So Long Sanity

Note: The word Meiyo means honor in Japanese. I just couldn't find a good name for Kagura's horse. And yes this is probably my favorite chapter so far because of Kagura's riding lesson. And for non riders I'll provide my best dressage and horse glossary after the show, I'm more of a cross country jumper myself so I don't know how accurate the definitions will be.

Summary: Kagura was a college student looking for an apartment. Sesshomaru was a college student looking for a roommate. Unluckily for both of them they found eachother…so no one's getting their security deposit back.

Disclaimer: I do own InuYasha! I do! I do! I do! 'Men in white coats drag CHW away'

Chapter Four: Ball and Chain

But wherever I have gone
I was sure to find myself there-
You can run all your life
But not go anywhere

Kagura awoke the next morning with a sense of foreboding. She couldn't shake the feeling that something unpleasant was going to happen today. Which was pretty sucky since Saturday was Kagura's favorite day of the week. She took her riding lesson that day on her horse Meiyo. She also had an extra jump class today because of an upcoming competition, but that wasn't the source of Kagura's uneasiness. She just couldn't put her finger on it.

Still trying to figure out what was pissing in her Fruit Loops, Kagura wandered into the kitchen scratching at her cropped pajama bottoms with Tinkerbell on them and trying to adjust the matching camisole top that had a pouting Tinkerbell and the words 'Feisty Fairy ' under her in sky blue script. Of course trying to figure out why there was a cloud hanging over her head made the ruby eyed woman forget that she was now sharing close quarters with another person. A member of the opposite sex to be exact who forgot to lock his bathroom door and took two showers for some off the wall reason. Because as soon as she opened the bathroom door she got an eyeful of a naked Sesshomaru just as he was wrapping her Hello Kitty towel around his sopping wet body.

"Hey Kagura, haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Sesshomaru yelled at her.

"Haven't you ever heard of locking the door?" Kagura shot back slamming the aforementioned door and rushing into the kitchen hoping to find something to hide her warm tomato red face behind. She picked up the Fruit Loops and grabbed a bowl and spoon as well as the milk and sat down at the kitchen table to pour herself breakfast.

Kagura was immersed in the jokes at the back of the cereal box when Sesshomaru came in to the kitchen wearing antique wash jeans and an emerald green towel wrapped around his silvery tresses and nothing else. That sight caused Kagura to blush even more furiously because not only did she know what was under those jeans she had worn them yesterdays "Good morning uh, Sesshomaru." Kagura choked out trying to grasp onto the last threads of her composure.

"Good morning, Kagura." Sesshomaru returned calmly as ever. "I do hope I pass muster. Which do you like better my piercings," he gestured to his pierced nipples, "or my tattoo?" At that he pointed at his left bicep which had the green man inked on it. "Personally I prefer the nipple rings."

Kagura quirked up one perfectly plucked black eyebrow. "Why because you're a masochist?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"Well, get back to me when you do." Kagura checked the clock on the stove and noticed it was ten fifteen. "Dammit, I have to get ready for my lessons."

"Lessons? In what, manners?"

"No stupid, I take horseback riding lessons on Saturdays at eleven thirty in jumping and dressage. Halfway across town so I have to get going."

"Okay, just make sure you're back in time for that damn party your dumb friend wants you to go to."

"Oh shit! Party?" Kagura looked seriously confused. "There's a party tonight?"

"Yes." Sesshomaru began speaking slowly as though Kagura wasn't quite intelligent enough to grasp the entire situation. "Your friend… I believe her name was Yuka?"

"Yura." Kagura corrected running into her room to change into proper riding attire. "Her name is Yura." Kagura changed her underpants and then pulled on a pair of dove gray riding pants.

"Whatever. You called her over while we were in the supermarket yesterday and she reminded you about a party at her sorority From that short meeting with her, I doubt she'd let a thing like skipping her party slide."

"Her damn mixer!" Kagura exclaimed pulling her bra over her head and searching for a t-shirt. 'No wonder I felt like something bad was going to happen.' She added mentally. Finding her favorite t-shirt with the words: Auntie M, Hate you. Hate Kansas. Taking the Dog. Dorothy on it Kagura yanked it over her head then proceeded to dig for her riding socks and dress boots and pulled those on. "Okay, don't worry." She told Sesshomaru with more confidence then she actually felt. "I'm taking a private lesson after my regular one to prepare for a competition next month. "I'll be back around four thirty at the latest."

"Very well. I wish you luck."

Kagura looked at him perturbed. "Why?"

"You don't seem like the kind of person who can handle the types of things you say you do."

Kagura stuck her tongue out at her ill mannered roommate and picked her Troxel air vent helmet and her keys off of her air mattress, her bedroom set was supposed to arrive on Monday, which was a good thing because she just had one morning class and then an evening class on Monday. There would be no problems letting the delivery people into the apartment. "Try not to hurt yourself while I'm gone." Kagura said smartly walking out the door.

An hour later Kagura was still trying to forget about seeing Sesshomaru dripping wet using her favorite towel. Attempting to push that thought out of her mind, she tried to concentrate on making Meiyo listen to her every command and failing miserably.

"Tsukiyomi! Wake the hell up!" The instructor Christine, affectionately called Chris, Hayes shouted at her distracted student. "What's wrong with you! Meiyo's the one trying to take off, not you! Stop flapping your elbows. Mayuka, you can try the course now." The blonde instructor told another girl wearing forest green breeches and a matching helmet. She then turned to Kagura. "Bring her over here for a second you look like you need a breather."

