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Chapter 27—Merlins Gift

Almost immediately after securing the two-way mirror connection, the Weasley men apparated to a park near the Granger home. They were extremely cautious as they didn't know what to expect. Bill started scanning the area for invisible wards or other indications that the Granger home was being monitored. It concerned him deeply that he didn't find anything on the outside of the house or around the property. With a furtive nod to his father he walked up the short path to the front door and knocked loudly.

Arthur tapped his son on the shoulder and moved in front of him. They both understood that it would be better for the Grangers to see a familiar face when they opened their door. Of all the Weasley's there, Arthur was the most familiar.

It didn't take long before footsteps sounded on the other side of the door and they all braced for whatever may come. They heard the metallic click of locks being opened and then the door itself swung inwards to reveal Jane Granger still in her white dentist's jacket from work.

She looked them up and down but there was no spark of recognition in her eyes. "May I help you?" she asked in a dull monotone voice. All three Weasley's gasped. Jane Granger was normally an exuberant person and always greeted Arthur and Molly by name. This could only mean that something was done to the Grangers'. Taking a deep breath and squaring his shoulders' he started to address Jane while at the same time pointing his wand at her from the side of his body. Bill noticed the slight movement and tensed ready to spring into action.

"Stupefy" Arthur calmly stated and then moved forward to catch his falling victim. Bill pushed past them into the house. Charlie moved up behind his father and covered the entrance. Bill scanned the house then raced up the stairs. After a few minutes a muffled "Stupefy" was heard. Shortly after Bill came back down the stairs levitating an unconscious Dan Granger. Arthur reached into his robe pocket and pulled out a muggle spark plug which now was their ticket out of the Granger residence. Bill once again scanned the house. Charlie and Arthur watched him closely as his worked his spell work. Charlie moved closer to his father and brother and when he saw Bill start to speed up his movements he quickly grabbed onto Mr. Granger and the portkey in his dad's hands. Arthur seeing this also tightened his grip on Mrs. Granger and shouted—"Bill grab on!"

Bill didn't need a second warning. One had shot out and grasped onto the portkey while he was still moving his wand and muttering under his breath. He only hoped the portkey would work! Once his hand was on the others Arthur activated the portkey and for an intense split second nothing happened. Before he could look up at the others he felt the familiar jerk and they were gone.

Harry hurried through the underground compound casting spells and mumbling to himself. Ginny, Remus and Tonks followed him confused but not knowing what else to do. Harry seemed to know where he was going and what he was doing. He led them to places the other three had never found. Suddenly he spun around to face his friends with a broad smile.

"Now, this is going to be fun!" he exclaimed to the bewilderment of the others.

It was Ginny who finally spoke up. "Uh—Harry, could you please explain what's going on? One minute you're in a coma and then…"

"I know isn't it wonderful?" Harry interrupted oblivious to their plight.

"I think his head was jumbled more than we thought." Tonks whispered to Remus.

"Quite the contrary my dear Tonks. We don't have much time but I'll explain as quickly as I can. This…." Harry said swinging his arms about to indicate their location "is Merlin's gift. It was his home before he was trapped by Morgana LeFey. No one has ever been here before except Merlin. He created this place as a sanctuary from the rest of the world and a citadel in times of war. He had complete control over it and now I do. I have been activating the long dormant parts to allow us all free access to some of the more useful parts. Here we will be able to finalize our fight against Tom Riddle."

"What of the others Harry?" Remus asked.

"We will bring them here of course, although they won't have as free reign as the four of us. There are even underground caverns for the dragons that will soon be arriving."

"DRAGONS!" they all exclaimed.

"Of course! I'll have to tell you about that later. Now we have a snarky potions master to take care of." he smiled mischievously.

"Oh—I had forgotten about him." Ginny stated then snickered.

"Ok how do we get out of here? We've tried before but…."

"My dear Tonks were you not listening? You now have free access to this place. Close your eyes and feel it!" Harry instructed.

