-On the Prowl-


The sudden sting that raced across his left cheek caused Yami's crimson eyes to widen. Reaching up to gently touch the abused area, he winced at the throbbing pain before narrowing his eyes and turning to glare lightly at the large figure of Miw-sher since he could hear her mental laughter.

( Don't give me that look, after all the teasing you've done, you deserved that.)

Getting ready to send a mental reply of his own, Yami's attention snapped over to the shaking figure standing in front of him as the scent of fresh tears invaded his senses. "Yugi?"

Sniffling, Yugi continued to gently rub his right hand before tensing at the sound of his name escaping from Yami's lips. "How… how could you do this?"

Frowning, Yami slowly stepped up to his little one and carefully reached out to stroke Yugi's cheek but was stopped as Yugi took a step back.

"Why?" Yugi asked while looking up at Yami with hurt, teary ears. "Why didn't you tell me that you were Sphinx? Didn't you trust me?"

"Yugi, it's not like that," Yami sighed while shaking his head. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner… but I was trying to protect you." Turning to Miw-sher for help, he inwardly pouted as the beast shook her head. "I never meant to hurt you and I do trust you… more than anything and I wanted to keep you out of harm's way because I love you and I didn't want anything to happen to you."

Amethyst eyes widened at the declaration, causing a few tears to trail down flushed cheeks. "What?"

Closing the distance between them, Yami quickly wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist and pulled him into a warm embrace. "I love you Yugi, and even though it wasn't the best idea at not telling you—I thought it would keep you safe… but I was wrong," he whispered, letting his breath tickle across Yugi's ear.

Breathing in the familiar spicy scent that belonged to Yami, Yugi cuddled closer in the embrace. "Yami, I lo--" he started, but was silenced as Yami placed a warm finger to his lips. Looking up at the other curiously, he could feel his cheeks go rosy at the warm, caring crimson eyes that were looking at him as though he was the greatest treasure in the world.

"I know… Miw-sher told me," Yami winked before leaning down and claiming Yugi's lips in a passionate kiss.

Melting into the kiss, Yugi wrapped his arms around Yami's neck and mentally swooned at the sound of the familiar purr that Sphinx would use. 'I could really get used to that purr,' he mentally chuckled before opening his eyes at the feel of kiss ending.

Folding her wings neatly against her sides, Miw-sher watched her masters carefully before turning to narrow her eyes in the direction of the large tower they had just escaped. Flicking her tail, she let out a low growl at the sudden tingle that ran across her senses.

(( You sense something, don't you?))

( Viper and Jackal's items are in that building… but I sense a third and this item is different…)

Hugging Yugi close to him, Yami glanced over his loyal guardian. Frowning at Miw-sher's vague explanation, he unconsciously started to rub Yugi's back as he realized what he had to do. "I have to go back."

Eyes widening, Yugi wrapped his arms tightly around Yami's waist. "N-no, you can't go back! Yami, they'll--"

"They won't even know I'm there," Yami smiled, while placing a finger on Yugi's lips to silence his pleas. "Trust me, I'll be fine."

Worrying his bottom lip, Yugi looked up into Yami's affectionate crimson eyes and sighed before stepping up closer to the other and hugging him tightly as he rested his head on Yami's chest. Feeling Yami's arms wrapping around his waist, he breathed in the other's spicy scent while nuzzling his face against the fabric of his shirt. "Just be careful… promise."

Leaning down enough to nuzzle his face in Yugi's hair, Yami placed a kiss on the silky tresses before pulling back enough so that he could lift Yugi's chin. "I promise," he vowed before leaning down and brushing his lips against Yugi's in an adoring kiss.

Reluctantly pulling away from Yami, Yuugi watched with wide eyes as the puzzle around Yami's neck gave off a brilliant flash before with each step Yami's figure was covered in shadows that bled away to the familiar black leathers that belonged to Sphinx, all the way to the tips of once tri-colored hair that was now as black as the shadows. Biting his lip unconsciously from his sudden worry, he felt his heart skip a beat as Yami turned back toward him as Sphinx with his ebony mask in place and his feline crimson eyes gazing at him in silent promise that everything would be alright.

