1. Royalty
Rating: PG
Characters: Cheri, Wolfram, Gwendal, Conrad

"Who's my little prince?" Cheri cooed at her newest son, tickling his stomach and making the baby squeal in delight. "You're my little prince, aren't you!"

"He looks just like her," Gwendal commented, low enough that only his brother could hear.

"I suppose one of us was going to, sooner or later," Conrad shrugged. He reached up to tug his ponytail, but touched only air; his military haircut was still too new for him to remember he had short hair now. "Maybe he'll act like her, too."

"Bite your tongue," Gwendal said gruffly.

"It's good that he was born now," Conrad commented. "Now that I'm third heir, it won't be so troublesome if something happens to me in battle."

"Conrad…" Gwendal began, but Conrad waved him off.

"It's all right, brother," Conrad said, and if his cheer was a little forced, Gwendal could be counted on not to comment on it. "No helping the human blood. Besides, now that mother's got her requisite two full-blooded heirs, I can do what I wish."

"Speaking of," Gwendal turned his head just enough to eye Conrad, "where is Yozak?"

Conrad laughed, and didn't answer.

"Gwendal!" Cheri called. "Conrad! Come and meet your baby brother!"