""OOOOH! Oh right—this is awesome! So are we off to Gringotts then?"

"TO GRINGOTTS!" Harry called and then disappeared without a sound. The others followed quickly.

Stormtooth was mildly surprised when 4 wizards appeared in his office but recognition quelled his anger at their ability to apparate into Goblin territory.

"Lord Potter it is good to see you well!"

"The feeling is mutual my friend. I apologize for having burdened you with the care of the main instigator of the break in two weeks ago." He bowed to his goblin friend in true remorse.

"Twas no burden at all, you left him in such a state that we needn't trouble ourselves with him. In fact some of our younger guards found it quite amusing. Am I to understand you are here to retrieve him?"

"You are correct, his punishment is long overdue. If you are not otherwise occupied I request your assistance in locating him."

"It would be my honor Lord Potter, but you do not require Goblin escort to find your way around the tunnels." Stormtooth stated matter-of-factly.

"Too true Stormtooth, but out of respect to the Goblins I request is anyway. Besides, I think you'll like what is about to happen."

Stormtooths' only response was an evil grin. A myriad of possible punishments ran through his head. "Follow me then!" he stated and they walked out of his office and proceeded into the bowels of Gringotts.

Once they had arrived at where Snape was imprisoned, Harry surveyed his handy work and they all had to stifle their laughter at his current predicament. For two weeks he had been frozen as if a statue. Very much like the basilisk had done to its victims. The only difference was the Snapes' brain was fully functional and aware of everything going on around him.

"Snape—for our crimes against the Goblins, the wizarding world and humanity I hereby judge you." Harry stated and reached forward. A magnificent sword radiating a golden light appeared in his hand. Harrys' eyes shut and the glow from the sword engulfed his entire body.

Snapes' eyes seemed to widen in alarm, but he still couldn't move. What the man must be thinking though was anyone's guess.

No quicker had the light enveloped Harry then it spread across the short distance and engulfed Snape. The man morphed into different shapes and sizes until it seemed to settle on one. The light slowly died out and in the place where Snape stood previously was a medium sized portrait of the man.

"Harry...Did you….just….Kill….." Remus gulped unable to continue.

"Nonsense! I don't kill in cold blood." Harry scoffed and with a wave of his had the sword vanished.

Ginny stepped forward to inspect the painting. "Harry what did you do?" she asked curiously, not in the least put out by the man's punishment.

"I simply combined the spells and wards used by the Goblins at Azkaban and the spells used by LeFey to entrap Merlin. Snape is quite healthy actually. It even reversed the effects he suffered from being petrified these last two weeks."

"How is that possible?" Tonks questioned in awe.

"Magic!" Harry shrugged then smiled.

When Tonks slapped him upside the head the smile quickly vanished. "Awe… come on that was funny!" he protested.

The others just gave him disgruntled looks.

"Ok fine—I'll explain it later though alright?"

"That's going to be one hell of a long talk Harry."

"Quite right Remus." Tonks added.

"So now what do we do with him?" Ginny asked

"Oh—I think service to those he tortured would be an adequate punishment?"

"What?" They all asked shocked curious.

Stormtooth grinned catching on the Harrys' scheme.

"Hogwarts should do nicely! But where to put you in Hogwarts? It has to be somewhere everyone will see him."

"Um Harry, not to sound rude, but why would you want him around anyone? Just think of the damage he could do to the students' minds. You know he never had anything nice to say."

"That's the beauty of this! He won't be able to say anything mean at all no matter what anyone says to him!" Harry waved his hand at the portrait which then came to life.

Snape rolled his shoulders and his head around as if to dispel the stiffness two weeks of petrifaction had caused. His eyes blazed and the patented Snape sneer was on his face. When he started to talk, no doubt a diatribe meant to burn into those before him, his entire demeanor changed. Instead of the sneer a painful smile lit his face, his shoulders relaxed and his hands, instead of fisted at his sides, came forward to rest hand in hand in front of him in a seemingly welcoming attitude. His eyes however widened alarmingly. Instead of the scathing works expected, all that came out was a calm request. "How may I help you this fine day?"