Offering Yugi a warm smile, Sphinx turned away and stepped up to the edge of the building where Miw-sher was currently standing. "I want you to stay with him, take him home if you have to… or back to my place. If Viper and Jackal try anything I want you there to protect him," Sphinx stated as he looked up into his loyal guardian's face.

( And who will be here to protect you. )

"I'll be fine," Sphinx promised with a small smirk as he twirled a single card between his fingers. "Just take care of Yugi for me."

( As you wish. )

Getting to her feet, Miw-sher let out a low rumbling purr as she leaned down enough for Sphinx to rub her cheek before turning and walking over to Yugi. Continuing to purr, she gently nuzzled Yugi's hair to earn a small 'eep' before Yugi playfully swatted her away.

"Yugi, go with her, she's going to take you away from here so that you'll be safe," Sphinx smiled as he watched the two interact.

"But… won't you need her?" Yugi asked, looking at Sphinx curiously as well with a hint of worry. "She is your guardian after all."

"She's our guardian, Yugi… so she has to protect you too," Sphinx smiled before nodding at Miw-sher.

Letting out a started yelp, Yugi blinked as with a quick move Miw-sher had used her tail to scoop him up onto her back before spreading out her wings and giving them a few minor flaps. Turning back to Sphinx, he curled his fingers into Miw-sher's plush fur as he watched the other toss a card into the air before it disappeared as a screeching roar broke through the silence before the large figure of a familiar shiny black dragon with ruby eyes swooped down to hover right at the edge of the building.

'Red Eyes Black Dragon,' he mused, still in awe at the dragon's appearance before an odd yet familiar feminine chuckle bounced across his thoughts. Blinking his eyes, he let out another startled 'eep' as Miw-sher leaped into the air before flapping her large wings.

: Red Eyes is one of his chosen, just as Silver Fang is one of yours. :

Feeling the voice purr through his thoughts, Yugi watched as Sphinx leaped onto the dragon's back before flying away in the direction of Pegasus' tower. Recalling what the voice had said, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath to feel something click into place within all his ancient memories. The familiar voice he knew belonged to Miw-sher and he could recall all the times they had talked as she taught him about the Shadows and how to bond with the creatures of your choosing.

: I-I know… but it's still so hard to watch him go. :

: I'm pleased that you have regained all your memories, Little Light. I've missed you. :

Leaning down enough to hug Miw-sher, Yugi buried his face in the plush, silky fur and breathed in a scent that brought back so many memories of his past life. The smell of lotus blossoms and honey, as well as the various spices that were carried by the desert breeze, it all made him feel complete. "I missed you too, Miw-sher," he breathed while turning so that he could see the large buildings as they soared across the sky.

"Just wait till I get my hands around that—Ow!—oh I'm going to rip his head off!" Jackal growled as he made his way down the winding halls while sawing off the last remaining shred of the glowing chain wrapped around his bicep with one of his chakrams and accidentally cutting himself in the process. "I hate him!"

"Tell me something I don't already know."

At the sound of the familiar voice, Jackal looked up and glared as he spotted the silhouette of Viper leaning leisurely against the wall. "Hey, where the hell were you when I needed help?" he snarled while storming toward the other. Taking a few steps closer, his eyes widened at the sight of the gold item that rested against the other's chest. "Where—How—I mean where did you find your Ring?"

"I actually have Sphinx to thank for that," Viper smirked while running his fingers across the Ring's golden surface.

Arching a brow, Jackal cocked his head curiously to the side. "What are you talking about? Why would you want to thank him?" he asked, thoroughly confused before his eyes widened even more as Viper held up something he'd thought he'd never get to see again.

"Here, I think it misses you," Viper chuckled as he tossed the gold item to his companion to watch as Jackal caught it with ease. "It's odd, I never realized how much I actually missed my Ring until I put it back on."

"Finally, I don't feel naked anymore!" Jackal cheered while hugging the gold item close to his chest, and earning an odd look from Viper.

