Draco's Desires

Part Nineteen

Together Again


When I woke up, I was lying in-between Harry and Ron on a large bed. There were purple and blue waves rolling over us. We were glowing with the colors of our life-forces. Mine was now silver, I might add. I nudged Harry. "Hey, ugly bum! Wake up."

His eyelids flickered and he turned his head to look at me. There was a crack in his glasses and he had a big bruise under his eye.

"Where are we?" I asked.

Hermione's voice drifted across the bed from the other side of Harry. "We're in some kind of special bed that's re-energizing us. At least that's what the nurse said. We're having the life put back in us. You've been sleeping the longest. She said you were nearly dead." She coughed. She still had smoke in her lungs.

I looked at Harry, who was nearly as burned and scraped up as I was. "How did you all get out of the house? I was thrown out the doorway, into the hallway. Then this big black dog picked me up, and…" I realized how dumb this sounded. "At least I thought a dog was there…"

"You saw the dog, all right. It was my godfather Sirius Black."

"That murderer?"

"He's not a murderer! And he's an Animagus. He can be both dog and human."

"Okay." I wasn't going to argue about it. So that's who the black-haired man was. Harry's godfather. "But how did you get out?" I was impatient.

"Hermione, Ron, and I were thrown out of a window that was covered with black curtains to keep out the light. We smashed through the glass and flopped into the grass outside." He painfully rubbed his arms. "At least we didn't catch on fire."

"You're lucky. I think I flew through a door." I couldn't remember for sure, but I know I had splinters.


"Where's Ginny? Do you know?"

Hermione spoke up. She had talked with the nurse, of course. "I think she's in a room down the hall. She's critical. They're working to fix the burns right now."

"What about the baby?" For some reason I felt very attached to him and wanted to make sure he was okay.

"Also badly burned. I don't know where he is."

Ron had been very quiet, but at this point I could hear him sniffling, trying not to cry. I lay back and let tears creep out of my own eyes. Critical condition. Burns. Possibly scars. Would she ever be the same? My poor little Ginny. And that poor little boy who was made up of so much of my life force. I closed my eyes to keep the tears contained.

We didn't talk much after that. We were all so tired. I woke up vaguely when a doctor came in and put spells on my leg and arm and chest to heal my broken bones. I groggily remember Harry and the others getting up from the energy bed. They must have been fairly restored, since they didn't have quite so much life taken from them as I did. I sighed miserably at loosing my company and let myself fall into a deep dreamless sleep.

I awoke again to the feeling of weight on my body. What was happening to me now? I was tired of being fussed with. I tilted my head down and saw a flaming red head on my chest. Ginny was there in the bed with me, lying stomach down on my body. I could hardly believe it. I lay my hands on her back, gingerly. "Ginny?"

She opened her eyes, lifted her head, and blinked at me. Oh, they were a beautiful brown color! "Hi Draco."

"Ginny!" I started to laugh and pulled her up higher so that she could look down at my face. "You're all right!"

She smiled. "Yes, I'm all right. I'm really sore, though." Indeed, she was covered with bandages on about 70 percent of her body. I could see them wrapped around her stomach and chest through the thin fabric of the nightgown they had dressed her in. She was glowing with pink light. "They brought me in with you so I could have my life-force put back in my body. I couldn't just lie quietly. I wanted to be close to you." She wrapped her arms around me tightly.

"I'm not complaining." I made a strange giggling noise. I had never been so happy. I lay there with her on my chest for quite some time before speaking again. "Ginny…you know Harry's godfather…Black, or whatever his name was…do you know why he would have called you 'Lily'?"

She thought about this and then answered. "Harry came into my room a little bit ago. He took my hand and said something about how much I looked like his mum when I carried the baby out of the burnt up house. He and Sirius Black thought for a moment that maybe I was the ghost of Harry's mum Lily, carrying Harry as a baby, because…they thought I couldn't have survived."

"How did you survive?"

"Well…it was fuzzy. I wasn't myself, so I was only partially aware of what was going on. I remember images, but not details. I know that I almost said the death curse on myself, but something stopped me. It was a ball of flame from the fireplace. It knocked me over on my face on the floor. My back got badly singed from the heat, but my cloak resisted the flames for the most part. The funny thing is, I was very glad the fireplace exploded, because I had been hoping something would happen for hours. I had been willing everything to just end. Anyway, Voldemort tried to pull me up to take me with him, but he had lost his mental hold on me. I stumbled away from him through the flames and grabbed the baby up, wrapping him in my arms. I burst through the wall of fire covering the doorway and ran into the other part of the house, just as my robe caught fire and ripped apart. My arms and legs and chest were burned, but I didn't care. I didn't even feel any pain. I rolled the baby on the floor and then myself until the fire was out of both of us. Then we huddled together in the other part of the house, waiting for help. I figure Voldemort and Nagini escaped."

"I'm surprised you're not more burned!"

"So was everyone else. I guess I'm lucky that I was wearing the cloak, since it was so flame retardant. And the baby was in my arms, covered by the cloak fabric, so he wasn't very hurt either. My feet sure were burned, though. I can't walk on them yet." She gestured to her feet, which were wrapped thickly in white bandages. "I haven't seen my baby. I hope he's all right."

"He looked better off than you did. I'm sure he's just fine and dying to see you. You're his mother, you know."

She nodded. "Yes. And you can be the father!"

I turned absolutely scarlet. "Er…"

She hugged me around my neck. "Mum and Dad are just going to love you!"


We stayed in the wizard hospital for two more days. The morning of the third day, our scrapes and mild burns were healing up well, and my bones were thickening and growing strong again quite nicely. Ginny was having problems with her feet and wouldn't be able to have full use of them for quite some time, since the shoes she was wearing had burned right into them from the intense heat from the flames. I shiver to think of it. But otherwise, she would not have any visible scars from the incident. The only mark still on her that was vivid was the black mark from Voldemort's touch. But even that was fading, although slowly.

On the morning of that third day, we were all loaded into a Ministry car and driven away. Ginny's father carried her to the car and situated her on the seat, but she became very excited and refused to sit anywhere but on my lap. This received some rather concerned looks from her parents, but in the relief of Ginny's recovery I supposed they would have let her sit on Snape's lap if she had wanted to.

We were on our way to the Burrow. Normally that's the last place I would have wanted to set foot, but now my home had taken over that role in my mind. There was no way I was going home. I loved my mother and I would miss her, but my father had tried to sacrifice me to Voldemort. There was no way I could face him and not try to kill him, so it had been decided that I would go to the Burrow with Ron and Ginny and Harry. Hermione was going home to her very relieved parents. But I was nervous. Would Ron accept me living under his roof? Harry seemed to think I was at least a little decent, but Ron still gave me cold looks. We had been bound together in the face of tragedy, but now that Ginny was alive and well, clutching her baby boy in her arms, I was Draco Malfoy the enemy again. But I smiled as I buried my nose in Ginny's sweet hair. Things had a way of working themselves out, and I knew that this something was meant to be.


Love, Lady Grizabella


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