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Chapter Thirteen: Right?

The Terminal was crowded with all different kinds of people from all over the country. Kagome used to visit here all the time because of the exotic mix of people that flowed through. Mrs. Higurashi deftly picked up her suitcases and traversed her way outside to a waiting taxi. She was so close to being home; she couldn't wait to see what happened to her two little miscreants. She desperately hoped her plan had become successful. Although not too successful. She hadn't really wanted to put in those condoms in there but you'd never know children these days. She had decided that she'd rather have her child use them than not. Hopefully the whole pack was there when she returned. Hopefully.

It took just over an hour to get home, get the baggage out of the trunk, and pay the driver. As the overtly stuffed man drove away, grumbling at his low tip, Mrs. Higurashi inhaled a deep, deep breath. The smell was surprisingly clean for Tokyo and she was thankful. There were definitely some things in America that she missed. Yards. Friendly people. A certain cleanliness.

Kagome's eyes popped wide open when she heard the front door slam shut. When she heard her mother call for them, she nearly burst into relief-induced tears. She had waited so long! Inuyasha was already up and banging on the door, yelling for Mrs. Higurashi to not touch his Tetsusaiga. Obviously it had never left his thoughts.

There is no words for what Kagome's mom felt when she heard all the bellowing from up the stairs. It was almost hysteria but without the insanity edge. That when she discovered that deep down she knew her aloof-most-of-the-time-head-stuck-in-the-clouds daughter would be in there still. With Inuyasha. She was so happy for those two. They were so head over heals in love!

Mrs. Higurashi nearly cried from how hard she was laughing. Of course, it appeared only to be a small polite titter, it was a full blown laughing frenzy for her. She really couldn't believe that they hadn't figured out how to get out of the bathroom yet, though. Surely it was only because they didn't want to, right? If they didn't figure it out…

At the soft tap at the door, both Inuyasha and Kagome leapt up and punched the door. "Get us out of here, damn it!" "Mom, let us out…now!"

Mrs. Higurashi chuckled and stood silently on the other side of the door, waiting patiently for them to calm down. When they finally managed to be quiet (probably scowling on the other side no less, she imagined), she spoke, "Dear, I can't open the door from this side. Only you guys can. I wouldn't want to hit you."

"Hit us? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh…crap. No freaking way. You didn't really…do…that did you?" Kagome nearly died. Instead she groaned and banged her head against Inuyasha's shoulder. He looked really confused. Kagome couldn't blame him. Ugh! How could she have possibly been so stupid ? "Could you quit laughing at my expense and answer my question, please?" The corner of Inuyasha's mouth quirked up into a (according to Kagome, hot) smirk of his. He obviously found her distress funny. Well, good for him!

"Of course dear, I made it as simple as possible. I didn't actually think you'd be stuck in there for almost a week. My," she chuckled some more and continued, "I can't believe you didn't notice!"

"What the hell is she talking about, Kagome?" She grimaced at Inuyasha's peeved question. Sighing, she looked at the hinges. Yep, she was right.

"We pushed…" A pause and…nope he still didn't quite grasp this freaking stupid anomaly. "We should have pulled!"

It was always a joke, the way her mother installed that door. She had made it backwards so that you would have to push to get out, unlike normal doors where you pull from the inside of a room. Kagome hadn't realized her mother fixed it on her! Obviously mom hadn't figured she'd realize it right away. When Kagome didn't realize it at all, her mom …ugh, she wouldn't have been surprised if she'd hear about his the rest of her miserable life…

Quick as lightening, he pulled the door open to a hysterical (as hysterical as she could get, anyway) Mrs. Higurashi. Inuyasha turned back to Kagome with another spiteful glare. Oh, boy, was he pissed!


"Inuyasha, I--"

"Feh, I have to get my…Tetsusaiga," he said and left, but not before she saw the tinge of red on his cheeks. She wasn't sure if that was a result from embarrassment, anger, or frustration. Hopefully frustration. She could deal with frustration. Anger sucked but was better than embarrassment. Jeez, that would be bad if it was the latter.

"Mom, you suck." Kagome said and crossed her arms over her chest. She couldn't help it, but a grin spread over her face. "And somehow I still love you…"

After they embraced, Mrs. Higurashi looked sternly at her daughter. "Did you use the condoms."

Cherry time!

Kagome's flushed face definitely made it past her hairline. How could her mother be so…blunt?

"Mom! Of course n-not."

"Oh, dear, you didn't have time to put them on, did you? I knew that Inuyasha being half demon and everything would change it a bit. Kagome, let's just hope your not pregnant. I wouldn't want to explain dog ears on a CT scan. I mean--"

"Ack! Mother! We didn't--, I mean, of course nothing…Grr, how could you think that I'd--! I'm not going to get pregnant, Mom!" she whispered hoarsely at last. She didn't want Inuyasha to hear this conversation. He'd probably get… horny, the stupid jerk. Well, she'd have a talk with him. She couldn't wait to just…her thoughts were interrupted when her mother cleared her throat.

"Dear, you really need to learn how to not speak what you're mind is discussing through."

What's redder than a cherry?

Kagome nodded, embarrassed to heck.

After wondering where Inuyasha was, the two women discovered he was already back in the feudal era. Kagome felt a piece of her pride come back. At least she didn't run away like a pansy dog. At least she endured another ten minutes of getting stuff ready to go with her mom's scrutinizing gaze following her about the house. At least she managed to not get suicidal about a really odd sex talk!

When Kagome landed on Miroku, Inuyasha got really pissed (jealousy, cough, cough. What else? Kagome nearly bubbled with laughter). Kagome was confused, though, and couldn't get her thoughts straight until hitting Miroku finally washed away all that muddling confusion. Damn the pervert.

Sango slapped him too, which made Kagome happier still and, unknowing to Kagome, helping Inuyasha not to kill the lecherous monk. Miroku just seemed glad to see them back.

Inuyasha and Kagome didn't feel nearly as bad about their situation when they heard what happened to Sango and Miroku. They were just as stupid. Did they not realize that there was a vine under all that mossy-like fungus? Nope. Kagome had a good time laughing at them. Inuyasha just smirked but his mind seemed to be on something else. Grr, Kagome growled and sent an accusatory glare at the half demon. The horny bastard…

Kagome was relieved to find that Sango and Miroku were showing more open affection. Before they couldn't get further away from each other and now she'd caught them holding hands! Kagome was excited about the wedding that was inevitably coming up. That thought jolted her. What about Inuyasha? What about her? Could they really stay together?

She shook her head. That was for another time. Best not to ponder that at the moment. First thing was first: destroy Naraku. After that, they could pry into sensitive areas.

Inuyasha nearly smiled when Kagome wrapped her arms around his left one and rested her head against his shoulder. He wanted to kill Miroku when he wiggled his eyebrow in a finally-Inuyasha-did-something-worth-speaking-about or aha!-Inuyasha-is-finally-a-man! fashion. He wasn't sure which but they both were damned similar. He hadn't realized he was growling until Kagome kissed his cheek. They blushed. This was weird.

But good. If things stayed this way, life really couldn't get much better…could it? Not likely. They would figure things out eventually. Best not let it bother them. Besides. Love conquers all, right? Inuyasha squeezed her tightly against him.

Yes, Kagome, love conquers all.


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