The only one that did not seem surprised by this was Harry who smiled widely and his eyes twinkled merrily. "Anyone like to try this out?" He asked with satisfaction. When no one responded he turned around to look at h is comrades. Taking in their shocked faces and open mouths he let out a hearty laugh and then turned back to Snape.

"Let's see…." He said tapping his chin in contemplation…"That's it!" he said snapping his fingers. "You slimy grease ridden, inept excuse for a wizard! You are a failure who's not even worthy of licking the dirt off my fathers' shoes!" Harry shouted gleefully.

The shocked stares of the others turned to him still unable to voice their thoughts. Their eyes immediately snapped back to the Snape portrait when it spoke.

"Too true my good man. Were it not for my current state I would hug you for your kind and generous treatment of me. Alas I am at a loss for words."

Remus gulped audibly behind Harry and snapped out of his shock. "OH MY MERLIN, this is PRICELESS! Too bad your father and Sirius are not here to witness this cub."

"Oh, I believe they have a front row seat, or at least they did. I imagine they are rolling on the floor laughing about now."

It was too dark and quiet. No wind blowing through the open window, no rustle of trees or cries of nocturnal animals. Something was amiss but Albus Dumbledore could not figure it out. The feeling irked his nerves, like an itch you couldn't scratch. Each time he tried to ignore it and get some much needed sleep it would act up again. Finally giving it up, he threw the covers back and sat on the side of his bed rubbing his eyes. He slipped his feet into his fuzzy slippers and pulled his night robe on as he got up. Taking a look around his office, nothing seemed out of place. Lighting his wand to see in the dark he decided to take a walk through the school.

His feet fell noiselessly upon the stone tiles, which even though he didn't want to admit it, unnerved him. He thought he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and turned ready to defend or attack, but nothing was there. He moved onward heading towards the Great Hall, his senses supercharged. Every little shadow had him jumping. Each almost nonexistent noise sounded like a trumpet blare. If anyone were to see the Great Albus Dumbledore they would think he lost his mind, which wouldn't be quite that far from the truth.

As he drew closer to the Great Hall, the moon shown brilliantly through the great windows but also created even more shadows. If possible, this seemed to heighten the headmasters' paranoia. The doors to the Great Hall were closed, so were the doors to Hogwarts. He cautiously stepped towards the Great Hall doors and pushed gently on one of them. The door swung open easily and he moved forward to peek inside the great hall.

A great "SLAM" echoed through the halls and the noble professor jumped forward several feet and nearly lost hold of his wand. His hand immediately went to his heart and he swung around leading with his wand arm to face the source of the noise. NOTHING was there. He cast a revealing spell but it came up negative. He checked the wards and again, nothing had been tampered with. The doors were locked! Where did that noise come from?!

Like a frightened mouse he quickly shut the door to the Great Hall and locked them tight. His eyes roamed the length and width of the Great Hall but nothing seemed wrong. He looked up and that's when he saw it. Floating there amongst the illusion of the night sky was an elaborate portrait of Severus Snape. "Professor!" he shouted "What has happened to you my dear boy"

Snapes'' lips curled in his usual trademark sneer but then relaxed into a very creepy smile. It was not a natural look for the man. "Hello Headmaster. So good to see you." He said and then grimaced slightly before the smile came back on his face.

Dumbledore was perplexed by this response. He cast numerous spells on the portrait but couldn't ascertain how it worked or what it really was. He didn't know if Snape was dead and this was his after death portrait or if it was a prank or what. He never in his life came across anything like it. It was nothing like the real Severus Snape. If anything, that creepy smile unnerved him more than anything. It just wasn't natural. Not one to give up on anything so easily, Dumbledore spent the remainder of the night trying to figure out what the portrait was and how it had found its way into Hogwarts.

