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"How did you find me?"

"I've always known where to find you..."

"...What are you doing here?"


"I thought you were dead..."

"Obviously I'm not, Ry, or else I wouldn't be standing here, talking to you."

Seth reached over and ran his warm palm down Ryan's cheeck. Ryan leaned into it, missing that familiar touch - no one else had even come close to Seth's touch. It seemed alienated though, not feeling it for some time. It seemed...worn. Hard. Distant. And in spite of all these things, it was still warm.

There they sat, alone, in the dim red light of the motel, on the bed, together like Ryan had dreamed of so many times, but now under different circumstances. The situation was completely different...people had died to make this moment for the two of them.

Ryan didn't know whether he wanted to pull away, or push further into him. Him. He was actually here this time...But that wasn't right. It couldn't be, it just couldn't be.

"I watched you die, Seth. I held you in my arms until you just...stopped."

Seth looked into Ryan's eyes, deeply, knowing what he must have been through. He gave Ryan only a warm smile, and stroked Ryan's hair with one hand.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. But I'm here now." Seth assured him, leaning in and taking Ryan's lips upon his own, moving him into a deep kiss. This time, Ryan did pull away.

He looked long and hard, searching Seth's face. This was Seth, he was sure of this, though he may not have been sure of anything else. How? This question nagged in the back of his head.

"Ryan..." Seth said his name, so sincerely, that Ryan almost couldn't resist but kiss his lost love one more time, but he needed answers. All events of that night, not long ago, were playing through his mind at lightning speed.


Ryan was lying in his bed, waiting for him. Seth had once told Ryan that he had trademarked shorts, and a wife beater, and he was correct, seeing as he was wearing the two now. Seth said he'd be in the pool-house a half an hour ago. What was taking him so long?

Ryan remembered how excited he sounded on the phone. He said he had something to show him. However, he was at a loss. What was it Seth wanted him to see? There wasn't anything he wanted at the time, and he didn't remember Seth mentioning anything to him before.

He smiled to himself, thinking about how Seth could make no sense whatsoever. It was just over a year now, that they had been "openly" together, and it wasn't easy getting to that point. He remembered Kirsten and Sandy's reactiong to the whole situation, and he didn't care to go through that again.

With graduation in only a few weeks, however, he had been meaning to talk to Seth. He was worried. They had tried to get into the same school, but both accepted into different colleges posed an obsticle to their relationship.

Ryan wanted to talk to Seth, because he was going to give him a choice; They could try to work out a long-distance relationship, or they could...Thinking the last part tore at him inside, but be that as it may, it needed to be said.

Just then, he felt a vibration in his pant pocket. He pulled the small phone out and looked at the screen on it's face. It was Seth. He flipped the face, and answered the call.

"Seth, where the hell have you been? I've been down in the pool-house fore a half an hour now." he said. He was about to go on, but heard heavy breathing. Something was wrong.

"Seth?" He asked.

"Ry...you've gotta help me Ry!" he pleaded, panick clearly ledgible in his tone. Ryan sat up immediately, and felt his muscles tighten, ready to take flight for him.

"Where are you Seth?" he asked.

"I-I'm at the corner of Monroe near the Mall in a phone-booth. There's a guy here-he's gonna kill me Ry!" he shouted.

Ryan was confused now, and had no clue of what to do.

"Who is he? What's he want!" Ryan asked, standing.

"He wants 100,000$. I don't know who he is, but you've gotta find some way to get it Ry, cause he's serious..." He told him. He said something else, but Ryan wasn't able to translate it's incohearancies. He could hear that Seth was crying - he was truly scared.

Knowing that Seth was scared, in turn, scared Ryan, to the pit of his chest. His hands grew cold, his knees felt like they were going to give out on him, and he could feel his heart begin to race.

"Put the guy on the phone Seth." He told him, after gainging his voice back. He heard some indistinct noise, and then he heard a new voice.

