-On the Prowl-

"Show of hands, who can see in the dark?" a deep sultry voice asked, brandishing an amused smirk. The owner of the voice chuckled, dodging a few random bullets before launching one of their weapons into a nearby utility box, effectively cutting the lights. Hearing various curses and protests as well as wild shots in the darkness, the figure's smirk broadened. "I can."

Through the darkness, the figure easily dodged all the armed officers to retrieve his weapon from the crackling and sparking utility box. Putting the beautifully crafted sai back into its sheath, the figure skillfully scaled up the adjacent wall and onto the second landing.

( Sphinx, don't come out the front way! Cops have it all blocked off and they have even radioed for more backup! )

The figure, now known as Sphinx groaned in frustration at the news while effortlessly leaping onto one of the high rafters from his spot on the second landing's catwalk. Scanning the interior of the building, he smiled in relief at seeing a window with a fire escape. Making another graceful leap, he reached the window and quickly crawled out onto the escape as the generator kicked on, allowing light to flood the building once more.

Sighing at the close call, Sphinx looked down and smiled, seeing a streetlamp in perfect range. Jumping onto the railing, he balanced himself while getting down into a crouch position before making a
huge leap from his spot.

Demonstrating unnatural agility, and accuracy, his hands gripped the cool metal firmly while the momentum from the leap caused him to swing around the lamp as if it were a parallel bar. Swinging around
a few more times, he dismounted with a flip to a crouch landing on top of a nearby parked SUV.

( Show off! Best be glad you're light on your feet and didn't do any damage to that vehicle. )

(( More like be glad this vehicle doesn't have an alarm. I don't want to draw any more attention to myself.))

Sphinx sighed, jumping from the SUV and running into the alley, just as another set of police cars drove by.

( You got out just in time, it seems. So what happened? )

(( They were both there, but they escaped by using Shadow portals, leaving me to deal with the cops. The owner of the building should be alright though, he just had a few abrasions and maybe a broken
arm, but other than that he should be fine. ))

( Do you know what they were after? Was anything taken? )

(( Nothing was taken. This man was only a lead to information they were looking for, unfortunately I don't know what they were after. I was hoping you would tell me. ))

( Why would I know of what they seek? I have nothing to do with them. )

(( I didn't mean it literally, Miw-sher. Its just I'm confused and would like some answers. C'mon lets just go home before the cops find out that I am no longer in the building. ))

With that said, Sphinx crouched down low before leaping up onto the high wall of the alley, then jumping over onto the other side of the street, disappearing from the scene without a trace.

"Yo! Yugi, check this out."

Hearing the familiar voice, a young man with spiky, gravity defying tri-color locks and wide amethyst eyes turned to look at the approaching figure of a lithe guy with a mop of blond hair and warm honey brown eyes. "What is it, Jou?"

Taking a seat across from his shorter companion, Jou offered him the small compact, handheld computer that his lover had given him as a present for his birthday. "Take a look," he smiled as Yugi took the offered handheld. "It seems our resident mystery man had some fun in Italy last night."

Looking at the blond curiously, Yugi arched an eyebrow before shaking his head and skimming over the news article displayed on the small computer. "Well at least this continues to prove that he isn't a thief, or a common criminal."

Shaking his head, Jou took back the handheld as Yugi offered it back to him. "I dunno about that, Yugi. I still think this guy's a burglar or something."

"How can he be a thief when he hasn't stolen anything?" Yugi asked, turning his attention back to rereading his essay for his exhausting English course. "I mean, in all the reports that he has been mentioned in, there has never been anything taken."

"How about the fact that he's breaking and entering?" Jou asked skeptically while crossing his arms across the surface of the picnic table. "And I think you're forgetting the time that there was a report of that ancient relic- thingy from London being swiped."

"It wasn't him," hearing the scoff, Yugi marked his place with his index finger before looking up at his friend. "That robbery took place the same day that He was reported to have saved a lady from being raped and leaving her would be rapist to the cops. So it wasn't him."

"Maybe, but still yet, the dude is up to something," Jou mused while fiddling with one of Yugi's books that were scattered across the table. Seeing the math book, he debated whether he wanted to do his own assignment or not. "I mean, if he ain't stealing, then what's he doing?"

