" Hey, Lil, whose that with Vera?" called Scotty seeing the older man walking into the office.

Lilly Rush looked over at her partner and glared. Turning her head she watched Nick Vera come in followed by a teenage girl. Her curiosity sparked she waited as the detective led the tall, young woman towards his desk. After pulling a loose chair next to the desk, Vera steered the young woman towards Scotty and her.

" Rush, Valens," he said, " I'd like you to meet my niece Elie. Elie, Detectives Rush and Valens."

" Niece!" Scotty sputtered amazed. The statement earned him a glare from Vera.

Lilly smiled in amusement and turned to face Elie. The girl was tall and of a medium build. Her hair was a short and colored moose brown. Her eyes were a chocolate brown and glowed with excitement mixed with humor.

Lilly extended a hand towards the girl, " It's nice to meet you, Elie."

The girl nodded and took Lilly's hand in a firm handshake.

" You, too, Detective Rush," the girl replied.

" Same here," Scotty said offering his hand.

The girl nodded as she shook. For a few seconds silence filled the group.

Finally Scotty said, " So where you from?"

" Oh, I live in...," the girl started.

" She's from Chicago," Vera interrupted.

" Chicago?" Lilly replied suprised, " That's a long distance."

" Yeah, well, my parents and I need out space. Besides I love visiting Uncle Vera."

" Uncle Vera?" Scoty exclaimed in amusement.

" Hey, can it, wise guy," Vera started.

" Oh, brother," Lilly heardElie whisper exasperantly, " Here we go again."

Elie looked over at Lilly. Both women shared a look as Vera jumped on Scotty's case. No one noticed Stillman approaching with a white box.

" Is there any trouble here?" Stillman asked dropping the box on Lilly's desk. Everyone turned to look at him.

" No," Vera replied.

" What's with the box?" Scotty asked.

" This...This is a case file I want you and Rush to reopen," replied Stillman.

Suddenly he seemed to notice Elie.

" Is there anything we can do for you, miss?" he asked.

" No," Elie replied, " I was just passing through."

With that she calmly walked over and sat at Vera's desk. Stillman watched until she was out of hearing range.

" Anyone you know, Vera?" he said simply.

" My niece."

"Hmm. I wasn't aware of a policy that let you bring your niece to work."

" Sorry," Vera replied, " She just wanted to see the office..."

" It's alright," replied Stillman, " Just make sure she doesn't get in the way.

Vera nodded.

" Boss, this is a jumper case, not a murder," Scotty interrupted flipping through the file, " Why are we investigating it?"

" Because we had another jumper," Stillman replied.

Scotty looked at him in confusion and turned Lilly. She looked back and shrugged.

Stillman continued, " The jumper, a Clarissa Mendol,was found below her balconythis morning. CSI found a note crinkled tightly in her hands."

" What the note say?" Rush asked.

" It was a confession. A confession to our victim's," he tapped the box, " possible murder."

" Any tiesbetween the twojumpers?" Scotty asked.

" Besides the fact that the jumped from the same spot. Yes, they were sisters."

Scotty and Vera stared incredulously at Stillman. Rush seemed deep in thought.

" We'll look into it," she finally said.

" Good."

" Are their any surviving family members?"

" There mother, a Victoria Mendol," replied Stillman, " She lives a few doors down from the girls. Vera when Jefferies gets here I want you two to go and talk to her."

" Alright, Chief," Vera replied.

" Valens, Rush, I want you two to get down to the coronor. See what you can find out."

" Will do," replied Scotty grabbing his coat.

Rush followed her partner out the door. As they got into the car she noticed him smiling again.

" What?"

" Ah, it's nothing," he replied as they drove off.