"What?" the guy said, his voice deep, harsh...cold.

"What do you want with Seth?" Ryan demanded.

"His legacy owes me money."

"His dad?"

"Not quite. An old friend of mine who has a tendency to STAB people as soon as they turn around!"

Caleb. It was the first and only name that had come into Ryan's head. His mind was racing through Idea's, trying to think of what to do.

"So, I want what's owed to me. 100, 000 dollars will get you your friend's life, but only if it's here on time..." he said.

"When do you want it?" Ryan shouted, hearing no reply. Then he heard a gunshot, and a lot of shouting.

"He just shot a fucking COP!" he heard Seth scream. The hairs on Ryan's arms were standing on end now. He had never felt this scared before in his life, and he knew why he felt like he did: Seth was in vital danger.

"Ryan, he wants the money in thirty minutes...he said to meet him at The Wave, that clothing store on the other side of town..." Seth replied, before breaking down again, crying.

"Seth! I'm coming, okay? Just hold on for me..." he said, and then he heard the other end click. Ryan immediately dropped his phone, and ran his hands through his hair. He was rushing through names. Who could he get that much money from in twenty minutes?


"Caleb!" He said.

He ran through the glass doors, and out of the poolhouse. He needed to borrow the car-sorry Sandy, he thought. He ran across the large lawn, around and to the drive way, only to see his luck getting worse: Sandy and Kirsten were leaving, and already heading down the road.

He sprinted, chasing after them while flailing his arms, but they didn't see them. He had to get to Caleb. Where would he be at this time of day? He glanced at his watch. 1:02. 28 minutes left. At this time of day, he would probably be in his office. He had no other choice - he'd have to run there.

He began to run once more, faster than he'd ever tried. He ran past building after building, passing person after person. He didn't even care who he'd bump into, but he'd already hit two people. But he couldn't stop and apologize, they'd never understand.

His lungs were straing, his legs were burning, but he couldn't stop. He couldn't. If he did, Seth would die. This amped his will power, and he continued to run.

Summer sat under the large umbrella, thinking to herslef. She absent mindedly sipped at her water as she flipped through her magazine. It was a nice day, which was why she chose to come here, to her favorite resaurant. She even decicded to eat at an outside table, but her salad had been sitting untouched for a while now.

This was exactly what she needed. Just to get away from all of the complications of the normal turn of events. This, however, did not seem to be in her daily schedule, as she was about to be part of yet another person's drama.

The she heard car screeches not far from her. Then she faintly hear 'Watch where you're goin' ass-hole!'.

'Must've been the driver..' she thought to herself. She glance up, and saw what she didn't expect. There was Chino, running his ass off like she'd never seen. She couldn't believe she actually saw him. After all, he never really came to this part of town.

Ryan could only see blurred faces as he ran, but then he heard a voice.

"Chino! Hey!" he hear. Without thinking, he turned and saw Summer leaning over the rail to some restaraunt, calling after him. However, this was a bad idead, because his turn, at that speed, caused his to loose control, and he went down to a Hindenburg crash in the middle of the street.

He felt as the warm gravel scrapped into him, and he finally came rolling to a halt. His whole body now ached, and his skin stung where he was cut. He groaned before sitting up, and rubbing his neck.

"Hey Chino!" He heard. He glanced to his right, watching Summer walk up to him.

"Trying to kill yourself, or training for the Olympics?" she asked him. "You look like shit.." she told him.

He struggled, standing up and straightening his back. He looked at his watch, which was now useless. Its face was busted in and it showed nothing now. Now he didn't know how much time he had left.

"You need a ride somewhere?" Summer asked him. He looked at her, and since his ability to converse was out of the question, since his lungs were aching as well, he only nodded.

He limped with her to her (expensive, no doubt) black car. She walked casually walked over to the driver's side, and then stood there, fiddling with a nail.