"Whatever," Viper stated before looking down just as one of the spikes dangling from his ring lifted on its own and flashed a vibrant gold. "Hmm… seems we'll get to thank Sphinx sooner than I thought, he's coming."

Turning to looking in the direction the pointer was facing, Jackal narrowed his eyes in order to spot the approaching figure in the distance. "Looks like he's on a Summoned creature, I wonder where his Guardian is?"

Stepping up to stand beside his companion, Viper smirked lightly. "No doubt protecting Yugi," he replied while crossing his arms.

"Predictable," Jackal chuckled as a card materialized between his middle and index finger. "I guess I better start thanking him though with a welcome back gift."

"I'll second that idea," Viper grinned as he looked over at the card between Jackal's fingers. "I still owe him for that Mirror Wall he pulled on me," he smirked as the gold relic against his chest gave off a glimmer of light. "And I want him to meet my own special guardian."

Arching a brow at the look on Viper's face, Jackal rolled his eyes. "Y'know it sucks that I was never given a guardian of my own," he muttered before looking down at his card then looking back out the window. "C'mon Sphinx just a little closer."

Ignoring the way his bangs obscured his vision from the beat of the black dragon's wings, Sphinx inwardly tensed as something shot across his senses. Narrowing his eyes at the approaching building, the sensation became overwhelming as two silhouettes could be seen standing in the window that he had broken through with Yugi earlier. "Viper and Jackal, what are you two up too?"

Smirking, Jackal tossed the card out the window as the Red Eyes Black Dragon entered into the zone where the magic of the card could reach. "Dragon Capture Jar do you stuff!" he yelled as the card faded into a wisp of smoke to instantly be replaced by a large jar that was made to look like a dragon's head.

Crimson eyes widened at the large jar as Sphinx felt the dragon below him tense up. "Damn," he growled as he looked up just as the lid of the jar was removed to erupt in a fury of flames. Getting to his feet, he almost stumbled back as the dragon let out a screeching roar at the tug of the jar. "Fight it just a bit longer!" he yelled as the dragon growled before turning to look at the jar and breathing out a large fireball.

"Not going down with a fight, is he?" Viper chuckled as the ring around his neck gave off another bright flash. "Now it's my turn. Diabound, stop that fireball!" he yelled as the very air around them rippled before a long serpent body slithered out to block the dragon's assault.

"What?" Sphinx's eyes widened as the snake headed creature coiled around the jar just as the rest of the summoned beast was revealed. "It can't be…" he muttered, looking over a creature that he could only vaguely recall in his deepest memories.

"Diabound, go and give Sphinx a warm welcome!" Viper yelled pointing in Sphinx's direction as the large creature flapped its mighty wings.

Fighting to keep his balance on the struggling dragon, Sphinx frowned as Viper's creature was drawing closer. Gritting his teeth, he narrowed his eyes while bringing up his hands as the gold claws gave off a bright flash. "Red Eyes, thanks for the help. I'll make this up to you, but can you do me a favor and toss me toward that thing?" he asked, earning a nod from the large dragon.

"Um… what's he doing?" Jackal asked, turning to look over at Viper to notice an odd look on the other's face.

"Now!" Sphinx yelled as he crouched down as far as he could while having the large dragon soar at an angle enough so that he could set on the wing. The dragon roared before flapping its wings and launching Sphinx straight at the approaching creature to only disappear in a wisp of shadows soon after.

Feeling his eyes burn from the speed of the toss, Sphinx fought off the urge to blink before twisting in mid air and raising his claws just as he made contact with Viper's beast. Digging his claws into the creature's hide, he hissed as the gold sliced through the shadowy flesh to only bleed out a rather acidic looking ooze that sizzled as the momentum of his launch caused him to slide down the length of the creature's body.

Viper hissed as he watched his creature being attacked by Sphinx. "How can he do this?" he snarled before raising his ring to give his guardian a power boost. "I'll make him pay for this!"

Digging his claws deeper into Diabound's hide, Sphinx frowned as he noticed the trail of claw marks were slowly starting to heal. "This isn't going to be easy," he sighed before quickly bringing up his legs and jumping up to get a better grip as well as dodge the strike of the creature's serpent headed tail.


