anything for to baby even this. (Pointing to the box.) Open class="apple-converted-space" /spanbr / br / Bianca: Ok so / br / Maggie: You got that right. (She said purring in her ear.) Just open it / br / Bianca: You spoil me way too much. (Smiling back at her.)br / br / Maggie: Just open it. (She said smiling.)br / br / Aaron: Geez you boys have a lot of class="apple-converted-space" /spanbr / br / Jeffery: Blame mom. (Smiles.)br / br / Eliza: She likes to spoils / br / Francis: A lot. (Smiles.)br / br / Aaron: Yeah well I'm just glad you guys let me / br / Eliza: That's water under the bridge Grandpa. (Hugging him.)br / br / Jeffery: Yeah we love having you in our life Gramps. (Laughs.)br / br / Aaron: Yeah I'm just glad I didn't wasn't anymore time. (Looking down at his daughter and wife.) What ya got their / br / Bianca: A charm. (Smiles.)br / br / Aaron: Don't you usually get those what you're adding to the fam… (Stops mid sentence.)br / br / Maggie: Yup. (Putting her finger over her lips. Only nodding he understood.) Ok everybody settle down. (She said getting up for a second.) As you all Know tomorrow is moving day for the three amigos.) Nodding over to her three kids who all sat close to their girlfriends. So today is not only a celebration for then but the whole family. (Looking down at her wife.) That being said amigos by the time you get home for the summer you'll have someone new to / br / Eliza: Were having a baby? (Smiles.)br / br / Bianca: / br / Jeffery: I thought the twins were the last?br / br / Francis: Yeah? (Confused.)br / br / Maggie: You know your mom. (Smiles. As Bianca hits her on the butt.)br / br / Miranda: That's great moms. Another little Montgomery-Stone. (Hugging them both.)br / br / Frankie: Looks like we finally got the Family we wanted Mags. (Smiling over at her sister and then their dad.)br / br / Maggie: Looks like. (Smiling as she looks at her / br / br / strongFIN/strong/span/p