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Chapter One: Oops

-Mid-Summer Time: 8:35pm Place: Feudal Era Weather: at the moment cloudy-

"Inuyasha, I'm going!" Kagome said loudly as she started walking to the well with her bag resting on her shoulder.

"You're not allowed to leave," he demanded.

"You can't stop me. I barely spend any time with my family so this vacation we'd been planning for months will make up for that." she said not slowing her pace.

"Kagome, we have to look for Naraku and the shards."

"Naraku can wait for now, Inuyasha." Then she felt a strong hand grab her shoulder. She shrugged it off and said, "Sit, boy." BAM. She felt sorry for him, but she hadn't seen her family for over a month now. She missed them and needed a break anyway. As Kagome got nearer, excitement welled up in her stomach. She knew it would be great to take a nice hot bath and to fly to a whole new continent. She then whispered, "I'm sorry, Inuyasha."


Inuyasha looked up and saw Kagome jump down into the well. "Stupid, we still have important things we need to finish up with here." As soon as the spell wore off he ran and leapt into the well. The Purple tunnel warped all around him. He was used to this by now, so he coolly waited for it to disappear. Soon enough he was standing at the bottom of a regular ancient shrine well. Everything smelled cool and damp, so he figured that it was raining. It was dark, but he could still see the moldy stark walls around him.

"Meow," Buyo, Kagome's cat, said when Inuyasha poked his head out of the opening of the well. Inuyasha pulled himself out and then grabbed the feline under its front arms.

"Hey, Buyo, did Kagome leave you in the rain too?" Even if cats could, it looked like to Inuyasha that he didn't understand so he held onto him. The half demon never enjoyed getting soaked and cold so he decided that Buyo probably didn't either. When he reached the front door he turned the handle. It was locked. He grunted and banged on the door. No one was answering. He looked up and saw Kagome's window. It was open luckily, so he decided he would use that as an entrance. By the time he got to the window he was soaked.

"Meeeooow!" Buyo cried out as he was put down on a little branch so Inuyasha could open the window a little more. Then he tossed the cat in and went in himself.


"This bath feels so good," Kagome said. She went all the way in until only her nose and up stuck out of the steaming soapy water. She closed her eyes and thought about the day.


9:03am: "SIT BOY!"

12:37pm: (noon) "Inuyasha, don't hurt Shippo! SIT!"

4:15pm: "You don't like my cooking? SIT!"

8:17pm: "Naraku can wait for now, Inuyasha…Sit, boy."

Kagome's mood dropped. She really did feel sorry for him. She didn't want to be so controlling, but he didn't always have to be such an arrogant jerk. 'I shouldn't have locked the door, I mean, it's not like he'd follow me home,' she thought. She yawned and rinsed her hair out a second time just to be sure there wasn't anymore shampoo in it…After drying off she put her clothes on and went to her room. She was surprised to see Inuyasha sitting on her bed shaking off water. She thought it was the most adorable thing she had ever seen actually.

"Inuyasha! Why did you follow me back?"

" 'Cuz you have to come back!"

"I can't, Mom already bought the plane tickets," she said.

"What are 'plane tickets.' " he asked innocently.

"I'll tell you later. I have to pack. Go downstairs and I'll talk to you when I'm done."

"Hurry up, Sango and Miroku don't know I went to get ya," he said as he went downstairs. Kagome sighed and locked herself in her room to finish filling her suitcase.

"Hello, Inuyasha, I didn't know you were here," Ms. Higurashi said as she came back inside from putting her stuff in the trunk.

"Feh. What are you doing?" he asked when she started making, what seemed to him to be a huge feast.


"For what?"

"You'll see!" she said with a big motherly grin. He didn't want to know anymore so he just sat on the couch. To get more comfy he put his sword on the table where it he could see it. Soon enough Kagome came running down the stairs with a thumping behind her. (It was her suitcase being dragged on the steps.)

"When do we have to catch the plane, and where is Souta and Gramps?" she asked.

"They're in the car already, and we need to be there at 9:45. We should be there early to get our luggage checked in, okay sweetie?" she said. She finished cooking her large supply of food and put in some kind of container. Then she put it in a bag and went upstairs.