"Summer, could you concentrate?" he asked, his tone a little more biting than he intended. She scoffed at him, and unlocked both doors. He quickly climbed inside, and shut the door behind him. She then climbed in, and put the keys into the ignition.

"So what's got you all bitchy Chino?" she asked, starting the car. He only shook his head.

"Seth. He needs me right now. No time to explain, just step on it." he told her. They sat there for a few seconds, before he looked at her.

"Why aren't we driving?" He asked, trying to keep his voice civil.

"Well, I would, but I do need to get a general Idead of where to go." she smirked. He only groaned again, and leaned his head back.

"Caleb's building."

"Really? Well, I can get us there as fast as you want me to, but I'd suggest buckling up."

"Don't worry about my belt - just get there as fast as you can get this thing to go!"

"Oh, Chino, you don't know how happy you've made me. I have been waiting for a moment to let this baby rip!"

At this, she floor it. The tires screeched on the pavement and it finally flew. In fact, flew was an understatement. He would swear that when they stopped, they would be in another time.

His eyes, now rather large, slowly turned to summer, who had a very wide, cheshire grin on her face. He was regreting not taking her advice on buckling up. He then glanced to here keys, which had a bone-chilling expression. It read;



Had he seen this, he might have turned down the offer of a ride. They swurved, corner after corner, leaving white smoke wherever they went. She manuvered car after car, gaining speed.

Finally, the whole car ground to a halt, and Ryan realized that he had a death grip on the seatbelt.

"Well, here we are - And, um, you can let go of my hand now." she said.

He glanced dow to his left hand, which had logged itself into her right hand, which was gripping the stick-shift.

"...thanks..." he said. He tried to stand up, but found that he had lost all balance.

"I'll just wait out here for you" she smiled. He knew that she was being more friendly/buddy-buddy since she found out about he and Seth - he never figured out why, but sometimes her hospitality was blood cringingly horrifying. Mcuh so like her driving.

Ryan then remembered why he was here. Seth. He ran inside the two front lobby doors, and ran to the Private Elevator.

"Hey!" the secratary at the front desk shouted. "You can't just waltz into an executive office without an appointment." she said. Ryan turned to face her.

"Oh! Sorry Mr. Atwood, I didn't see it was you." she said.

"It's okay, Lucy." He said. He ran to the large, metal doors and looked to the keeper of the keys. He was not in the mood to deal with her. The one person he had to get by, for she had the key to the elevator, was the security gaurd, Michelle.

"Ah, my angel's here at last." she said. She was a hort woman, but thin enough to be a cat-walk model. She had long, red hair and two larg green eyes.

"You don't look so good. Actually, you look like shit. Been having a rough morning?" she asked, beeming at him. He didn't return the smile, but he was used to her flirting.

"I need to see Caleb." he told her.

"I bet I know why you're tired." she began, as she put the key into the key-hole, beside the doors, and twisted it. "Because you've been running through my mind aaall day, sweet checks." she told him, giving him a pinch on his left cheeck before he jumped into the elevator.

"Sorry, Michelle, still with Seth." He told her. He shifted her hips.

"Oh, you'll switch back to the other team again, and I'll be waiting with the bat." she winked, showing him her hand-cuffs. He cringed as the doors closed.

He stepped forward, and pressed the button at the very top. He felt the lage compartment jerk, then begin lifting. He hoped he wasn't going top be late. Seth...he had never heard him that scared before. It was flattering that he called Ryan first, but this was all too much to take in.

He felt the elevator stop, and the doors opened. He entered into the small waiting room, where Caleb's asistant sat behind her desk. Ryan had always liked this room, for it was full of antique weaponry. Especially the three Katana that hung by Caleb's door.

"Is he in his office?" Ryan asked her. She glanced up from her files, to see him in his, er, "shabby" glory. He looked a mess.

"He is in a meeting at the moment." she snapped. Well, Ryan really could care less at the moment, but if Caleb knew the situation, he would be more than willing to cooperate.