Gold eyes widened as Miw-sher felt something sear across her senses. Quickly flapping her wings, she inwardly scolded herself at such a quick move as she heard the startled yelp from behind her. Turning back toward the direction they had just come from, she narrowed her eyes at the odd feeling. The tug of the shadows had been familiar, yet she hadn't felt such a presence since the Great Battle.

"Miw-sher… what's wrong?"

Hearing the concerned tone, Miw-sher's ears swiveled back in Yugi's direction to let him know that she was listening to him.

Watching Miw-sher, Yugi frowned. "Miw-sher?"

( Something is wrong… I sensed a powerful surge from the shadows and-- )

"Is Sphinx in danger?" Yugi gasped, feeling his heart beat quicken at the thought of the other being in danger. "Miw-sher, we have to go back if he is!"

Letting out a rumbling croon, Miw-sher gave her wings a few light beats before turning her head enough to look back at the little one riding on her back. Seeing the fear and concern as well as devotion in those eyes brought back many past memories when eyes of the same color asked her to protect his Pharaoh with everything she had.

( Sphinx won't be pleased if I return with you. He wanted me to take you to someplace safe—not back into the harms way. )

Running a hand through the plush black fur, Yugi gave the beast a confident smile. "I know you'll protect me," he stated, giving the creature a few more gentle strokes. "Now let's go and help Sphinx."

Chuffing lightly, Miw-sher nodded before giving her wings a powerful flap and quickly heading back in the direction of Industrial Illusions.

"Can you believe that Yugi is in there?" Malik asked while looking up at the large sky scraper in front of them. Frowning at the lack of a reply, he shot an impatient stare over to his companion to find him crouched down and looking at something on the sidewalk. "Ryou, what are you doing?"

"Malik, look at this," Ryou said while carefully picking up a piece of colored glass. "There's all kinds of glass scattered around… I wonder how it got here?" he asked, showing the fragment to Malik.

"I dunno," Malik shrugged while crouching down to look down at the scattered pieces as well. "Hey look at this one, it looks like it has blood on it," he stated while pointing at a piece that blood on the edges. "Stupid bird must have flown through it."

Arching a brow at the comment, Ryou rolled his eyes while inwardly sweat dropping. "I highly doubt a pigeon did this," he retorted before straightening his stance and craning his neck up enough to look toward the top of the building to blink as a quick flash darted across his vision before disappearing once again. "What in the world?"

"Huh, what are you looking at now?" Malik asked, stepping up beside his companion and looking up as well. "I don't see anything."

"I-I'm not sure, it must've been my imagination," Ryou replied while looking up at the sky to only blink once again as something dropped onto his cheek. In an instant, he hissed at the stinging sensation as whatever dripped onto his cheek started to burn.

Hearing Ryou's hiss, Malik quickly went to his friend's aid. "What's wrong?" he asked, moving Ryou's hand away from his cheek to have his eyes widen at the black looking goop that was slowly burning away at Ryou's pale skin. "What the hell is that?"

"I-I don't know –ah—but it's burning!" Ryou cried, biting back another hiss at the feel of his skin burning under the black substance.

Malik frowned as he quickly pulled out a blue and white camouflage style bandanna from one of his cargo pockets. "Hold still," he chided as he made to wipe off the goop to only have Ryou flinch away. Huffing out an irritated breath, he was getting ready to make another swipe of it but jumped as only a few inches away a large blob of the same black ooze hit the pavement. "What the hell is going on?"

High above the tower of Industrial Illusions, Sphinx's claws sliced through Diabound's skin as he dodged another deadly strike from the creature's serpent headed tail. Gritting his teeth, he growled as the large creature twisted wildly causing his stomach to roll violently before his eyes widened at the fast approaching wall.

Scrambling to the side, he moved to dodge another strike from the creature's tail when he slipped. Sliding across Diabound's rough hide, Sphinx quickly sank his claws deep down into the skin to finally stop himself. However, coming to a stop hanging in midair wasn't the position he wanted to be in as the serpent headed tail turned to look at him. "Not good."

