Yo dudes,

SuP, everyone? It's been a while, huh? Yeah. Guess it has. Sorry 'bout that. Couple of things I think we should discuss.

-I want 100 reviews, damnit!

-I apologize for not updating, but I've been doing a lot of school work as of late because my pops has made is blatantly clear that if everything isn't done I can't go to California during spring break. What's his deal? He's harshing my mellow. I told him he was and that I thought he should chill…but then he grounded me for two weeks. I get off this Saturday. The only reason I'm on my computer right now is because he's not home and he thinks I'm doing my Vocabulary…which I will, I just thought I'd update you guys first.

-Plus, I'm making a new movie! WOOOOT. Iss gonna be razor. I'd tell you guys all about it, but I got homework to do. Sorry.

-I'll probably update during Spring Break…dunno yet though. I got a short attention span so you never know with me. Plus, here's hoping I'll be too busy surfing the waves with hot guys to be updating. ;)

OK. Well. Gracias very much for all you're great reviews. I have to go though. I'm mucho hungry and my sister's bugging the crap out of me. GAH! Ima beat her with my paper. Lol. That's it. Ok. Bye.

Thanks much,

Alyx A.K.A soulwriter5

P.S. I want 100 reviews, damnit!