"Behold, brother!" Agni declared as he was being swung through the torso of a devil, "Our mistress's beauty is only exceeded by her strength!"

"Nonsense! Her strength may indeed be great, but her beauty is immeasurable!" Rurdra replied. Trish barely managed to keep down a giggle as she cut through the devils.

"Don't be ridiculous. I will concede that she is quite hansom, but you must be blind if you can not perceive the grace and skill with which she wields us!" Dante groaned. The swords had been on this argument from the moment he and Trish had started fighting the devils.

"Pah! She could be as powerful as all of our former masters combined and such strength would still not touch her beauty! Our mistress has eyes that could charm the stars out of the sky! Her form is lithe and pure! Are you blind brother?"

"You seem to be the one that is blind. Her skill and prowess know no bounds."

"Nay! You are the blind one."

"I can see perfectly, you are blind."

"Trish…" Dante warned. His voice sounded considerably less amused than usual.

"Foolishness! You are blind!" Trish could offer no response other than barely stifled giggles as she continued slaying.

"You are blind!"

"Dammit Trish," he growled, "Make. Them. Shut. Up." Trish's giggles by this point were getting harder to control.

"You are clearly the blind one"

"It is you who is blind!"

"Nay! It is you who is blind!"



"SHUT! UP!" Dante screamed, snatching the swords out of Trish's hands. Trish, the swords and the last remaining Sin Scissors all stopped and stared at him, "I swear! If you two don't shut your mouths right this second, the two of you will spend the rest of my life, which I can assure you will be a very long time, being used to slice cold-cuts for my sandwiches!"

"Those are mine and I can let them talk if I want to!" Her partner's face contorted with anger and confusion.

"Yours? Yours? They aren't yours! I found them! I fought them! They are mine"

"Yah?" She retorted, "Well if I hadn't made you clean out that pigsty you call an attic, they would have just rusted away, finders keepers." To further support her point, she decided to stick out her tong.

"Well, if you really want 'em that badly, come get 'em back." He said, holing the sword in one hand above his head.

"Dante," she whined, trying in vain to reach up to where he held them, "Quit being such a brat!"

"Of the two of us," he teased with a grin, "only one seems to be hopping up and down like a kid trying to get her favorite toy"

She growled and tried with even more vigor to reclaim the weapons, which despite Dante's protest had taken to cheering her on. This went on for some time until the last remaining devil decided that this was the opportunity it needed and rammed both prongs of it's sheers through Trish. Sufficient to say, getting impaled put her in no mood to fight with Dante, and plenty of a mood to fry some Scissor. Angry as she was, she sent enough lightning through the scissors to make the devil twitch and spark and then go pop in a most satisfying way.

"Well, that was fun," Dante said, yanking off his boots as he walked into the Devil May Cry.

"Yes," Trish smirked in such a way to reveal every ounce of sadism in her little being, "I would have to agree." Dante rolled his eyes at her.

"Look, I need a shower. Badly." He said, shrugging off his red jacket. "Do you mind putting away the weapons?" He left Beowulf and his guns on his desk.

"Nah," Trish smiled again, more kindly this time, "I don't mind at all." As Dante walked out of the room, Trish made her way over to the desk and fished around in one of the drawers to for the key to the weapons case. She unlocked the Plexiglas case where Dante stored his armaments ever since some neighborhood punks had the bad luck to choose his place to break into. She looked again at all the weapons that she had uncovered. Most of them, she had inspected upon their discovery, save one. The purple axe had been in one of the few boxes that Dante himself had deigned to open.

As she reached for it, she felt the oddest sensation; it felt as if a bit of her lightning had jumped from her hand to the axe unbidden. She immediately pulled her hand back. Demonic things that can be described, as "odd sensations" were usually best left alone. However, something about the strange half-instrument, half-weapon still called to her, she reached for it again.

Suddenly, purple lightning from the axe jumped towards her, power sprang from her own hand involuntarily. She tried to pull her hand back, but against her will it clenched the handle of the axe. Trish screamed as purple and yellow energy continued to run between her and the weapon. After only a moment, some great force threw her back and she slammed against Dante's desk with a thud, sinking to the floor.

"Trish?" Dante ran into the room, fumbling to zip his pants, "I heard a scream, are you-" He stopped and saw her sitting against his desk. She was staring at her hand with what appeared to be great wonder. "Trish! Hey, are you ok?" He asked running over to her. As she looked up at him, a look of befuddlement flashed across her face, but it was quickly replaced with a smile.

"Fine, sugar," she said sweetly, "I'm doin' just fine."


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