Viper couldn't help the smug smirk that crossed his face as he witnessed Sphinx dangling from Diabound's midsection as the creature's tail moved into a striking position. "Nothing could save him now," he chuckled before as he looked over at Jackal to notice the odd look on the other's face. "What's wrong with you--"


Viper and Jackal both stumbled as the tower shook from the violent impact. Looking out the window the two of them were greeted with the sight of Sphinx's guardian pulling away from Diabound as the creature slowly started to slip away from the wall.

Sphinx was rattled, the sudden blow had almost caused him to loose his grip but he had managed to hang on. Feeling his senses tingle at the familiar aura, he inwardly cursed as he caught a glimpse of Miw-sher flapping her wings to stay just out of the range of Diabound's tail.

Yugi's eyes widened at the large creature before he let out a fearful gasp as he caught sight of Sphinx. "Miw-sher we've got to help him out," he pleaded as he pointed to Sphinx's dangling figure.

Rumbling an affirmative, Miw-sher made another swoop when Diabound shifted and moved to hit her instead, but she swiftly dodged out of the way causing the creature's hand to crash into the tall building. Being careful of the one on her back, she sucked in a deep breath before turning and breathing out a burst of flames that were just as inky as her fur into Diabound's face.

Viper cursed as Diabound let out a painful roar at the black flames that scorched its face. Biting back a hiss of his own, he stumbled back before something else caused his other senses to tingle.

"Sphinx, are you alright?" Yugi yelled as Miw-sher made a quick swoop by him.

"I'm fine, just hanging around," Sphinx smirked, unable to be cross about how Yugi was putting himself in danger. "Though I would rather have you somewhere safe," he shouted sternly while idly narrowing his eyes at Miw-sher.

Getting ready to tell Sphinx that he was the one that begged Miw-sher to return, Yugi gasped as Miw-sher flapped her wings to avoid a strike from Diabound's tail, but unfortunately Sphinx was thrown from the creature. "SPHINX!" he yelled fearfully to only have his heart stop as the other turned the violent toss into a graceful leap while breaking through another ornate window.

Crashing through the window, Sphinx twisted his body around and turned the possibly painful fall into a swift and graceful flip before landing in a successful crouch. Mentally thanking every deity possible at quick instinct, he ran back to the window to watch as Miw-sher zipped through the air while throwing various attacks at Diabound as the other creature made to follow her.

"Always the lucky bastard, aren't you Sphinx?"

Biting back a growl, Sphinx slowly turned and narrowed his eyes at the two figures that stood behind him. However at spotting the gold items that both of them were sporting his eyes widened a fraction. "I see you two found your items," he stated, watching the two carefully.

"We actually have you to thank for that," Jackal sneered while crossing his arms. "But don't think we're going to go easy on you just because you helped us out."

Inwardly blinking, Sphinx was a bit confused. The last time he'd left Jackal and Viper one was pinned to the wall and the other was bound in chains. Hearing another loud boom, he kept his footing while watching as Jackal and Viper did the same.

( Sphinx, we have a problem. The Little Light's friends are being bombarded from the debris that Diabound is creating. )

Feeling the concern drift through his connection with Miw-sher, Sphinx frowned as he thought about all Yugi's friends. He could figure that Jou would be off with Seto somewhere since the brunet had finally managed to get a few days away from work to spend with his puppy, so that only left Malik and Ryou. Eyes widening, he narrowed his eyes on the pair before him.

"Viper, call off your creature now," he stated, earning a smirk in return.

"And why should I listen to you?" Viper asked, crossing his arms lightly while lightly tapping the tips of his silver claws against his pale skin. "Afraid that Diabound might hurt your little one."

Growling lightly, Sphinx forced a smirk onto his own face. "Diabound is no match for my Guardian," he bit back before leveling the other with a narrowed glare. "However, I doubt that Ryou or Malik can withstand the onslaught of debris that creature is creating."

At the mention of Ryou's name Viper froze. "What are you talking about?" he asked his voice softer and tinged with a bit of concern.