There was a nagging at the back of his mind. Something he couldn't shake. Snickering and laughing started to register in his mind which confused him. He felt a slight breeze slip up his robes and wondered at it briefly. He scratched at his beard and then scratched at his stomach. He was about to scratch somewhere else when he heard a great shout that sent him reeling.

"HEADMASTER! For Merlins' sake cover yourself!" It was the voice of his Deputy Headmistress.

For a moment he was even more confused until he actually opened his eyes and took in the scenario. He was sitting in his seat at the head table, but one leg was crooked over an arm rest which hiked his robes dangerously high up on his thighs. He was seriously close to being accused of indecent exposure. Casting his glance out beyond the head table he saw a sea of black robes moving around the house tables. That was the source of the snickering and laughter. Quickly righting his messed attire he swept to his feet and called on Fawkes who dutifully appeared and flamed them out of the Great Hall. It would be a long time before the Headmaster decided to take his meals in the Great Hall again.

Harry and his entourage fell to the ground laughing wildly. They had watched the Headmaster and couldn't contain their composure anymore. Harry had transported them all back to Merlins' Gift. For the rest of the day nothing could get the image out of their head. No matter what they were doing a little chuckle or snicker would escape causing them all to burst out laughing again. The rest of the day they chalked up to a bust. They couldn't concentrate on anything else. They relaxed around the compound and Harry explained what had happened while he was in the coma.

Arthur, Bill, Charlie and the Grangers' all returned safely to the Burrow but it was a close call. After warding off the upper levels of the Burrow so the youngest Weasley couldn't overhear they all sat down and breathed in deeply.

"Bill what happened?" Charlie asked.

"I almost missed it! I can't believe how intricate it was. It could only have been done by someone with a lot of power and experience with wards." Bill stated almost in awe as he rubbed his head.

"What was it son?" Arthur questioned.

"There were no wards of any kind on the outside of the house. I almost thought there weren't any on the inside either. That is until I messed up! Merlin! I can't believe it! It triggered the wards that were in place and almost locked down the entire house. If it weren't for you activating the portkey when you did we'd be minced meat."

Arthur and Charlie looked at each other in shock and then at Bill. "I don't understand Bill. How could you have missed it?"

"That's just it dad—I don't know. Somehow it was like.. well it was like the Fidelius Charm but not." He held up his hand to his father and brother to stall the questions he could read on their faces. He needed time to think. "The wards were there but only someone that was allowed to see the wards could see them. I've never heard of that before! I was trying everything I knew to locate the wards. I could just tell something wasn't right but I couldn't find them. That is until I accidently shot a banishing charm at the windows." Even though Bill said it was accidental, there was a sheepish grin on his face that told the other red heads in the room that his temper had gotten the better of him which caused the so called accident.

"What happened then Bill, I didn't see anything break or move so the banishing charm couldn't have worked." Charlie said knowing his brother too well.

"Exactly, Charlie. Nothing happened, which means it was a silent alarm. Meant to alert only the person the wards were tied too that anything was going on. I don't know who that could possibly be but I'm glad we're out of there."

Both Arthur and Charlie couldn't have agreed more. They sat in silence for a while contemplating their near miss and then started discussing what they were going to do with the Grangers'.

Mad eye Moody watched the Weasleys' as they entered the Granger house and stunned them both. He was sure the oldest son would detect his handiwork with the wards, but had a good laugh when it caught the boy by surprise. Good thing the wards were tied to him and not Albus Dumbledore he thought. It wouldn't be a good thing for the Weasley family if Albus knew what was going on. Granted Mad eye had no idea why the Granger family needed watching let alone the wards Albus had asked him to put in place but he hadn't had a reason to question his old friend before now. Something was not right with Albus anymore. The war had begun in earnest and he was diddling around with petty disagreements. They needed to fight, he was itching to fight! He couldn't explain or understand why they weren't fighting the Death Eaters and Voldemort! Every day that went by meant more death and destruction to the Wizarding World that they could ill afford. Who cared who the Goblin ambassador was or whether it was Harry Potter! They needed to follow the example of the mysterious wizard and get out there on the attack!

