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Chapter 1 – Starting Over : Ambryn Sayre, age sixteen, bit her lip hard as her plane took off from JFK International Airport in New York City. She was moving to England because she'd been expelled from her school, Salem Academy of Witchcraft and Sorcery, for getting into a wizard's duel with another student. The only reason she was still a witch was because she'd been attacked and her reaction, a curse that had severely injured her opponent, was in self-defense. Because of this, Bryn had been given the chance to complete her final two years of magical study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The only drawback? Hogwarts was in England; therefore, Bryn had to move there. She sighed as once again, she decided that she'd gone too far with the curse, even if Caryn, the girl who'd attacked her, had deserved it – which she did. But it was done and Caryn was expelled in full, her wand snapped. But rumor had it that Caryn's dad had gotten her a new wand and a place at Durmstrang Institute, another magical school that was well known for teaching Dark Arts. Like Caryn wasn't bad enough already. Oh, well, Bryn told herself. It's not your affair. Your only concern is finding Mom's old apartment in that place...what was it called? Oh, yeah, Diagon Alley. Bryn's mother, Julia, had been a witch too; but she had died when Bryn was twelve. More importantly, Julia had been born in England, and had kept her apartment in Diagon Alley when she moved to the U.S. At her death, it had become Bryn's. And, the only thing that comforted Bryn about leaving all she knew was that her mother had gone to Hogwarts too...and so had Bryn's father, though that was about the only thing she did know when it came to her father. But she didn't like dwelling on that, so she pulled a book from her carry-on bag and began reading it.

Flying over the Atlantic took a day's time, and eventually, Bryn became so tired she forgot how uncomfortable her seat was to sleep in and dozed off. Soon she was deeply asleep, and that was when the dream came.

She saw a silvery veil that fluttered about her...she was falling, deeper and deeper into thick gray fog...she could hardly breathe...she stopped falling...fog still surrounded her...a voice, a man's voice, calling "Who are you?"...she tried to reply...her throat closed...she was suffocating...

Bryn woke with a start. She was breathing hard; the woman beside her peered over and said worriedly, "Are you all right, dear?" Bryn swallowed hard. "Yeah, I'm OK, just a bad dream." The woman nodded and turned away. Bryn looked out the window. She was looking at London. Soon the plane landed at HeathrowAirport(A/N: if I'm wrong about the name, forgive me)and the passengers got off. Bryn collected her bags and left the terminal. Squaring her shoulders, she lifted her chin and began walking. She knew where to go – most wizards could find Diagon Alley – so she didn't fear getting lost. Here we go, she thought. Time to start over.

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