"What would those two being doing here anyways?" Jackal chimed in, glaring at Sphinx. "Is this some kind of ploy to get us to let down our guard?"

"I wouldn't stoop to that level," Sphinx replied while lifting one of his hands as a mirror like object materialized between his claws. "And if you don't believe me, see for yourselves," he shouted as he tossed the object toward Viper and Jackal to watch as it stopped a few inches away from them to start spinning rapidly as whatever was going on outside appeared on the mirror.

Inside the mirror Jackal and Viper watched as Sphinx's Guardian swooped away to barrel into Diabound before leaping away from another attack that crashed into a wall of another building sending debris everywhere. Hearing screams, the images changed to show a few people down below scattering from the falling blocks as well as police cars and few ambulances.

In the midst of the chaos two familiar faces were revealed. Boxed in by fallen block Ryou and Malik both looked as if they had seen better days.

"Ryou!" Viper yelled while instinctively reaching out and grabbing the mirror causing the images to disappear as it was suddenly stopped. "No, what happened?" he asked, glaring up at Sphinx as he felt Jackal step closer to him as well sensed the other's distress.

"Why don't you go and find out for yourself," Sphinx stated before stumbling as the building rocked from another brutal attack.

Watching as a part of the wall behind Sphinx crumbled away, Viper jumped into action as he ran by his adversary to leap out the window. Summoning Diabound with a mental call, he was swiftly scooped into the creature's embrace. Urging his creature downward, Viper could see all the damage that had been done since he'd summoned Diabound.

Images of long forgotten memories flashed through his mind as he remembered the last time he'd summoned his guardian. However, his mental musings was cut short as a sharp blow to the back of his head caused him to almost bite his tongue as he turned around and glared at the one standing behind him.

"What the hell where you thinking jumping out of a damn sky scraper without me!" Jackal groused, glaring at the other. "I have to save Malik too y'know and I don't have a Guardian like you do!"

Smirking at the other, Viper shook his head before turning away to finally see the pieces of falling wall. "Diabound, we have to stop those pieces from hitting the ground!" he ordered as the creature instantly dropped into a dive causing Jackal to curse as he tumbled backwards until stopping himself with his claws.

"Dammit Viper, give a little warning!"

Ignoring Jackal, Viper focused his attention on the falling wall while thinking of the right way to stop the falling debris without it hitting Ryou as well as exposing them to the surrounding public. From the height of the tower it was easy to hide themselves with the shadows, but after calling forth Diabound it was putting a strain on his own powers. "We've got to time this just right," he stated, earning a snort from Jackal.

"You need flying lessons," Jackal snipped before narrowing his eyes as he lifted up his own golden item that flashed brightly. "I'll keep us cloaked."

Nodding, Viper ordered Diabound into another quick swoop that barely missed a few flagpoles of the next building as it twisted in midair to send the serpent headed tail straight at the falling debris.

'We're going to die, we're going to die, we're goin--' Malik's thoughts were hysteric as he looked up at the large slab of rock that was coming toward them. However, his eyes widened even more as the debris came to a sudden stop. "What the hell?" he blinked before poking at Ryou to only smirk as he noticed the other was sitting on the ground with his hands braced as if ready for impact. "Ryou, it stopped."

"Then we're already dead and just dreaming that were going to die again?" Ryou asked, earning an eye roll from Malik.

"No, it just stopped and we're not dead… see?"

"OW! Malik you didn't have to pinch me to prove a point!" Ryou yelled, rubbing the previously pinched skin while glaring lightly at his chuckling companion. "And stop laughing at me!"

Shaking his head, Malik bit his lip to stifle his chuckling as he looked up to watch as the slab of falling debris was lifted up higher before being tossed away. "I've seen some wacky stuff before but this definitely takes the cake… Wait that's what wrong with me!"

Arching a brow, Ryou cocked his head to the side. "What are you talking about?"

"Isis lied to me, see didn't fix that cake that I was eating… My aunt must've made it… that's why all of this is—OW! What was that for?" Malik pouted, rubbing the back of his head as he glared at Ryou.

