Lightning-Dono: For those who go on Gaiaonline, my username is Lepidus Light and I put this poem I wrote randomly into one of my journal entries. It was upon the completion of Full Moon wo Sagashite (I got the second DVD set! Mwahaha!) and I was inspired. This is from Meroko to Takuto.


It's like seeing it all over again
That fantasy that I once had
The love that I gave up
To walk another horizon

The danger that was to take your life
A storm that can't be quelled
Somehow I'll save you
Only if you find the will

I want you to love me
How long has it been?
I fail time and time again
To have that very passion returned

A rose can't bloom without sunlight
And that is the source of your delicate nature
You've been living in the dark so long
Take my hand - I'll fly you out

The ocean is nothing without water
True love is what you truly lack
But there's nothing that can cure that now
Until you find the strength within your heart

I want to be your angel
And fly with you through life
Our wings shedding those feathers
That symbolize our reuniting

I wish to be the one you wish for
When you fall asleep at night
I wish to soar with you again
And bless your life never to end