Riona gaped. "D-dying?" she studdered. She stood and swayed slightly, though Mionette and Ranu held her up.

Riona shook her head, scooped up Mionette and looked down at Ranu. "Ranu, hun, run back to your father. If he's asleep, wake him up and tell him Mionette and I have business to attend to." Ranu didn't ask questions, he just left after Riona let him give Mionette a hug.

Riona picked up Jaken and put him and Mionette on her shoulders and she sped through the forest asking questions. "Why? What happened to him?" Jaken shrugged. "We don't know! Everyday since the night of the party he's become a little weaker. We figured he'd have died much sooner, but something is causing him to suffer through every day, like keeping him hanging an inch from death." Riona's eyes filled immediately with anger. "And your choosing now to tell me this?" Jaken bowed his head. "Forgive me!" he begged then suddenly remembered the little girl on his right. "Who is this child, Riona?"

"My daughter." She stated. "Daughter?" he exclaimed. Riona ignored his further questioning by changing the subject. "What has Shirea been doing during all this?" Jaken sighed. "Buying things. Leaving the castle late at night with one of the sons from the Northlands." "Fucking whore." Riona spat, then looked at her daughter. "Pardon my French." Mionette shook her head and said "No that's English." Which made Riona laugh.

"How old is Rin now?" Riona asked as the slowed to a walk after entering the gates of the castle. "Fifteen, I believe." Jaken told her, looking around sadly at the dead flowers and trees, which used to bloom beautifully thanks to Riona's care. "How is she taking all this?" Jaken shook his head. "Not too well. She cries every day, and she's cooking and cleaning because all the workers have quit because Shirea hasn't paid them." Riona felt her anger rise a level as they stepped inside.

The whole area was covered in dust and grime, but Rin did try the best she could. The floors no longer shined, the indoor plants died, there was no fire beneath the mantle, and it was freezing cold inside.

Jaken took Riona and Mionette to Sesshoumaru's room. Riona had tears fill her eyes at the scene, but she refused to let herself cry. A tall young girl sat on a king sized bed, her back facing them. A large masculine form with its back pressed against the head board was being spoon fed by the same young girl. "Mommy, what's wrong with the man?" she asked. Rin's head whipped around and she nearly dropped her bowl of soup.

"Riona?" she gasped, tears immediately began to pour from her eyes as she jumped from the bed, sat the soup on the table and threw her arms around the tall demoness. "Riona!" she cried. "You came back. Just like you promised." Rin smiled and looked up at her. "Rin you've gotten so big…I missed you." " I missed you too. Who is this little girl?" Rin asked looking at the young girl now standing next to Riona. "This is my daughter, Mionette." Rin gaped. "Who's the father!" She squealed. Riona looked over at Sesshoumaru, then back at Rin whose mouth was a large 'O'. "Your joking.." and Riona shook her head. "But..but how.." and Riona whispered the tale in Rin's ear. "But, he wouldn't do something like that! I know he wouldn't!" Rin shook her head, tears filling her eyes again. "I don't think he would either." Riona sighed. "Mommy?" Mionette asked and tugged on the white cloth of her mother's clothes. "Yes dear?" "Is that…is that Daddy?" Riona nodded.

Riona looked over at Sesshoumaru. He seemed to be sleeping. His skin was even paler than before, and he was so much thinner. His hair was more gray, not silver with its beautiful shine. Riona then noticed a thin gold chain around his neck.

"What's that?" she asked, placing Mionette on the bed. " It's a necklace Shirea gave him at the party. I've tried to get it off and so has Jaken, but it doesn't seem to want to." Rin sighed. "But, Sesshoumaru hates jeweler-Mionette no!" but it was too late. Mionette had given a sharp tug on the gold chain, which snapped off her father's neck in attempt to wake him up.

Rin and Riona stared as the color suddenly seemed to flood back into Sesshoumaru's body. His hair began to glow once again a shiny silver. However, he remained abnormally thin, but lots and lots of food would soon fix that.

Suddenly, the door to the room burst open, and Shirea ran inside and had her hands on his shoulders. "What is going on here!" she screamed. "Why is he okay? Where is the necklace?" Shirea suddenly realized it wasn't just her in the room. She slowly turned around to face Riona, who's eyes were now a bright red, her fangs bared. Rin stared at her, also angered as well as Jaken. Then she laid her eyes on the young demon on the bed, who's eyes were also red.

"You tried to kill my daddy!" Mionette screamed and attacked Shirea's face. Shirea threw her off and Mionette's head smacked against the head board. "DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING TOUCH MY CHILD YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Riona had her hands around Shirea's throat, her claws digging in.

Rin was tending to the child, when Sesshoumaru's voice broke through the air. "..Riona…" he said softly. Both Shirea and Riona turned to look at Sesshoumaru. Shirea jumped forward and threw her arms around Sesshoumaru. "Oh my darling your okay!" Riona then took Shirea by the waist and threw her to the wall. "Sesshomary are you alright?" she asked, placing a hand on his cheek. She suddenly noticed a wet stain on his cheek and looked into his eyes which were tear filled. "…I'm so sorry…" Riona knew what he meant. When Mionette yanked off the necklace, the memories from that night flooded into his mind.

"No..Sesshoumaru don't be…" Riona smiled softly and held him to her. "It'll be o-AUGH!" Riona was cut short with a yell in pain, a blue light popping out of her stomach, then suddenly pulling back.

Shirea had sent her whip through Riona's stomach, which now poured out blood. "Y-you…b-bitch." Shirea then jumped outside. Riona struggled for a moment, then quickly followed her deep into the forest.

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