So Long Sanity

Summary: Kagura was a college student looking for an apartment. Sesshomaru was a college student looking for a roommate. Unluckily for both of them they found eachother…or was that a good thing?

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Chapter One: I don't Wanna Know

Your eyes were covered in sunglasses when they first met mine

"No Yura, I'm quite content with this apartment by myself idea. The place was lovely" Kagura told her friend with false confidence. Yura was trying to coax Kagura into joining her sorority for the sake of a place to stay. Kagura couldn't stand overly cheerful people in her classes, why the hell would she wish to stay with a house full of them?

"Oh come one Kagura." Yura wheedled over the cell phone. Kagura could just picture her friend trying to hypnotize her. She could never figure out why Yura did it, that dumb trick never worked. "What if that guy is some kind of freak? Or a serial rapist!"

"Then I'll just beat him with his furniture and leave." Silently Kagura added that she wished she had taken time to meet the guy prior to moving in.

"But Kagura chan!" Yura pleaded. "I thought we were friends."

"We are," Kagura assured her, "that's why I don't want to live with you."

"Fine, meet me at Peach Garden for dinner tonight?"

"Sure." Kagura clicked off her cell phone grateful to have that conversation over with and placed the cell phone back in her purse then she pulled a scrap of paper from her pocket. Confident that she could both read and walk at the same time Kagura continued on her way completely oblivious to everyone else on the sidewalk, which was fortunately nobody for about ten minutes then she walked smack into a young silver haired man wearing sunglasses and carrying a bag of groceries which immediately fell to the ground, the groceries, not the man.

"Oh man, I am so sorry!" Exclaimed Kagura apologetically.

"You should be," The man snapped. "Honestly the nerve of some people just ramming into others without a care in the world. While others have appointments to keep."

When he said that, Kagura wondered if he was really as young as she thought. "Hey, I said I was sorry. "I guess I should have actually stopped to read the directions instead of walking and reading."

"Yes, well…. No matter. I guess clumsiness just can't be helped in some people."

"Whatever. Here, let me get the door at least." Kagura was still smarting from the stranger's slight verbal abuse. She had received much worse form her father years ago, but the two years of living with Yura and her sisters had just about erased the memories. Still, the guy may end up being a neighbor soon, and the neighborly thing to do would be to get the door for the guy no matter how big of a prick he was being to her.

"Are you quite sure you can manage to accomplish such a grueling task?" The man sniped, picking up his groceries and glaring at Kagura at the same time.

"Yes," Kagura replied through gritted teeth smiling woodenly, "Quite sure indeed." She opened the door and followed the arrogant young man into the lobby straight towards the elevators.

"Do you live here?" The man inquired as they waited for an elevator to arrive. "Because I don't believe I've seen you before and I doubt that even a person like yourself would stoop to killing, at least not yet."

"No," Kagura replied still smiling. "Well, I kind of live here. But I had to park my truck at the grocery store because there weren't any open spaces, so my boxes are still there. I'm going to meet my roommate today. Well, actually I guess he'd be my flatmate, not my roommate. Because if he was my roommate we'd be sharing a room." She blushed at that thought.

'This is indeed an oddity.' The man thought to himself, pushing the sunglasses onto his head. 'I have a woman coming today as my roommate.' He took a quick glace at Kagura as the elevator doors opened and they both walked in. 'Dear El, I hope this obnoxious bitch is not my roommate This Sesshomaru will not tolerate it!' Just to test this horrid thought Sesshomaru decided to ask the arrogant woman next to him a question. "Which floor?"

"Ne?" Kagura was shocked, not only by the sound of his voice, but the tone it was…well, it was polite. " Sixteen, why do you ask?"

"Shit! I mean, oh, that's convenient I'm going there too." Sesshomaru mentally chastised himself and pressed the button for the sixteenth floor.

"Then why did you yell shit?"

"Oh, no reason."

"Most people usually don't curse out loud for no reason." Kagura pointed out logically.

"I uh… realized that I forgot to buy ramen. Yes that's it! My little brother is coming over to visit later and I think I forgot to pick up ramen since that's about all he seems to eat."

"Ramen huh?"

"Yes, ramen."

"I don't believe you."

"Why?" Sesshomaru couldn't believe that his lie, though poorly constructed, could be seen through by this woman.

"Well, for one thing there's ramen sticking out of your bag." Kagura replied smugly, pointing at his plastic grocery bag. "And for another you don't seem like the type to forget things."

"Meaning?" Sesshomaru questioned worriedly, yet he was silently beaming from Kagura's assessment of his character.

"Meaning that…you're…probably…my…."