"Inuyasha, I have to go. I'll be back in Four days, I promise," Kagome said. She sat on the couch next to the angry hanyou. Inuyasha got up and leapt upstairs hurrying. Kagome got confused and followed him. She found him in the bathroom.

"Stay back Kagome, I heard something." Kagome sidestepped next to the bathtub and sighed.

"Inuyasha, there's nothing in my house. I've got to go I'll see you when I come-" Kagome grunted. The door wouldn't open up. Inuyasha, satisfied that nothing was wrong turned to her.

"What are you doing?" he said as he saw Kagome pushing and leaning on the door.

"It's…stuck!" she said. Inuyasha pushed her aside.

"Let a man take care of this," he said. Kagome scrunched up her face in anger.

"What's THAT supposed to mean?" she said as she watched Inuyasha push enough to where he didn't tare down the wall. Still, the door wouldn't budge. Kagome's eyes got wide. "How can a door be that stuck?"

"How the hell should I know," he said then he stepped back. "Watch out I'll open it up with the Tetsusaiga," he said. His hand reached his waist and then he realized it wasn't there. "What the…"

"Moron, you left it on the coffee table," she said. She sighed in disgust and embarrassment.

"Feh, then I'll do this: Iron Reaver --" Kagome jumped in front of him.

"Inuyasha don't! I'm not going to let you break down my house," she said. Not only that, but she kind of like the situation and didn't want it to end so soon.

"Stupid, you could've been killed!" he said.

"Inuyasha, just-," she stopped and sniffed the air. Inuyasha saw her and did the same. It was such a delicious aroma.

"What is that? Is that coming from downstairs?" Kagome wondered aloud. "Mom? Souta, are you still out there!"

"Naw, that smells like the food you mom was making from on top of the 'oven'," he said.

"What? She was making something? When? Where did she put it?" she asked.

"Right after she came down and left. I don't know what it was but she went up the stairs with it," he said. He sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall next to the sink. Luckily the bathroom was a decent size. Kagome sat on the edge of the tub and pondered. Then she noticed a bag by the drain.

"Oh, look," she said as she reached for it. She opened it up and the smell got significantly stronger. "It's the food!"

"Why the heck is it in here? You people are weird. You'd actually sit on the john, taking a dump and still be eating at the same time? Sick," he said.

"Shut up! We don't do that, we- look. It's a note," she said seeing a folded piece of paper. Kagome unfolded it and began to read it aloud:

Kagome, dear, we had to leave as quickly as possible. If you look in the cabinets under the sink, there are some goodies for both of you. This dish your holding is the exact same dish me and your father…(Kagome mumbles off reading to herself: 'ate when my parents locked us in my bathroom when I was your age.')…Take care and remember to brush your teeth.

Lots of love, Mom

"What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?" Inuyasha complained.

"We're stuck in here until they get back," she said, mostly to herself. She couldn't believe it. How could she do this to me! she kept thinking over in her head.


'Should I tell him that my weird demented mother locked us up in here for who knows what reason? Nah, probably not…' she figured.

"Well?" he asked.

"I don't know but the note here says that there is food stored in here for, um, occasions like this," she fibbed. There wasn't anything more on the note, but Inuyasha didn't have to know that. "PS: If you ever get stuck in the bathroom, then there are supplies."

"What is both of you supposed to mean? How would she know that two people were going to be in here?" he knew she was lying. He wasn't that stupid.

Kagome thought he was that stupid and wouldn't catch that, but she was wrong. "I don't know…." and she honestly didn't too. Kagome and Inuyasha sat staring at nothing much in particular as the time went on slowly by.

"How long until she gets back?"

"Six days tops, but I was supposed to be sent back early for you. Maybe they might head back in four days, maybe," she said. At most, six days was all she need to wait. Until then, what was going to happen? She just hoped things wouldn't become too, uh, chaotic. She glanced at the half demon. His eyes were closed and she thought he was sleeping. He looked so cute sitting there. She just wanted to--wait, she couldn't think like this. Not now. 'I'm a good little girl and I'm going to stay that way,' she thought. She slid down on the ground and decided to do something about this. Fist things first, what 'goodies,' were under the sink? She wanted to find out.


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