"I think he's looking for something," Yugi sighed, putting his essay away. "Not sure of what it is or anything, but that's all I can piece together for the time being. Other than that, I guess he is our resident do-gooder that likes to trespass into places to piss the high society off."

"Ya know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you had a thing for this dude. You've been following up on dis guy ever since he showed up, and that been what? 3 weeks?" Jou smirked, poking his companion. Having his hand smacked away, he frowned lightly, "And this guy still doesn't have a name yet, all they get of him is a glimpse and then he's 'poof'!"

"They say he is dressed completely in black, but sometimes they catch a flash of gold. His moves are cat-like, full of unnatural grace while his voice is smooth and deep," Yugi smiled, unconsciously hugging the notebook containing his essay.

"That's really nothing to go on," Jou pointed out, mentally chuckling at the dazed look on Yugi's face. His little companion was definitely into the mysterious unnamed vigilante that appeared out of no where.

"I think him not having a name is what helps keep him so alluring. It makes him even more elusive and mysterious," Yugi chuckled before dropping into a dead silence as his amethyst eyes caught sight of a figure that had just taken a seat at the vacant table beside the campus fountain.

Blinking at the sudden silence, Jou looked over at his friend and smirked at the look on the other's face. Following the trail of vision, he chuckled before reaching over and using the tip of his finger to close Yugi's gaping mouth. "Keep drooling and I'll have ta paddle my way to my next class."

Snapping back into reality, he slapped his friend's hand away. "Hush you!" he glared before looking down at the table and trying to gather up his scattered books. Out of the corner of his eye though, he continued to stare at the figure sitting beside the fountain.

The figure seated beside the fountain was blessed with beautiful sun bronzed skin. His body was enough to have any envious of him, with a lithe, athletic frame and toned muscles visible under that delicious skin. His handsome face had chiseled and sharp features while exotic, long sooty eyelashes framed those smoldering liquid ruby eyes.

Keeping the glance at his crush, Yugi's mind was reduced down to almost mush, but he was still coherent enough to take in the similarities between them that always caused him to teeter on a state of utter bewilderment.

Both Yugi and his crush sported the same gravity defying spikes. The same goldenrod bangs, but where as Yugi's framed his face, the other's not only framed his face but a few of his longer bangs streaked up through the rest of his hair, which was a rich obsidian boldly trimmed in dark crimson.

"Well I'm sure he just made your day, didn't he?" Jou chuckled while giving his friend a playful wink.

"Anytime I get to see Atemu Amir is a good day for me," Yugi flushed, trying to occupy himself with gathering up all his supplies.

"Ya ever think of actually talking to him?" Jou asked curiously, crossing his arms over the table and laying his head over them so he could look at his friend.

"…Um…no," Yugi sighed, turning away from his friend to catch another glimpse of his crush putting on a pair of sleek, stylish reading glasses before working on an assignment. Even with glasses, he has the ability to make me melt…' Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he turned to look back at Jou, "I don't know what to say to him."

"Well most start with Hello', Mouto."

Giving out a startle eep', Yugi nearly fell out of his seat as he turned to see a familiar tall brunet with cold sapphire eyes. "Gah,Kaiba! Don't sneak up on me like that!" he snapped, putting a hand over his rapidly beating heart.

"I was only offering some advice," Kaiba smirked before sauntering around the table to sit beside Jou and wrap an arm around his waist.

"Hmph, when I want you're advice, I'll make an appointment," Yugi muttered while tossing his books into his backpack.

Leaning against Seto lightly, Jou chuckled while shaking his head at Yugi. "Y'know Yugi, he does have a point. You could go on up to him and say hi' to at least get a conversation going."

"I'm guessing the two of you are talking about Amir, right?" Seto asked while running his fingers through Jou's blond hair.

"Yeah, Yugi is crazy about him…"


"… But he hasn't even talked to the guy yet- Ow!" Jou yelped as Yugi kicked his shin from under the table. "Dang it, Yugi, I'm just trying to help ya."

"Leave my puppy alone, Yugi," Seto chuckled while patting the blond's head playfully before looking back at the other seated at the table. "I have a few classes with him."

"Really, how come ya never told me, I could have been fixing Yugi- Ha nice try, Yugi- up with him?" Jou asked while glancing back at the glare Yugi was giving him, since he had moved his leg just before Yugi could have kicked him again.

"I figured that Yugi would want to do this on his own," Seto smirked as Yugi nodded in agreement. "However, I can tell you a few things about him."