He walked towards the door when she jumped up to block him, going on about him being busy, but it went in one ear and out of the other.

Ryan had gotten to the door anyway, and opened the door to his office. Inside, about four other men, dressed in expensive looking business suits sat around a large round table.

They all jumped and turned their head toward Ryand and his assistant. Caleb stood up from his seat, and looked in what was either anger or confusion.

"I am sorry, sir, but he would'nt listen to reason-"

"Hey Caleb." Ryan said.

"Ryan. What are you doing here?" He said, in the stern way that he usually did.

"I need to talk to you." he said, glancing to the clock above his head. 1:10.

Caleb, excused himself, and the other men promptly stood and left without any words. And, Caleb's assistant shut the door behind them all.

"You look like shit." he told him. Ryan was begining to think that this phrase was getting a little redundant. However, he had no time to think about that right now.

"What is it?" He asked. He was a little more warmer than usual today, so he had a good shot at getting this over with quickly.

"I don't have time to explain, I just need you to trust me." Ryan said, walking up to his desk. Caleb leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms.

"I'm listening." he said.

"I need money." Ryan told him.

"A job's good."

"Fine! I'll get a job, but I need money now!"

Caleb looked long and hard at him, and then just sighed. He leaned forward, pulled out his wallet. He opened it, flipping through it.

"How much do you need?" he said. Ryan looked at the hundred dollar bills, and just shook his head.

"Way way more!" he said. Caleb looked up into his face, and gave his the most undistinguishable look, but whatever it was, it wasn't good.

"Beggars can't be choosers." he told Ryan.

"It's for Seth."

"Why can't he come and get it from me himself?"

"He's in a lot of trouble!"

"Ryan, go home. I can't deal with your childish games right now..." Caleb said. Ryan couldn't believe he had just said that. Seth was his own blood! But what else could he do? As it appeared to him, he was defeated. Seth was the only thing on his mind as he walked out of the office.

He couldn't believe it. For a moment, time seemed to stop, as he thought about Seth. He had to do something to save his boyfriend, but what?

"Well, you can't always leech off of your family." that bitch smirked as he came out, looking beaten down. He looked to her victorious expression. He loved Seth, and he wasn't about to lose his so easily.

He walked to the wall, and took down the meanest looking katana there.

"H-hey! You can't just-" She began, put piped down and sat wordlessly when Ryan withdrew the blade. He looked the blade up and down, and saw that it was sharp enough to get his point across to that old bastard.

He kicked in the door the the office once more, and walked up to Caleb.

"What the hell do you want now?" Caleb demanded, then he saw the blade. "Ryan, think about what you're doing..."

Ryan lifted it up and brought the sword down into Caleb's desk, cutting through. It really was sharper than Ryan had expected.

"I want you to know I'm serious. Seth is gonna die unless I have that money, and you're going to give it to me." Ryan said, his eyes deadly.

Caleb then smirked. The boy was obviously bluffing. He may have the tough guy look to him, but inside, he knew that Ryan would never really hurt anyone.

"Boy, you aren't getting a penny out of me. You've been borrowing money from here and there for the past two years, and it's not gonna happen anymore." Caleb told him.

"Yeah, but those times weren't that much money - just enough to do something nice for Sandy and Kirsten, or for Seth!" he said. Caleb shook his head and glared. The boy didn't seem to follow orders, i.e., leaving.

"Alright, Ryan, you don't want to hurt anyone, right?" he heard Michelle say. That front-desk-witch must've called her. He turn, only to be met with a gun pointed right at his chest. then, he glanced at the mirror to the right of the office door, and saw the clock face. 1:15.

"O-okay!" Ryan said, sitting the sword down, and kicking it toward her. She then bent down to pick it up, and this was his chance.

He dove at the first opportunity toward her left hand, the hand that held the gun. Him flying toward her caught her off-guard, she jumped back, but his hands were already clenching the weapon.

