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Summer Vacation

Chapter 26- four words that change me forever

They got back home 12 days ago, and tomorrow was school. Kagome looked around and sighed. Inuyasha sat next to her on the bed, while Sango and Miroku cuddled together, whispering and giggling. Kagome rolled her eyes at them. They had been like that ever since Miroku had proposed six days earlier.

Kagome occasionally shot a death glare at them, then to Inuyasha. He gulped occasionally. Miroku had lied about the money won from the trip, and in actuality, there had been $10,000 in spending money a ticket, and bought a ring with $9,000 he kept scecret. It's just, Kagome couldn't seem to figure out what happened to Inuyasha's $9,000.

'He wouldn't have bought me a ring, would he?' Kagome sighed. 'Pfft, what am I thinking? He probably went and bought something really dumb like a new sword for his human self to use.'

Kagome got up and went outside. It was really hot. She sighed again. She couldn't help but feel jealous that Sango was propsed to. She walked to Goshinboku and sat on the bench under it.

"Will Inuyasha ever propose to me? Oh, who am I kidding. I think he is so scared of commitment, that he would rather fight Naraku a hundred times over. Ugh!"

Kagome slammed her fists on the bench, got up and paced around. Then sat back down, fiddling and curling her hair with her fingers. She dug in to her pocket, and pulled out a stick of gum that she remembered putting in her pocket. She put it in her mouth and chewed on it slowly, thinking about what she wanted to do.This was the first time she felt normal ever sense she met Inuyasha. She just felt...normal.

She felt this way despite the fact that there was a kitsune child playing video games with her little brother. A two-tailed fire cat demon sitting in the living room. A rouge monk and a Demon-slayer sitting on the floor in her room cozying up to each other. A well not to far from where she was sitting that would take her away to another world completely. An extremely attractive half dog, half man walking up to her while she thought this.

All she could do was smile. She felt happy right then and there at the way her life was. She noticed a grin appearing one his face as he approached the seat next to her. She leaned on him, while he decided to fiddle with her hair.

'My life might have been hard 3 months ago, but everything felt so easy right now.' she thought. She was going to finish up school with a way better attendense. Mia and Fuyu would get married just before winter. Sango and Miroku would get married in the spring of next year. Suma and Kyoko would open another shop together. They both became extremely good friends and did everything together. Kyoko finally started doing new things, and even bought a computer, under Suma's influence, of course!

She didn't know what was going to happen between her and Inuyasha. She didn't really care. As long as they were together.

"Inuyasha, I love you."

He stoped playing with her hair, and looked down at her. She thought it would impossible to ever read his expression, but it lighten, and he smiled sheepishly.

"Kagome, I want to spend the rest of life with you, (however long that is). I know we fight, and I act like a child, and I hit Shippou, and I'm jealous all the time, and I over react, but I love you."

Inuyasha knelt down on one knee in front of Kagome. The amber colors seemed to be on fire. She could help but squeal at his gesture.

"Will you marry me?"

Kagome felt herself release the breath she had seemed to be holding the whole time. She stared intently at Inuyasha, then down at the ring. It was a diamond, set in gold, with little rubies clustered on eachside.

"Oh. My. God. Yes Inuyasha! I will marry you!"

'Boy oh boy will I have fun telling the class about my summer vacation...'

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