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A/N: This is just a fluffy little one shot that popped into my head a few days ago. Hope you like it.

Happy 'cause it's raining

It's a nice spring evening. I leave the Ministry of Magic after a long day of work. I turn my face up to the sun, to enjoy it's warmth. I have been inside all day and I hadn't realised that is was such a beautyful day.

To my surprise, there is someone waiting for me. There is someone wearing a worn tweed jacket in front of the building. It's a man with ambercoulered eyes and lightbrown hair, with a few gray streaks. My name is Nymphadora Tonks and the man waiting for me is Remus Lupin.

"Wotcher Remus, to what do I owe this honour?", I ask him playfully.

"It's a nice evening and I wanted to take a walk," he awnsers. "And somehow, I ended up here."

"Well, then you can walk me home," I invite him.

Silently, we walk the streets of London together. He is the only man with whom I don't feel the obligation to say something. It feels so natural, just walking along next to him. Sometimes, our hands touch. Normally, I would pull back, but with him, it feels nice.

It's strange how safe I feel with him. With other boys and men, I never felt this way. There always was some sort of tension. Does he like me? Doesn't he like me to much? But Remus is just a good friend. I can talk to him about almost anything. And I can walk with him along these streets, without saying a single word.

Without me noticing, clouds are blurring the sky, which was a clear blue just a few minutes ago. Big gray rainclouds scare away the sun. A raindrop falls on my nose. I look up at the sky. That first drop is followed by a second and a third and a fourth.

"Bugger, it's starting to rain," I grumble. Even before I finish that sentence, it defenately starts to rain cats and dogs. Remus takes my hand hand pulls me to the nearest shelter.

We're standing in a dry place now, but it rained pretty hard, so I'm totally soaked now. I use my fingers to comb my hair back and I try to squeeze some water out of it.

Looking at Remus, I see a strand of hair, hanging on his forehead. Without thinking, I lift my hand and push the hair out of his face.

When I want to lower my arm, he grabs my wrist. His gaze is locked on mine. Very lightly, his lips touch my hand. I'm not able to say a word, it's like I can't do anything, except look at him. Then he bows his head and kisses a raindrop from the tip of my nose.

"Nymphadora," he whispers, before his mouth comes down to mine. His hand finally lets go of my wrist en slowly slides up my arm to my back, almost forcing my arm to end up in his neck.

For a second, I am to surprised to react, but then I awnser his kiss. It's like he has been waiting for this, because he moans softly and pulls me close.

My other arm also finds it's way up. My fingers carefully caress his face. The face I know so well and yet it is so new to me.

Just as sudden as the kiss began, it ends. We look at eachother, breathing heavily, our faces only an inch apart.

"I love you," he confesses, so soft, I can hardly hear him. All of a sudden, all the pieces seem to fit together.

"I love you to," I awnser and I lay my head against his shoulder. We stand there, close together, as the rain keeps falling down.