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The STN-J was still quiet. No witches still. Karasuma smiled at Robin and Dojima still didn't look at her. Michael did what he always did and Sakaki...

"Hey! Finally!" He was just about to pull her in again when Robin's phone rang. 'Thank god.' Robin thought.

"Excuse me." She said. She pulled out her phone and jumped in the elevator. "The doors closed and Robin answered. "Hello?"

"I need a ride."


It's the same old story

I've seen it all too many times

It's the fall from glory

That makes you feel...

Amon sat on the edge of his bed, his head throbbing with pain. He groaned as he picked himself off the bed.

"Damn hangovers…" He muttered. He trudged into the bathroom and propped himself above the sink. The water began flowing from the faucet as he turned the knob. He cupped his hands, filling them up with the warm water and splashed it over his face.

He blindly felt for the towel beside him and dried his face. He looked into the mirror. The same heartless, passive, man stood in front of him just like every other day.

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen." The Amon in the mirror spoke as it smugly sneered. Amon shook head.

"I'm hallucinating. Great." He turned and left the bathroom, flipping off the light switch.

"Ugh," He moaned. He tried to recall the events of the night before, but only succeeded in increasing his headache. The only thing that he vaguely remembered was Robin's soft, beautiful voice… And her eyes… And her skin…

It was a dream, he had thought, but her touch had been too real to think of as imaginary. He barely heard anything, being as drunk as he was, and partly drowning in her illuminated features. But in the morning he had no car, and remembered only that Robin brought him home.

Place your needle to the record; stab it down

It feels good to be the one to break the skin

So look at me now, look at me now, yeah

He had tried to debate whether or not this was the best or worst time of the day. Mornings like these when he felt so distant that this felt magnificent. But only some mornings. He opened his nightstand drawer and gazed at his temporary relief. Always temporary.

You're face down, tell yourself you're happy once again

Right now you need this more than anything

But it's never enough; it's never enough for you

There was no other way to feel. He was numb save these moments of bodily pain. Anything else would seems like a feather across his skin, but this... This he was sure was real. So in this, he felt content in the fact that he wasn't dead, as much as he thought he was.

And it's the same old story

I've seen it all too many times

It's the fall from glory

That makes you feel alive

Robin pulled up to Amon's apartment and parked. The call had gloriously saved her from another unwanted kiss from Sakaki. She sighed while asking herself how she got herself into such a mess. She did like Sakaki, but she lost the will to see him the way she did before. He became smothering and although the constant calls, endless lovey-dovey names, and undesirable presents were very sweet, it was too much for her too handle and wasn't the kind to return such affection. She stepped out of her car and walked briskly into the building.


Amon grabbed the object from the drawer and ran it over his fingers gently. The morning sunlight spilled through the curtains and glinted off the blade of the knife. Amon looked over his bare shoulder and found an unscarred spot and quickly cut through the tough skin.


Robin stopped for a short chat with the desk clerk and then headed for Amon's room. Something about the apartment felt different today, but she couldn't put her finger on why.

"Amon." She knocked on the door. "Amon?" She turned the knob and… it opened. Robin raised an eyebrow. Amon was so uptight, almost paranoid. Why would he make such a simple mistake as to not lock the door? She shrugged it off and stepped inside. "Amon?" She walked through the messy room around the kitchen. "Amon?" She walked over to the balcony and smiled at the beautiful city scenery. "What a beautiful day."

Robin turned immediately when she heard heavy breathing coming from Amon's bedroom. Slowly, she tiptoed her way to the door and creaked it open only a little bit. "A-"

She gaped and almost fell to her knees at the sight. Amon sat on the edge of his bed, not facing her, a small pocketknife in his hand and a slender cut on his shoulder bleeding freely. Robin spun around, ran out the room and fleeting to the elevator. She repeatedly pushed the down button and hastily jumped in when it opened. The metallic doors closed and she fell to the ground, her eyes flooded with tears. She pounded the emergency button and the elevator stopped.


Amon walked leisurely to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, wallowing in the relieving pain and stinging caused by the self-inflicted wound. After the pain had dulled, he washed it off and wrapped it in a bandage, dressed, and waited for Robin.


Robin had sobbed in the elevator until the electrician manager got it moving. Failing at hiding her red, swollen eyes from the curious manager, he had asked her why she had been crying. Of course, she replied 'I was scared.' She was scared. Not because of the elevator as he assumed, but for Amon. Why would Amon do something like that to himself? Robin calmed down to a point where she was able to breath without sounding shaky and called Amon to tell him she was there to pick him up. She wouldn't mention what she saw. Ever.

