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Chapter 1- After victory

The sun slowly crept up the eastern sky while eight extremely happy people lied. They were under a giant tree near a lake side. The very lake is where they slewed the very youkai, Naraku, the night before.


"Good morning..." Inuyasha mumbled as he looked at Kagome.

"...Morning..." She said as she looked up and smiled. Inuyasha dove his face into Kagome's bare neck to get a whiff of her wonderful scent. He thought, "I could be here all day." They both looked around.

"KYYAAAHHH!" Kagome screamed, looking beside her. Inuyasha jerked his head in the direction of her scream. There lied the now-disturbed wolf youkai Kouga. He was cuddled right up to Kagome, with Ayame snuggled on his other side.

"WHAT THE HELL KOUGA!" Inuyasha screamed. Kouga looked up in a daze. Inuyasha still yelling.

"Get off my woman!" He quickly turned his and blushed at his last comment.

"What in the world is all the noise about?" Miroku mumbled, then rolled back to his position, embracing Sango, and but his face in Sango's dark brown hair.

Everyone turned in their heads in disbelief. "What is---" Sango started then noticed the position she was in with Miroku. "WHAT THE---"


Inuyasha and Kouga resumed their argument. Kohaku lookup at his sister and giggled. Kohaku was holding their cat youkai, Kirara. Shippou was at his side mumbling something about candy...

"-Inuyasha! For the last time! I am no longer claiming Kagome as my woman! Ayame is my woman now!" Kouga stood up, "We're leaving since mutt-face here is in such a bad mood."

What! Come back here you scrawny wolf! I'll kill you here and now!" Inuyasha was about to draw his sword when Kouga and Ayame were already running away.

"Damn wolf...COME BACK HERE NOW!"

"SIT" As soon the cursed word took effect; Inuyasha took his 'sit' position.

"Feh! You stupid wench! What was that all about! I was gonna get---"

"The shards?" Kagome held up the two shards. "He gave them to me last night."

Everyone looked at her in disbelief, but saw clearly that the two glowing shards were in her hand. "He really gave those to you? Well damn, that was easy."

"I guess he really is a nice guy Kagome."

Inuyasha blinked, he could not believe that he gave the two shards to her. "Wha--"

Kagome quickly after showing them, bonded them to the rest of the jewel she had with her miko powers. She looked at the jewel; one peice missing. "Almost..." she looked over at Sango and Kohaku and smiled. She wanted Sango and other friends to be happy. She wasn't gonna worry about the shard in Kohaku's back, but she wasn't sure if Inuyasha was gonna be very patient about it.

"Well, I am gonna go take a bath. Care to join me Sango?" Kagome said.

"Okay, that sounds pleasant enough. Could we ware one of those 'bathing suits'?"

"Sure, why not." The two girls left and took the backpack with.

"No Miroku." Inuyasha said sternly, watching the lecherous monk get up.

"No what? I was only getting more fire wood." Miroku said with a big grin on his face.

"Once a lecher always a lecher."

"Well then you must be one to."

"WHAT?" Inuyasha almost screamed.

"Don't act like you haven't, I've seen you. Touching Kagome, this morn'n, last night...your hand on her butt..."

Inuyasha blushed big time, almost as red as his kimono. "I thought no one saw..."

"What ever are you too yawn arguing about now?" Shippou managed to say, just now waking up.

"They are fighting about who is a lech, and who isn't." Kohaku responded, observing the two fight.

"Well at least I don't do it on a daily bases, every chance I get! OR WOULD HAVE BEEN 'SAT' TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH RIGHT NOW!"

"PUH! What did I here dog boy? I have seen you do it plenty of times! You just to it more discreetly..." With saying that, Miroku notices how much he has truly pissed off the hanyou now.

"Umm...sayonara?" Miroku ran the other way passing Sango by as she returned.

"What in--"

Inuyasha soon chased after Miroku, Shippou followed to observe their despute. "They are fighting about who is a pervert!"


Sango looked over at her brother. "It looks like something is bothering him..."

"Sister? Can I talk to you...?" Kohaku said solemnly. Sango's face lit up when she heard 'sister'.


"Well, I know that the only reason that reason why I am standing here, living, is because the shinkon shard embedded in my back and--"

Sango's face went sad, "he knows..."

"well, the thing is, I really don't want live like this. Not to feel pain, or wind on my face, or to feel the touch of another...must I live like this? Is there any way not to...? Do I have to live?"

"Do I have to live..." Sango's face went sour, "No, I am sorry... There is no other way for you to live...It's just--" Sango paused to embrace her brother, "I don't ever wanna lose you again. I want you to be happy though, if you are not happy this way, that's fine." Sango dreaded saying those words...but despite that, she looked him in the eyes and smiled.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome. but please know this, I love you and forgive you for every thing. Please forgive yourself."

"I do, big sister. I love you." With those words, Kohaku took the shard out of his back. "I love you so much..." he said.

Sango embraced his dear brother's life-less body. Tears streamed down her face.

"Inuyasha! I just can't believe it! We are finally rid of the horrid hanyou Naraku!" Kagome yelled joyfully, she looked over at Inuyasha, "Why is he so it because of last night? What Kikyo did?" Kagome thought hard about what Kikyo had done. Inuyasha was about to be struck down by Naraku, but Kikyo dove in and saved him, at the cost of her own life.

"Is it what Kikyo did Inuyasha?"

"hmmm...How did you know..."

"I'm so sorry..."

"No, don't be. She wasn't spose to be here, walking around the living. I still love her, but I don't want her any more."

Kagome was in shock. "did Inuyasha really just say that?" Kagome hugged Inuyasha from behind.

"HEY! YOU'RE ALL WET!" Inuyasha yelled, looking down at him self; all wet.

"Well maybe you should go swimming too!" Kagome shoved Inuyasha into the pleasant warm water.

"WHAT THE--" He splashed water all over Kagome.

"Hey! That's not fair! I wasn't looking!"

"Well, your the one who pushed me in while I wasn't looking!"

Miroku watched them. " They are so in love, I wonder how much longer they will deny it?" He got a big perverted grin. "How much longer will Sango deny her love for me?" Shippou rolled his eyes, "great, Miroku is being a pervert again..." he sighed, he new every expression of everyone.

"Well, I am returning back to camp, come on Shippou, let's leave them alone..."


Miroku stared at Sango, she had been crying. "I'm sorry Lady Sango...Let us give him a proper burial, we should take him to your old village and--"

"No, I want him to be buried here. So he can look and gaze apon the beautiful lake. The peaceful lake."

"What ever you wish."

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