But he didn't have to struggle, for she had let go. When Ryan stood straight up, he looked down to her lying on the ground, and saw her with her hands up as he pointed the gun. However, he couldn't waste time with her.

He swung his arms around and pointed at Caleb.

"You're coming with me." he stated. Caleb only stood there frozen.

"Ryan, think about your future. You don't want to do this, after all, you don't know how to use that thing." she told him, begining to stand.

He knew what she refurred to when she said he didn't know how to use it, but he did. He clicked the safety latch down, off, and shot at the wall beside Caleb's head.

"Now! Move!" he ordered, and Caleb sheepishly, yet quickly, came around the desk. Ryan grabbed his arm, and put the gun to his neck.

"I need 100,000$ now." Ryan said, leading Caleb to the elevator.

Ryan remembered n one of Seth and his little bed-talk sessions...



"Do you think...nah, it's a stupid question..."

"What Seth?"

"Just forget about it."

"You already got me curious, finish the question now, or I'll use sex as a weapon for future reffurance..."

"You wouldn't dare hold sex from me."

"Watch me."

"Alright, alright. I was just gonna ask...if...you loved me?"

"Love you?"

"See? It's a stupid question."

"Seth, it's not a stupid question."


"Why do you want to know?"

"Well, you're bisexual, and i'm just a full-blown guy chaser."

"Nice choice of words."

"Anyway, it would be so much easier for you not to be judged by everyone if you just found some girl to fuck on a regular basis."

"I don't see where you're goin' with your point."

"Why are you with me?"

"Hmm...I like your company."

"That's it? Well, what if I die, or become a vegetable? You'll just go find some young hott thing with huge tits and big, blue eyes and just forget about me - the end of Seth."

"Seth, first of all, if I wanted blue eyes, I wouldn't be in your bed right now."

"But you get my meaning. So, I still pose the question?"

"Seth...you're not about to die..."

Ryan watched the elevator doors close in front of him and Caleb. Seth had asked if he loved him, and he never gave him an answer. Well, here he was, holding Seth's grandfather at gunpoint, robbing a major company, possibly facing life in prison if he pulled the trigger, all for him. Not to mention he ran - his - ass - off for Seth. This had better answer Seth's question.

The doors opened, once more, and they were back in the lobby. He lead Caleb over to Lucy, and walked up to her desk.

"Oh hello Mr - OH MY GOD!" she said, seeing the gun.

"Lucy, buzz the vault please." Ryan said, staring at the huge, thick, metal vault that stood behind her. She was frozen to her spot, unable to make a move.

"Now!" he yelled. Everyone else in the lobby was now silent, and on the ground. She nodded, pulling a key from under her emerald green sweater.

She inserted the long, silver neck into a small, metal case on her desk, and twisted. The lock flew open, revealing a small, black button. She lifted her index finger, and slowly pressed it.

A loud sound, like the sound of water pressure being released, was echoed, and Ryan quickly walked around into the vault, dragging the old man with him.

"Okay, Lucy, I need you to put a hundred-thousand dollars into a bag for me please." he instructed, and she walked past him further into the large cell. Seth. Just hold on. Ryan turned around and searched for anything to see the time. He saw the main clock of the company, a large built-into-the-wall clock.

It had a polished marble face, and long arms, the short hand being about as tall as Ryan himself, if not taller. He was running out of time. 1:18.

"Lucy, I really need you to hurry with that!" he told her, impatiently.

"Ryan," Caleb began "It's not too late to turn back now...think about your future..." he said, as he tried to snake a bargain into a deal. Ryan remained silent for a few moments, before finally replying.

"Seth needs me." he said. Caleb rolled his eyes.

"You honestly want me to believe you're this worried about the boy? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love him with all my heart - after all, he's my grandson. But you? We both know he's just your little 'Curious George' toy. You'll go right back to that marrisa girl, and forget about Seth."

