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(My lover's gone

His boots no longer at my door

He left at dawn

And as I slept I felt him go...)

Robin and Starfire had been dating for a year and a half now. The relationship had been going perfectly, and they were hopelessly in love. They couldn't ask for anything more. Starfire had adapted more to earth, and she was finally getting the hang of earthly customs which made it much easier for the rest of the titans. Although lately, Robin had seemed kind of distant. He wasn't very interested in talking with anyone, or being around other people. They were all starting to worry about him, especially Starfire. She knew he loved her, and vice versa. Sometimes when she was sleeping he would come in and watch her sleep and admire how beautiful she was.

(Returns no more

I will not watch the ocean

My lover's gone

No earthly ships will ever

Bring him home again…)

Robin had always left the titans every once in a while to go "find himself" or "recharge his batteries" but he always came back within a few days. Though no one really knew it, Starfire had a very different way of sleeping. While she was sleeping, she could sense what was going on around her. Yet, she couldn't really awaken herself due to lack of energy. So, when Robin came in that night, picked up his boots, kissed her, and walked away, she knew he was there and what he was doing. However, she still couldn't do anything about it, and she hated herself for it afterwards.

(My lover's gone

I know that kiss will be my last

No more his song

The tune upon his lips has passed

I sing alone…)

She and Robin always used to sing together when they were alone. It was a private joke, and it was never mentioned to any of the other titans. They would have lots of fun sitting alone on the roof singing together, in attempts to get Starfire used to earthly culture. Robin loved her more than anyone could ever imagine, and she felt the same way about him. He only wished he had gotten up the nerve to tell her before he left. Starfire sat by the window and hummed one of the songs she used to sing with Robin, a single tear streaming down her cheek. She loved him. She would wait for him forever if she had to, which, at this point, was very possible.

(While I watch the ocean

My lovers gone

No earthly ships will ever

Bring him home again

Bring him home again…)

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