"That was for pinching me when I was freaking out," Ryou replied before gingerly reaching up and touching his cheek to hiss lightly as it was still raw and tender from the black goop burning into it.


Blinking at the call of his name, Ryou's eyes widened as he turned just in time to see Bakura vault over some of the piled up debris with Marik following behind him. "Bakura, what are you doing here?"

Rushing over to Ryou, Bakura frowned as he noticed the mark on the once pristine cheek. "Are you alright?" he asked, looking over the other closely.

"Marik would you quit fussing," Malik griped, lightly smacking Marik's hands away as he searched him over for any injuries. "I'm fine."

"I'm just making sure," Marik chided while pulling Malik's arm out to inspect for any damage to earn a heated glare from the other.


Pegasus frowned as he watched everything that was going on around his building from the multiple screens that were on his wall. "Hmm, so they found their items did they? That'd explain why I can no longer track them through my sensors," he sighed while idly running his fingers across a serious of keys on the small keyboard that was hidden under a pull-away drawer attached to his desk.

"Those fools have failed."

Pegasus jumped at the familiar voice as he quickly turned to see the shadowy silhouette of his superior displayed on the large screen that decorated his wall. "Master…"

"No more excuses! Sphinx is in the building as we speak and he's the only one that knows where the book is!"

Nodding, Pegasus rapidly tapped another series of keys as the series of monitors started displaying different camera angles. "I'll deal with him."

"I have seen you deal with him before and you let him get away."

Swallowing the lump that appeared in his throat at the cold tone of the other's voice, Pegasus looked back at the screen. "Then what would you have me do, Master?"

"Hidden within your desk is a gift. I want you to use it against Sphinx."

Looking into his desk drawers, Pegasus' eyes widened as they came across an unusual looking chest. Worn looking as if it had once been underwater for years the chest was oddly beautiful as it was decorated in various runes the likes he'd never seen before. Slowly opening the chest, his widened eyes doubled at the deck of cards as well as the smaller chest that were nestled inside the chest. "Cards, but I already have a deck."

"Indeed. You may be known for creating Duel Monsters, but that deck is from ancient times and is very special. The real gift is in the smaller chest."

Unsure of what his Master was talking about, Pegasus nodded before reaching into the chest and picking up the small box and opening it to have the room bathed in a greenish light.

Carefully running down the winding halls, Sphinx pulled to a stop as something seared across his senses. Placing a hand against a wall, he took in a deep breath as whatever the feeling was caused various, not so pleasant images to race through his thoughts.

( Sphinx, I know that feeling… please… )

Gritting his teeth, Sphinx frowned as Miw-sher's mental voice faded from his recognition. Using a bit of his shadows to block out the unease feeling, he took another breath before pushing away from the wall and running down the hall that he remembered leading to Pegasus' main office.

Circling around the building, Miw-sher flapped her wings as she tried to contact Sphinx once again, but was being blocked out. Rumbling her concern, she let out a ragged breath as she felt small, gentle fingers dance across the area between her shoulder blades.

"Miw-sher… something's wrong. I'm scared… and I feel like there's something evil in there, something that I've felt before."

Inwardly frowning, Miw-sher flapped her wings against as she looked through the building windows to notice a bright flash of green light eliciting a growl from her as her senses recoiled at the remembrance of such a light.

Running farther down the hall, Sphinx skidded to a stop at the pair of double doors in front of him. Growling at the dull green glow that radiated from the bottom of the doors, he mentally flinched before mustering his will and pushing the doors open.

The green light quickly receded at his entrance as it drew back before disappearing around the only other figure in the room. "Ah, I knew you'd come back Sphinx."

Gritting his teeth, Sphinx stalked into the room. "This is where it ends Pegasus.," he snarled before watching as the other turned to only have his eyes widen at the mark that was plastered across the other's pale forehead.

"Hmm indeed it has," Pegasus taunted as the doors behind Sphinx slammed closed, locking the two together.

Feeling the odd sensation, Sphinx growled at the searing pain that clashed against his own shadows. Narrowing his eyes at Pegasus, he felt his breath hitch unpleasantly at the other's next words.

"How about we play a game, Sphinxie-boy…"