Caleb made what he thought clear. He didn't believe there could be something between Ryan and Seth. And, had these events not happened, Ryan would have agreed that he was unsure about how he felt about Seth. But after the last 18 minutes, Ryan had come to an epiphany: He was in love with Seth.

He couldn't imagine life without him. He wanted to see his twinkling brown eyes, his face, his touch...He even loved that slight little lisp thing he did (which he never noticed before they had spent that night together).

"Here you are." Lucy said, handing him the plastic bag of money. Ryan then poush Caleb against the wall, held the gun to his neck, and stood there, seeing the real Caleb, and his fear.

"Let me set you straight now. I LOVE Seth. I would take on the entire world for him if I had to-and don't let me hear you talk that way again!" he warned him, eyes flashing, and push him away.

He looked to Lucy, and then back to Caleb.

"See you 'round." he said before running straight for the main doors.

Ryan ran straight outside, into the sunlight, only to find a very unwelcoming sight. There, before him, was the entire S.W.A.T. squad, waiting for him, rifles ready. Behind him, nine police cars were parked, each with four officers behind the doors, guns ready and aimed.

"Shit..." were the only words that Ryan let flow.

"Hey kid!" one of them whispered. He was having his hand to the side.

"Move out of the way! Don't you know there's a robbey happening? You wanna get killed?" he shouted. Then. ryan was snatched, or rather tackled, from the side, and guided to the side of the building by on of the S.W.A.T. members.

"I you know what's good for you, you won't get in the way of a bust again." he said before standing and walking away. Ryan only nodded slowly, not believing his luck.

"This is the Police! We have you surrounded!" he heard them say through the mega phone. But he had no time to listen to that right now.

Do to the inconvenience, Summer was no where to be found. Ryan had just watched his luck take kamikaze.

"FUCK!" he yelled, kicking the wall.

"God, Chino, calm down a little, will you?" he heard someone say. He turned to see summer, standing there with hands on hips.

"What's in the bag?" she asked.

"100,000 dollars..."

"Holy shit! You're the one who robbed the place?" she shouted. He shushed her, holding his hands up and looking around. Her car was across the street, parked. He ran towards it, followed by her (though slowly, seeing as she was in one of her best pairs of heels)

He immediatly opened the passenger side door, and saw the time on the radio face. 1:21

"Summer," he said, almost in a whisper. "I have about nine minutes and thirty to forty seconds to get all the way across town. We're surrounded by cops, and you're escorting the culprit to the robbery. Are you with me?"

Summer looked at him, and smiled.

"Chino, I spent alotta mula on this baby, and this is the only chance I'll get to let it fly." She said, turning the car on, letting it roar, and then flooring the gas. Ryan, luckily, had put his seat belt on this time.

The time was now edging. Ryan was panicking, sweating, his heart racing. All he could think of was last night, when him and Seth were lying in Ryan's bed in the poolhouse.

"Hey Ry?" Seth said. The two were lying still, Seth being held by Ryan. He shifted under Ryan's arm, resting his head on his shoulder.

"Hmm?" Ryan said, though he was drifting off. He was exhausted, the day he'd had.

"Tired?" Seth laughed. "I guess that's a miss for me on sex tonight." he laughed. Ryan, however, didn't reply.

Seth snuggled closer, listening to Ryan breath, hearing his heart beat. Ryan's warmth was comforting on the sidf of Seth's face.

"Well, it was been almost two weeks since the last time, you can't blame me for asking/ Oh no. We're a;ready losing our spark, aren't we?" Seth said, mock dissapointment on his brow. Ryan glanced down to Seth's eyes, and smirked.

"Maybe if you're good, I'll squeeze you into my schedule tommorow." Ryan laughed. He stroked Seth's course hair absent mindedly.

"Ryan, you know what tommorow is, right?" Seth asked. "You'd damn well better give me something tommorow."

"Yeah, yeah, anniversary. I know." Ryan said, finishing in a long, drawn out yawn.