Kagura didn't have a chance to finish her frightening sentence because a bell dinged and the doors opened. Sesshomaru walked out first and Kagura trailed behind him. She followed him down the hall, around a corner and stopped behind him at a door marked 1623. Kagura nearly had a coronary when she saw the numbers on the door because they were the same numbers that were on her crumpled scrap of paper and now that she thought of it, Sesshomaru's voice sounded almost like the man's voice over the phone, except that the voice over the phone had sounded so polite and Sesshomaru's voice so wasn't.

Sesshomaru placed his key into the lock and turned it then walked in himself with Kagura trailing closely behind, he didn't even know she was inside the apartment until he turned around to shut the door and was chin to the top of her black hair with who he considered the most obnoxious woman in the world. "Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Sesshomaru demanded angrily, his eyes were starting to glow a nasty shade of red and he was afraid that if this annoying young woman didn't explain herself to this Sesshomaru soon that he wasn't getting his security deposit back from the landlord. "Hurry, this Sesshomaru demands an explanation."

"Well, I believe that I'm your new roommate…Sesshomaru was it?" Kagura replied looking and sounding as smug as ever.

"You-you're kidding right?" The blood had completely drained from his face and Sesshomaru was feeling a bit weak so he sat himself down on one of the over stuffed black Italian leather sofa's which adorned the front room. "Did Hiten put you up to this?" He asked when he felt that there may be some strength returning.

"Huh? I don't even know a Hiten, unless you count that creepy looking dude with the braid in my interpersonal communications class. And no, I'm not kidding."

"YOU'RE Kagura Tsukiyomi?" Sesshomaru gasped in disbelief. If he hadn't already been sitting on his butt, he would have fallen on it. "But…but…but you sounded so nice and mature and well stable on the phone."

Kagura snorted, "The same could be said for you Mr. Nishi. You sounded like a mature well balanced young adult . Not a rude arrogant inconsiderate…."

"Bitch?" Sesshomaru supplied helpfully.

"I was trying for prick, but if you want to mince words."

The two potential roommates sat in silence for a good few minutes with Kagura firmly planted on the other side of the room on the other couch glaring at the silver haired man who had still not removed his sunglasses, despite the oppressive darkness of the room. And through the dark frames of his Armani sunglasses, Sesshomaru glared back at the raven haired woman with the raging temper.

Finally Sesshomaru decided to break the unbearable silence. "So, now what do we do?"

"Uh, how about taking off those damn sunglasses, they're unnerving."

Sesshomaru harrumphed and ripped off his sunglasses revealing startling amber eyes to Kagura. "Happy now?" he groused.

"Sure, so, what actions do you propose we take?"

"Well, it is almost the beginning of the semester, apartments are becoming hard to find now with so many students arriving in theses last days and one in walking distance to Kyoto University's main campus is prime real estate. I could easily find a new roommate in a few hours."

Kagura almost winced, the evil glint in Sesshomaru's eyes was almost too much to bear, but the ruby eyed woman still had a few cards up her American Eagle t-shirt sleeves and she grinned back slyly. "Yes, but I already signed a binding contract that was sent by you to my friend's sorority house. Plus, I already paid the first and last month's rent as required by said contract."

"So? I'll just pay you back the rent money."

"It's not that easy. You made a promise in writing. You know, like I said a binding contract. I read the fine print and my friend at the sorority is majoring in family law."

One of Sesshomaru's perfectly shaped eyebrows shot up. "What does a major in family law have to do with our contract?"

Kagura rolled her eyes as though Sesshomaru's questions were beneath her. "Well, besides the fact that I've watch every American court show I'm pretty sure that you can't break a binding contract without facing a penalty."

"Meaning?" Sesshomaru wasn't sure whether to admire this young woman who was certainly about to become his roommate or try to find the number for the nearest psych ward and haul her in.

"Meaning that if you try to break our contract, well, you just don't want to know."

"You're right I don't want to know." Sesshomaru looked at Kagura dejectedly. "Fine, you can stay. Only because I'm too damn busy to look for a new roommate at the present time."

"Thank you!" Kagura cried happily jumping up from her couch and rushing across the room to give her new roommate a bone crushing hug. "You have no idea how much this means to me! You saved me from having to join a sorority and listen to Yura and those other girls jabber on about hair and make up and boys! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go call Yura and tell her my good news." Kagura began to walk in the direction of Sesshomaru's room when she stopped and turned. "Uh, excuse me? But which one is mine?"

"The one on your right." As soon as Kagura had entered her room Sesshomaru walked himself into the kitchen and grabbed himself a bottle of Guinness from the refrigerator. After popping the cap the silver haired demon walked back over to the refrigerator and began banging his head on the door. "Kagura, I may have saved you from a bunch of giggling sorority girls, but who's going to save me from you?"


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