And you know the hardest truth can flow like water now

Robin drove Amon to work and separated herself from him the very instant she got there.

"Hey, Robin! How are you feeling?" Sakaki spoke without delay.

"Uh... fine..."

"You sure? You look kinda pale."

"Actually… I am feeling kind of sick." She muttered quietly to him. "I think I'm going to head home and rest for a while ." He nodded and smiled at her sympatheticallly and left her at the elevator. The doors opened at the lobby and Robin shuffled out.

Break down, the moment that it touches your mouth

So place your lips against the bottle, take it down

Robin sighed and went towards Harry's. She needed a strong cup of coffee. Now. With her hands in her pockets, and her eyes at her feet, she walked into the relaxing atmosphere of Master Harry's restaurant.


As soon as Robin and Amon had arrived, Amon asked about any current cases. Something had to be up, they hadn't had one witch in weeks. Amon headed to Harry's despite the disagreements of the other team members. Master Harry gave him that reluctant look every time he asked for a glass of whiskey, but Amon passed it off and chugged down the glass of liquid.


"Morning, Master Harry." He heard a quiet voice say at the door.

"Good morning, Robin." He smiled as the young girl made her way to the bar and sat down a seat away from Amon and he began to make a steaming cup of coffee.

"Shouldn't you be at work?" Amon murmered in her direction.

"Shouldn't you?"


Robin had seen very many silences before. Silence of prayers, silence of respect. But she had not encountered many silences as awkward as this. Had he noticed her in his apartment? Did he know she had seen him? Harry handed Robin her coffee smiling with a curtious smile and she thanked him quietly. But still, the silence lingered. Dear god, she hated this.

It feels good to lose control of everything

But I wasn't myself, I wasn't myself, she said

"Erm, Robin, about last night," he muttered. "I want to apologize for-"

"No, it's fine." She interrupted. Robin, although was grateful for the conversation, felt uneasy about the topic. "You... weren't yourself." She replied taking a sip of her coffee.

No. He wasn't himself. She had never experienced the drastic changes this little glass of liquid could to do. She didn't know how good it felt to let go of everything on his mind and just escape. If it felt so great, then why did he feel like apologizing?

"I didn't feel well." Robin stated, staring blankly into her coffee.

"Hm?" Amon swallowed another mouthful of alcohol and finished off his glass.

"Why I left this morning. I didn't feel well."


Robin slid off the stool and laid her money on the table. "Well, thank you." She said politely to Harry then looked to Amon, "See you later." Then she

Amon looked to Harry. He moved his head towards Robin's direction and looked sternly at Amon. Amon rolled his eyes and followed Robin out the door.

Robin was a little ways down the sidewalk from Harry's. "Robin," He caught up to her and walked beside her. "You feel well enough to drive?" He asked stupidly.

Robin didn't take her eyes off the ground. "Er… yeah. I have to get home. So I'll see you tomorrow." She opened her car door and almost shut the door before she popped back up. "Oh, and your car's still at Harry's and your keys are in your right coat pocket." Amon nodded and she pulled out of the lot.

And it's the same old story

I've seen it all too many times

It's the fall from glory

That makes you feel alive

It's the same old story

I've seen it all too many times

But it's not what you wanted

Days passed by; the same routine. Morning's when Amon awoke and felt nothing; the same relief lay less than a foot away from him. If it hurt, it meant he was still alive. Still, Amon felt lonely, his heart ached. His heart. The one he hadn't had since the little hunter entered his pitiful life. But he never anticipated this. Actually, at first, the only thing he felt for her was contempt. But somehow, it changed.

Can anyone feel? Can anyone see?

Yeah, can anyone taste the poison we need?

That we need...

Was he the only one who, every morning, would slice through another piece of skin or drown himself in alcohol every afternoon?

So place your needle to the record, stab it down

It feels good to be the one to break the skin now

You're face down, this is what you wanted

This is what you wanted, this is what you wanted

Robin lay across her bed tears streaming down her face. She constantly replayed the horrible scene in her mind. His shoulder was bleeding. He was holding the knife with his own blood. There was no doubt it was self-mutilation. But did he know it wasn't only hurting him?

And I know, but we've lost control...

Here we go!

Amon's phone rang and he flipped it open. "Hello?"

"We found one."

Yeah, can anyone feel? Can anyone see?

Yeah, can anyone taste the poison we need?

Yeah, can anyone feel? Can anyone see?

Yeah, can anyone taste the poison we need?

That we need, that we need, yeah, that we need


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