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I notice that quite a few people like to do collections of 100 word drabbles. Iam going to attempt to do the same thing; however, mine will be a little different. Not all of them are going to be drabbles. Some will be quick one-shots, just because they are not long enough to stand on their own, and I don't want a huge list of stories extending my bio.I will be writing about all the different characters depending on how well I know them.

I have lost you.

Maybe I never truly had you. After all, you were still learning what it meant to trust someone.

I'm not sure when it happened, but the empty heart I now possess aches with the pain I cannot forget.

After I attempted to reunite with you for the first time in fifty years, struggling with the deadened pain of a betrayal that shouldn't have happened… I saw you with another.

Not just any young woman. My reincarnation.


You let her take over. I may have been on your mind ever since she woke you from the arrow-inducing sleep, but I cannot give you my warmth. I cannot hold you and feel any compassion that remains in you for me, nor can I give you any.

I am dead. I lack warmth, and I lack a soul. I have nothing to give you, to keep you here with me.

You remember me, yet you have forgotten me. You have forgotten us. There is no longer an us; fate did not want it that way.

I hate it, and I hate you. I hate you for forgetting, for allowing that girl to be at your side. I hate her for smiling with you, holding hands with you, and being with you. I cannot forgive her for that.

And I cannot forgive you for letting it happen.

You heal.

I don't.

I can't.

This was Kikyou's POV about Inuyasha and Kagome being 'together'.