She store at it and it store at her, it's one eyestalk staring directly in the middle of it's face while she looked back at it defiantly , although inwardly she shivered with fear , she knew what this creature could do, she had witnessed it with her own two eyes .

"YOU-ARE-OF-THE-PLANET-TAMERAN-CORRECT" the creature said in it's spaced way of talking .

"Yes" she replied her voice small and meek .

"WHY-DO-YOU-NOT-FEAR-ME" it asked as a whisk like object on it's left side rattled .

"B-b-because I w-watched the time lords and 'your kind' burn" ! she screamed the last word a fury registered in her voice .

"WHAT-DO-YOU-MEAN" it asked it's digitised voice loud as a megaphone .

"Your race is dead , you all burned all of you , ten million ships on fire the entire Dalek race wiped out in one second" she finished with a smug grin on her face .

"YOU-LIE" the golden Dalek exclaimed two lights on ether side of it's domed cranium flashing with each word .

She store at the creature that had wiped out half of her planets species "you wish , I stood there watching as your kind stormed my planet killing all who stood in their way , my planet still celebrates your races extinction " ! .

Starfire growled for a second glaring at the pepper pot shaped being , she had been sent to this underground lab because they had found a 'live alien specimen' and since she was one of the only aliens on the planet with actual knowledge of other species she had been chosen for the task of identifying the creature .

"AND-WHAT-OF-THE-TIME-LORDS" the Dalek said it's voice considerably quieter .

Starfire store at the ground for a second , "dead" she muttered "they burned with you ,the end of the last great time war" .

The Dalek's eyestalk lowered in a almost sad way "I-AM-ALONE-IN-THE-UNIVERSE" it said .

"Yes but I know what to do, I know what should happen , I know what you deserve" a small smile grew on her face , "exterminate" ! she spoke softly before she pulled on a lever on one of the nearby torture machines that the researchers had been using on the Dalek to try and get it to talk .

Electricity flowed through the chains that held it in place as the creature screamed GAHHHHHHHHH --HELP-ME .

"Why should I , you never did" asked Starfire hate and anger flowing through her voice , the fury had overtaken the fear soon into the conversation she pulled on a secondary lever turning the voltage even higher .

The door to the room that the Dalek was being held in suddenly opened as orange jump suited guards ran in and dragged Starfire off of the machine before they lowered the voltage , the Dalek's screaming dying down to small whimpers of pain .

" YOU HAVE TO DESTROY IT " screamed Starfire before she was pulled completely out of the room .

"The last in the universe" the head of the operation spoke staring at the creature with a wide grin "and now I know your name …..'Dalek' " .

(Just a little something I had on my mind after watching doctor who )