"Spill it!"

"Jou," Yugi sighed exasperatedly at his friend while rubbing his now throbbing temples.

"Oh c'mon, you know you want to know a few things about him," Jou urged while looking at his friend. "You might find out ya have something in common."

Seto chuckled at his lover's antics. "The pup does have a point, Yugi," he smiled while looking over at the other to catch Yugi's defeated sigh.

"I guess, so what can ya tell me about him?" Yugi asked, crossing his arms on top of the table like Jou.

"What do you want to know?"

"How about what does he prefer, boxers or briefs?"



"Would you both stop it!" Seto snapped, trying to regain some order as he flicked Jou on the nose to watch as he scrunched it up before glaring at him. "As for your inquiry, pup. You don't need to know, nor would I tell you."

"I was only asking for Yugi's sake." Jou chuckled before ducking to avoid a notebook aimed for his head. "Yugi, cut it out!"

"I knew I should have bought a muzzle for you," Seto sighed but smirked as Jou looked at him with an icy glare. Brushing it off, he turned his attention back to Yugi. "I know you know his name, but do you know where he is from?"

Nodding, Yugi lazily drew designs across the stained wood surface with his index finger. "He's from Egypt, right?"

Seto nodded. "That's right; he's from a wealthy family in Cairo. His father owns multiple casinos and hotels there."

Whistling in awe, Jou shook his head. "If he had all that, then why did he come here to go to school?"

"Not sure, maybe he just wanted to get away from Egypt for a while," Seto shrugged. "His mother died recently, that's the only thing I can think of that might have caused him to leave."

Yugi looked over at his crush sadly. He knew how it felt to have lost a loved one, but he lost both of his parents due to a terrible car accident, leaving him in the care of his grandfather, which he wasn't complaining about, since he loved the elder dearly. At least Atemu still had a father, but apparently they weren't all that close.

"Does he live on campus or what?"

"Pup, if Yugi is the one interested in the guy, then why are you asking all the questions?" Seto asked glaring lightly at the other.

"Just curious."

"Don't be," Seto remarked, looking back at Yugi while mentally daring his witty lover to ask another question. "As for my pup's question, Atemu lives in a condominium on the outskirts of town."

"Does he live alone?" Yugi asked, almost chuckling at the sight of Jou mouthing off a question before turning to innocently smile up at his lover.

"He does to an extent."

"What do you mean?" Yugi asked curiously.

"He has a cat," Seto smiled at seeing the relief washing over Yugi's face. "Other than those little tidbits, I don't have anything else for you. I can tell you that he is a bit aloof to others though and that he and I have something in common."

"Oh, and that would be?"

"When it comes to work, we're both driven to do it without fail, no mistakes," Seto smirked. "That's why I have some respect for him, he and I have little challenges when it comes to taking our exams and what not."

Jou rolled his eyes while turning to look up at his lover. "You and work."

"I always make time for you though, pup." Seto smirked.

"Ya better, or I'd kick ya ass!" Jou glared.

"I doubt that," Seto chuckled before leaning over to capture the blond's lips in a deep kiss.

"Get a room, you two," Yugi sighed, rolling his eyes and getting up from the table to toss his back pack over his shoulder. Watching as the two pulled away to glare at him playfully, he motioned to his watch. "I'll catcha later, Torture 101 is starting."

Watching his friend's retreating form, Jou chuckled before looking down at his watch to notice that he still had at least another 10 minutes to spare before next class.

"Do you think he will actually talk to him?" Seto asked casually while brushing a few of Jou's bangs away from his eyes.

"Ha, the day Yugi actually goes up and talks to Atemu will be the day Hell freezes over," Jou sighed.

"I see, so you want me to keep my eyes on Amir for Mouto," Seto mused while Jou nodded.

"How could you guess?"

"Hmm, I know my puppy well," Seto smirked catching the other's lips in another searing kiss before getting up from the table. "I'll see you at next break, all right."

"I'll be here," Jou smiled as Seto waved before heading off to his class. Slumping against the table, he gave a defeated sigh before pulling out his math book and flipping it open to the assigned pages. "Might as well do this crap," he grumbled before looking over the problems and drawing a complete blank. Growling in frustration he shoved the book back into his pack before getting up from the table and heading off to the café inside the second floor of the university. 'But first, I need some brain food.'