With a grump he dispelled the wards around the Grangers and sent off a patronus message to the Weasley patriarch hoping to meet up and find out what was going on. It was high time something changed. More so than ever action was required and he wanted in on it.

At the burrow the three conspirators could not come up with what to do about the Grangers. They had made them comfortable in Arthurs' office. Granted they had to move things around a bit to make it so, but they managed to get a bed in there that would fit the two muggles.

As they came out to sit and talk further they saw a white iridescent shaggy dog fly into the parlor. "Arthur, we need to talk. Something is not right at Hogwarts. Saw you at Grangers. Will explain. Send Patronus and I will meet you. I give you my wizards oath I will come alone. Bring those two lads with you if you want. Moody."

All three looked at each other in shock. "Oh bullocks!" Charlie declared sinking into the couch.

'You can say that again." Bill said following his brother down onto the couch.

"Well…."said Arthur thinking about it. He had known Moody longer than his sons. Something extraordinary must have occurred to get him to contact him with a Patronus and forgo his normal tight security in reaching out to them. "I'm not sure this is so bad. I think we may need to discuss this more with Harry. There may be something we can use here to help us all."

They tried several times to get through on the two-way mirror but to no avail. Sighing they decided to ward the door to the office and let the youngest Weasley out for lessons.

Bill was up first for his brothers lessons and although he would rather be somewhere else he sucked it up and waited for his brother to come down the stairs. Unfortunately he had to wait quite a while as his brother decided to get back at everyone by sleeping in. This did not serve to soften Bills temper and Ron should've known better. His petty childish antics were not going help him in the slightest. As soon as Ron came sauntering down the steps with a smirk on his face, Bill had had enough. He conjured an enormous Rottweiler behind his brother and told it to sic. The Rottweiler obeying its' master let out a terrible low growl with teeth snarling. Ron stopped in his tracks and slowly looked behind him. Immediately the smirk was off his face and replaced with a look of absolute terror. The dogs' eyes shown bright red and his teeth seemed larger and sharper than normal. Drool dripped from its' mouth. Then it lunged and snapped at Ron who screamed a high pitch girly scream and took off running out of the house and into the back yard. The dog followed him growling and barking the entire way. Ron found out there was nowhere to hide from this mutant hell hound. Several times he literally bounced off the wards placed around the Burrow and nearly got bit in the process. The dog would slow down when Ron was cornered but take off after him when Ron found a way out. Needless to say, Bill spent the entire 2 hours he was supposed to be tutoring his brother laughing hysterically with Charlie egging him on. When Ron was about to pass out, they dismissed the dog and let Ron inside.

"I'm gonna kill you both, just wait and see!" Ron said menacingly while glaring at his laughing brothers.

"Ronald Weasley! What did you just say?" All three boys looked startled as the matriarch of the family walked into the room with her hands on her hips, ready to dish out punishment.

"MOM! Those two nearly killed me! I've been running all over the back yard trying to get away from that bloody hell hound all morning! It could've bitten my head off!"

"Don't be overdramatic Ronald. Although a little extreme…"she said eyeing her oldest boys, "I think you got a wonderful work out from them. You also seemed to learn where the boundaries of the wards are which should serve you well in the future. Now go get cleaned up and come down for lunch. I'm sure you've worked up quite the appetite. Go—Go ON! Get MOVING!" she yelled when her youngest stood there looking at her in shock.

Pulling her wand she sent a sharp swat to his behind which got him moving quickly as he shouted a few curses while running up the stairs. She turned her steady gaze onto her two oldest and held them for a minute. They stopped laughing immediately and looked contrite. She couldn't hold it anymore and burst out laughing. She quickly cast a silencing charm over the room while they all talked and laughed about the events of the morning.

Amelia Bones was startled when the wards to her office went off. She immediately pulled her wand and waited for the intruders to show themselves.

"I'm sorry to intrude on you minister, but there was no other way to do this." A disembodied voice claimed from somewhere in the room.

