Disclaimer: I do not own anything Harry Potter, just borrowed some characters.

Summary: A chat between Harry and Malfoy before they leave their final year.

"I am going to miss you."

"Humph. Get real, Potter. Why would you possibly miss me?"

"You were a constant." Harry said simply. "No matter what happened with Voldemort, no matter who had died, no matter how much I was pitying myself, you were always there with a remark and a sneer. After awhile I actually came to look forward to encountering you in the hallway. Everywhere else, it was planning to defeat Voldemort and everybody was afraid of what to say to me. After awhile, during the summer, I just felt like I couldn't react to anything, or anybody, anymore. When I headed back to school and you a comment, for the first time in two months I felt something."

"Hatred doesn't go away because someone dies."

"It wasn't hatred. It was passion, an urge to give just as much as you gave, to do what I had done fore years. Soon, it became my game. I was enjoying myself, with everything going on; one encounter with words exchanged made my day bearable. Because it didn't change, it was a constant that showed that I had something normal in my life. It was a childhood rivalry that was the only proof that I had a childhood at all. You made a difference to me. You impacted my life. Not Voldemort, not your father, it was just you. You kept me sane, when your goal was to drive me crazy. The irony of it. I will miss that, I will miss you. You gave me a reason to keep going."

"You effect many people Draco. Your father may control your decisions, but he can't do anything about what having you around mean s to other people.

Draco turned to finally look at him, but Harry had already started walking away.