Hey everyone, I have another story! This one is going to take place twenty-five years after season 2. Now, like a lot of people, I didn't particularly like the ending of season two so...I decided to write a story based on my own ending! This story follows season 2, if you cut out the last seven minutes of the final episode and all! I basically use my favorite couples, changed some of there jobs, and made up their kids. (he he!) Trust me, there a lovable group. You'll see.This story has tons of stuff with the parents involved too! (Even some romance between the kids and then between the parents) Since my story Lessons in Friendship only needs one more chapter (which I'm working on right now!) I figured it'd be okay to start another one even if I'm writing One World Away from Darkness. I'm actually very reliable in updating and it's possible for me to do two stories at once. All I ask is a little patience. Please send in the reviews, I do so love to read them! Oh yes and I intend to write a romance soon too.

Following The Footsteps Of Destiny


It has been twenty-five years since that fateful day when Digidestined around the world joined together to defeat the evil MaloMyotismon. Since then, the Digital World has been a land of beauty and peace. Yukio Oikawa's great sacrifice restored the Digital World's defences to perfection and his life essence remains there to this day. None of us will ever forget or take for granted what he did. What he accomplished was not only for us, but for all digimon and the entire human world as well. If it wasn't for him, both worlds would have succumbed to the Powers of Darkness. His story has become legend and will forever be a part of the Digital World's history. After overcoming a life of sadness and pain, Yukio Oikawa can truly be called a hero. We Digidestined will always honour his memory, his gift, our final chance of hope and victory against the darkness.

Over the years, myself and my amazing friends, who still stand by my side, have travelled to our second home to visit our partners. They have given so much to us and our world. They have remained forever fated to their human counterparts, their lives weaved together with ours. It's unbelievable that they have stayed so loyal to us after such a long time. I suppose it isn't really so hard to believe. Patamon and the others have always been more than partners. They're our friends to the end, and nothing will ever change that.

A lot, though, has changed since our childhood days, but strangely enough, many things have stayed the same. Even time can't erase some memories or change who we are inside. My friends, the Digidestined and I, are closer than we have ever been. The experiences we've shared couldn't have made it any other way. The love we have for each other can never be broken, and the fact that we are still inseperable proves it.

Since our adventures in the Digital World, things have remained pretty stable. Time wore on, the days passed by...that is...until several years ago when the gates to the Digital World closed. All of a sudden, we could not get in to see our digimon friends. We tried everything to get back, but nothing worked. It has been fifteen years since we last saw our partners. Izzy says it's because the Digital World doesn't need us anymore, now that the darkness and MaloMyotismon have been defeated. We were heartbroken, but we had to accept it. What else could we do? I wonder if Patamon has forgotten me. We've never been away from them this long before. They've had so much time to forget we ever existed. I miss him so much, and I know the rest of my friends miss their partners, too. We haven't had much time to think about it, though. The last fifteen years have been filled with much to occupy us. Our jobs, our families, our daily activities, and most importantly, raising our children, have had to come first. Besides, what Izzy had said was true. That was how it had always worked before. Little did we know just how wrong Izzy could be. We thought our days in the Digital World were long gone. The gates were closed; the adventure was over. It was nothing but a distant memory, or a forgotten dream. It has left us with an empty feeling in our hearts. Those days were gone forever. We were just about to find out that really the adventure was only just beginning. Destiny's pattern had weaved itself through us once again. Who knew twenty-five years of peace could come crashing to an end in such dramatic fashion...