"What was that? 'Yeah, yeah'? Ryan, this is really important to me. I have planned out something way special for us, and I need to know you'll be there."

"What is it - a comic book convention?" Ryan joked, but Seth didn't laugh.

"Ryan, you haven't been around as much...you've even been distant...I want to know if something's wrong."

"Seth, let's just talk about this another time."

"There you go again. That's what I was talking about. Everytime I try to talk to you, you avoid it."

"I'm just tired."

"You're always tired!" Seth yelled. He sat up, and he, like Ryan, was surprised at how angry he got so quickly.

"Sorry..." He said, lying back down next to Ryan.

"Seth, I just don't want to talk about it right now..."

"But it might help."

"Don't want to."

"It's healthy to let things out, you know."

"Don't care."

"Look, I just want-"

"Look Seth, I'm trying to spend time with you now! Do your mom's therapy bullshit some other time, alright?" Ryan said. Seth was suddenly still, and quiet.

"Good night Ry." Seth said as he stood up, and left the pool house without another word. He really didn't want to hurt Seth like that, but he was just trying to pry into his personal feelings.

"Ryan, where do I have to go?" Summer said, passing cars left and right.

"The Wave." he told her.

They were driving at full speed now, on a long over-pass, when Ryan noticed a siren behind them.

"Shit...don't worry, we'll lose 'em." Summer told him. The were going extremely fast now, passing dangerously close to other vehicles for that speed.

Then, about three more sirens appeared behind them.

"Okay, so now we're in a police chase." Summer laughed. "Chino, I'm sure if you just robbed your boyfriend's gramps, you've probably got a good reason for me to do this right? I mean, if we explain the situation, we'll get out of it?" she asked. Ryan only shrugged.

"I don't know."

"So what is our situation?"

"At about one o'clock, I got a call from Seth. This guy has him, and he wants 100,000$ by 1:30. And, to prove how serious he was, he killed a cop. In a public place."

Summer glanced to him.

"Sorry man." she said. he only shook his head, he didn't need condolences. He just needed to get to Seth. So basically, all was going smooth, except for the cops.

"OH FUCK ME!" Summer screamed, swurving hard. There was a kid in the middle of the street. The turn caused the car to rolled, and flip like crazy.

Ryan hit the window, and blacked out.

"Ryan, I'm sorry."


"None of us knew-How could we?"

"You were supposed to be watching her Seth."

"I fell asleep! How could I have stopped her!"

"I don't know! I don't wanna talk about this right now..."

"Ryan, It's not your fault! Marrisa killed herslef, not the other way around!"

"Seth!" Ryan said, holding up a hand. He was really reaching at that moment. He put his hand down and walked away, out of Seth's room.

Seth knew it. He had always known it. He could never actually live up to Marrisa in Ryan's mind. As matters of the heart went, Seth was second place, and he could accept that. At least he had Ryan now, even if it was obvious that he longed for the blonde.

And, for the first time in years, he broke down and cried. Ryan, however, heard him while standing outside of his door. He had done it again. He has losing his temper, and...possibly losing Seth.

Ryan finally came to, looking around. Dissoriented, it took him a second to realize that the car was upside down.

He un buckled his belt, and fell head first onto the ceiling. He looked over to Summer, who was still unconcious. She seemed fine, her chest rising and falling. Then he noticed that she wasn't unconcious, but just barely between reality and dreams.

He saw that, at her waste, her lower body was crushed. the car had awkwardly positioned her, and aparenlty pierce or ripped/tore at somewhere, for there was blood.

"Summer." Ryan said, reaching for her. "I'll be back with help. Just don't go to sleep." he said, kicking out the rest of his window and sliding himself out. Once he was completely out (plastic bag clutched in hand) he stood to see which direction was what.

Then, he was right back to where he started: running.

'Seth...hold on...I'll be there...just keep waiting...and I'll keep running...'

To Be Continued... assuming you like it so far...