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Chapter 1


Rain. A wonderful thing it was, especially after a hot day. It runs over your face, drips off your chin and runs down your chest. Actually, the hooded figure walking up to the castle doors loved the rain, although today it was a different story. The demon in the gray cloak already sneezed and coughed enough as it was, and the rain would only make it worse. A hand with skin as pale as new milk emerged from the shelter of the cloak, and knocked on the door.

It had been few minutes, but finally a small toad-like demon answered the door. "Who are you?" Jaken asked in a high, screetching voice that could annoy even the most non-irritable man. The figure pulled the hood back from it's head, revealing a female Inu-Youkai. Her straight, golden hair was tied back into a small ponytail, her golden eyes looked down upon Jaken under her thick lashes, with caring and happiness. A smile spread across her features, as it usually had all those years ago. Jaken gaped at the tall woman, and immideatly let her step inside. It's impossible...Jaken thought. "Please, Lady Shirea, stay here for a moment! I'll return quickly!" And with that Jaken ran to the kitchen.

"Riona!" Jaken squeaked as he burst through the kitchen doors, his eyes bright with excitement. "Come quickly! Please!" Another female Inu-Youkai looked down at him with her icy blue eyes, little sweat droplets ran over the indigo crecent-moon on her forhead, as well as the purple stripes on her cheeks. She too, had milk-pale skin and was just as tall. Though nice she could be at times, getting on her nerves was a horrible thing to do, for she could be hotter than the fire from the deepest pits of hell and she cussed like an angry sailor. Not a trace of her hair showed, for it was all wrapped up in a deep blue cloth which stayed on her head until she was in the privacy of her own bedroom. If she did have a body, you could not tell for she wore layers upon layers of fabric, only her arms were shown. She continued to stir the steaming pot of boiling corn with her left hand, her right was placed on her invisible hip.

"What the hell do you want?" she snapped. "You know I'm cookin' dinner right now!" Jaken bowed quickly. "Forgive me Riona, but you must come and see!" Riona sighed. The corn needed to sit for a bit any way. She followed jaken out of the kitchen and into the dining area. The moment she stepped into the dining room, she sensed a horrible danger. Of course, she expected some spider demon or some carcass of meat Lord Sesshoumaru had carried in. Instead, she saw the tall, blonde, smiling woman standing just a few paces away from her.

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Riona's brows crashed together. It was impossible! After being gone for so many years, dead actually, how could she have come back? She who died and left Riona alone. She who promised Riona to never leave her side. She who married her enemy. She who was her twin sister, in ways, the same, in the other ways very different.


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