I'd heard Seifer speak of his "romantic dream" once or twice -- not directly to me, but I'd heard it in passing, when I probably shouldn't have been listening. But I hadn't heard anything of any dreams in quite a while, beyond the bad dreams that came at night and would probably never stop.

I asked him about it, once. It was a lazy morning, one of the rarest things in our lives together - I was an Instructor, he was a SeeD, and my classes and his missions left us with little time to lay about like that. But it was a lazy morning, and he was running his fingers through my hair, combing out the tangles as it puddled on his chest.

"Romantic dream?" he asked, and by the tone of his voice I knew he had an eyebrow raised.

"Squall mentioned it. Or maybe Zell."

He snorted, "Figures. I haven't had any romantic dreams in a long time, they were just... a convenience. I don't need them anymore."

I propped myself up to look at him, wondering why he had abandoned his dreams, and why, if they weren't all that important, he had them in the first place. "Why did you need them in the first place?"

He kept his eyes on his hand running through my hair, and then he shrugged, "Needed something to make the work I was doing worth it. Don't need them now, of course."

He didn't have to say any more.