The Dance Dance Revolution machine moved aside, revealing a door, which burst open. Tohru, still holding the chord from the DDR machine, stood dumbly over Kyo, who lay motionless on the ground. The figure that burst into the room was Hatori, who had come to save their lives. But it was too late. The boy who had originally wanted revenge had now been killed.

However, Tohru did not see Hatori standing there. Instead, she saw arrows. Nothing but little tiny floating arrows, in place of a body. And when Hatori spoke, she did not hear a human voice. Instead she heard music, which got faster and louder, faster and louder, faster and louder, until it was just unbearable.

"AAHHH!" She began to cover her ears, screaming in agony. "NO! NO MORE ARROWS, NOT THE MUSIC! NO!" And she was so lost in her own disturbed mind that she didn't even notice when Hatori picked her up, and carried her to his car, where she would soon be transported to an insane asylum.

Hatori opened the door to the white room again, wearing white latex gloves, expecting to have to take care of two dead bodies. But what surprised him was that Yuki's body was there… but there was no Kyo. That could only mean one thing- Kyo was still alive, and he had escaped.

Kyo opened his eyes. Everything looked fuzzy, like when he had been awakened by Tohru, and seen the white room for the first time. He looked over at Yuki's body, and for a minute forgot what had just happened. He then remembered- he had killed Yuki. But… if he had killed Yuki, then why had he been knocked out? Wait… it all came back to him. Tohru had tried to kill him. That damn girl. She always acted so innocent. But she really had been out to get him from the start. Well, he would have his revenge. He would find her, and soon, she would suffer the same fate as Yuki…