"Show yourself! There will be Aurors here shortly if you wish to live you will leave immediately!"

"Please Madame Minister, I do not wish to harm you. I am here to fulfill your request of more information from me. I do not wish for anyone to know that I am here though. If you would kindly send the Aurors away I would greatly appreciate it so we can get down to business."

"James Roper?" she asked uneasily searching the room for any sign of the man.

"Yes Madame. It is me, but with everyone that has occurred over the last several weeks, I do not want anyone interfering in our business. I sure you understand exactly what I am referring too?"

"Of course. I will be a minute. Sit tight." She said as she walked out of the office to send her Aurors away. Not once letting down her guard or her wand she walked back into the office and set up extra security wards. Not that she knew it, but James Roper had already put more extensive wards in place before she had even left the room.

When she sat down at her desk she pinched the bridge of her nose then let out a sigh. "Alright Mr. Roper you can show yourself know. Or should I say Harry Potter?"

Harry chuckled at this and decided to give in. "Of course Madame Minister," he said appearing with a bow.

"Why?" was all the minister could get out while her brain was muddled with all the ramifications of this new knowledge?

"Madame Minister, please calm yourself," Harry said as he took a seat in front of her desk. "This actually changes nothing. What I'm about to tell you may perhaps be more significant." He said looking her straight in the eyes.

"What should I call you then?"

"Harry is fine for now, we are secure but I am going to need you to take an oath before we depart each other's lovely company today."

"An Oath? Harry I can't go around giving oaths lightly when my main concern is the security of the wizarding world!"

"Then we are both of the same mindset which should not be a problem then for you to take this oath." Harry saw that she was far from giving in to his wishes and decided to take a leap of faith. So far the minister had not given away anything about them but this next step was so much bigger. A slight re-wording of the oath would take care of that though.

"You see minister I have multiple identities…"

"You're the mysterious wizard aren't you…." She groaned and once again went to pinch the bridge of her nose.

Harry chuckled at this but stopped at the stern gaze she sent his way. "Good guess Minister, although it's possible that maybe it wasn't a guess at all? Could this seed perhaps have been planted by our prestigious headmaster of Hogwarts? "

"Of course now get on with it Harry. Why shouldn't I just lock you up right now?"

"Because I am the only one that can defeat Voldemort. I'm sure Dumbledork has told you this by now. It is one thing he has gotten right in all of this mess. Whatever his motivations or machinations are, they are not important right now."

"Then why are you here? What is it that I am supposed to help you with?"

"That minister is the right question to ask. The Death Eaters continue to grow in size. Even though many of Voldemorts favorites are no longer with us, his attacks are still devastating in that they kill what little remains of our magical community. I have a plan to protect them while I finalize plans to take him out."

"WHAT?!" minister Bones shouted in surprise and shot to her feet. "How do you propose to do this Mr. Potter? This is a massive logistical nightmare on a scale that has never occurred before."

"I agree, but I have already worked that out. I have recently come into ownership of a vast hidden community that will support however many magical beings we deem necessary for it to protect. "

"That's impossible! There is no such place!" she sighed as her hopes were dashed and sank down into her chair.

"Let me show you then? I believe you will understand once you see what I am talking about." Harry offered holding out his hand for her to take. She eyed the proffered hand skeptically.

"I will not harm you and I will return you to this office within 30 minutes I assure you!"

"Fine then, prove it to me." She said grasping his hand. She barely squeaked when he whisked them away. "You can open your eyes minister." Harry said playfully, knowing that she was surprised by this method of travel.

The first thing Amelia Bones did, was look down at her feet to see that she was actually standing on solid ground. Then they traveled up and around at the scene before her. Shocked she snapped her head up to see the vast open air volcano she was standing in. There were levels upon levels of housing and markets built into the sides of the volcano.

"It's an extinct volcano. Its millions of years old from what I understand. Half of it is even leagues below sea level. With magic there are areas that match the natural habitat of many different magical species. Kind of a magical Noah's Ark if you like."

"A what? What are you talking about?"

"It's a muggle thing. It's a story in the Christian Religion."

"What does religion have to do with anything?"

"Never mind! It would take too long to explain. Anyway, magical creatures are arriving as we speak. The only thing left for us to do is get the Wizarding population safeguarded within these walls."

"How is this safer than anywhere else? Such a large gathering is bound to attract attention. Voldemort would be on us sooner than we could blink and then what?"

"You are mistaken minister. What you see before you is Merlins' Gift!" Harry said sweeping his arms around. "No one but Merlin and now us have been here or even knew of its existence. LeFey had no idea this existed and she rivaled Merlin in power. It has wards and spells on you cannot fathom." Harry finished obviously amazed by the place.

Madame Bones contemplated this but still needed further proof. It was the entire magical world that was at stake after all. "Harry take me outside the boundaries of this place and show me how no one would be able to find it."

Harry liked her idea and complied. Amelias' skepticism finally waned and she felt something growing within her. At first she wasn't sure of what it was. Then she finally understood. It was hope and a rising sense of potential victory. There was a chance that they could win this war! If what Harry said was true, and she was beginning to believe it was, then the war would soon be over and everyone's lives could go back to normal. She eyed the young man next to her and wondered at his very existence. She decided she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. She would be grateful for what Harry was offering and would work with him to save their world.

"Alright then, what do we need to do?"

Harry grinned and held out his hand. In a split second they were back in her office. "Now then that oath first please?" Harry asked. This time Amelia didn't hesitate and gave her oath freely.

"Now then, what we need to do is send out these pamphlets. They are charmed to only be read by the head of each wizarding family whether is be male or female. It explains that they will be transported to a safe haven set up by the Ministry of Magic. They need to gather any personal belongings they would like to bring with them and of course the rest of their family members. It gives them a few hours to do this. Unfortunately we cannot afford any longer as there is a risk that the pamphlets could be compromised. We do not want the Death Eaters getting wind of this transport effort and attacking people before they are safely transported. Once they have read the message they will be transported straight to an apartment assigned to them."

"How do we make sure that Death Eater's or corroborators that could hurt the community get transported:"

"That's the beauty of Merlin's Gift. Once you set foot in Merlin's Gift, if you intend harm of any kind to anyone within you get booted out. Not only that but you wind up with an incapacitating headache for several days." Harry laughed at this. Amelia just smiled.

"What about Hogwarts and the students and professors there?"

"Same thing. All the students will be re-united with their families when their parents read the pamphlets. A special pamphlet will go out to staff and students at Hogwarts to explain this. Once in Merlin's gift everyone will continue about their normal life as if nothing is different. There is a school set up, but instead of staying overnight, they go back to their families and start back up in the morning. Very much like the muggles do things. Shopkeepers and artisans will find they have places to work in the market district. We even have offices for the Ministry to work out of."

"But what of everything here Harry? We can't just turn everything over to Voldemort. There's some very serious stuff hidden in these walls!"

"Of course not! As minister you have the right and duty to lock this place down. Once it is done, no one will be able to get in or out without your key so to speak."

"What key is that? I've never heard of anything like this before."

"Well I've kind of tweaked it a bit. I've added your blood signature and my blood signature to it. So unless someone knows they need it and have a vial of both of our blood lying around, no one is getting in this place."

"You truly amaze me." Amelia said smiling brightly. "When do we get started?"

"Right now minister. I was just waiting for your go ahead. The letters are arriving as we speak. I will leave you now so you can take care of what you need and lock this place down. Thank you minister and I will speak with you later." Harry bowed and then disappeared.

Amelia sat stunned. Her mind was still grappling with everything they talked about. New questions kept creeping into her head and she kept trying to answer them. That is until something hit her directly in the face. She swatted at it and then looked to find her own pamphlet had been delivered. She was immediately reminded of the short amount of time she had to get everything done. She read it and then quickly set to work. All her questions could be answered when everyone was safe and the ministry was locked down and protected against Voldemorts evil intentions.