Kagura complied sheepishly, pulling Meiyo into a walk and taking the mare over to the disgruntled instructor. "Yes, ma'am?"

Chris reached out and patted Kasshoku's dark bay neck. "Meiyo chan's a good horse." She finally said. "I trained riders all over the United States and haven't seen a horse work so well with her rider."

"Thank you." Kagura said.

"So, tell me why isn't this rider working well with her horse?"

"Yura planned a party at her stupid sorority tonight and I have to go because she railroaded me into it."

"Ah, I see. But I thought you and Yura were friends."

"We are, but she's making me bring along my roommate. Can you believe it?" Kagura tried to fling her hands up in exasperation, but forgot that she was still holding the reins and pulled on Meiyo's mouth instead. The mare tossed her head angrily and snorted in protest. " Sorry, Meiyo." The black haired woman told her horse apologetically.

"I'm guessing that you dislike this roommate." Christine said. "Why, does she steal your make up?"

"No, she's a he. I'm sharing an apartment with the most arrogant jerk in all Japan."

"Ah, I see. Well, do your horse a favor and block that out. You have a competition to get ready for and your dressage, I'm sorry to say, is rather rusty."

"I know."

"Good, then block that guy out of your head and focus on flying changes and turns on the forehand." Chris patted Meiyo and sent horse and rider on their way.

The rest of Kagura's dressage lesson went smoothly, Meiyo did her gait changes like she was born doing them and there were no detectable signals between horse and rider. Making all the signals appear invisible was one of the most important things in dressage the other was control and Kagura was slowly learning both of them.

After lunch came the jump classes Kagura's favorite. Apparently they were Meiyo's favorite too because the mare seemed more alert than she had been during the dressage lesson earlier.

Kagura and her mount completed the stadium jumping with only four faults the first round and two the second round. Those actions earned her a smile from the usually stoic instructor. Then in the cross country jump lesson her and Meiyo took on the course setting a new stable record according to Christine who began cheering along with the rest of Kagura's classmates. Kagura was ecstatic at the fact that she was the center of attention and it was good attention.

"Okay, Ava Lynn, you do a round like that and try to beat Kagura's score. Then cool out your horses because these lessons are over for the day." Chris said in her oddly accented Japanese.

Since Meiyo was Kagura's horse and not a lesson horse owned by the stables she turned the mare onto one of the small trails and walked her around until Kagura was sure that Meiyo was cooled off. Seeing that her mare was indeed cooled off Kagura walked the horse back to the barn and untacked her, making sure to give the horse a small scoop of grain some fresh water and a leaf of hay. "Okay girl, I'll see you in a few days." Kagura sighed. She'd have to remember to call Chris or one of the other trainers or the owners tomorrow so Meiyo wouldn't go stir crazy in her stall. Making that mental note, Kagura walked mournfully out of the barn, got into her truck and drove off.

When Kagura arrived at the apartment forty-five minutes later she was assaulted with a barrage of words from Sesshomaru. "What took you so long? Do you even know what time the party is?"

"I had to say good bye to Meiyo, I won't see her until Thursday so I had to spend quality time with her." Kagura explained easily.

"Who's Meiyo?" Sesshomaru asked suspiciously

"My horse and Meiyo's a girl horse so your male ego won't be bruised." Kagura looked pointedly Sesshomaru's crotch when she said that. "As for the party time, I'll go call Yura right now." Then she brushed past the silver haired youkai on her way to the kitchen phone.

"You smell horrendous."

"Thanks, it's horse sweat, horse slobber and, " Kagura paused and took a look at one of her boots, "horse manure."

"Take a shower instead. I'll call Yura…. If you can just give me her number."

"Of course, 563-9932." 'You'll be sor-rey!' Kagura sang to herself as she left her roommate to his own demise and began to take her shower.

As soon as Sesshomaru heard the water running, he dialed Yura's number, the phone rang twice and then someone picked up.

"Omega Phi, this is Shido Hikaru, who can I do you for?" a high pitched voice asked on the other end.

"Uh, I need to speak with Yura?" Sesshomaru replied cautiously.


"I need to ask her about the party."

"What party?"

"The party that you're throwing tonight."

"We're throwing what tonight?"

"A party!"

"When, tonight?"

"Yes, a party, tonight." Sesshomaru was about to begin pulling his hair out in frustration. How could one person be so stupid?

"Hey girls are we throwing a party tonight?" the girl who called herself Hikaru, which Sesshomaru thought was a misnomer, asked her sorority sisters.

"That's what Yura says." One of the girls replied.

"Oh, thanks Umi, you're a life saver. There's this guy on the phone who wants to talk to Yura about a party and I had no idea what he was talking about."

"Shocking!" squealed Sesshomaru over the phone. "Now, can you get Yura for me?"

"What? Who are you?"

"I'm Sesshomaru, my roommate… Oh never mind just get Yura."

"Whatever you don't have to be so rude." Hikaru set the handset down on the table and walked upstairs; halfway to her destination she forgot what she had been doing.

Luckily for Sesshomaru, Umi, the girl that Hikaru had asked about the party, had stuck around and when Hikaru wandered off somewhere, she went to go find Yura and bring her to the phone.

"Hello?" Yura asked when she picked up the receiver.

"Yura?" The voice on the other end sounded male and desperate.


"Thank the Gods!"

"May I ask who I have the pleasure of speaking with?"

"Yes, this is Sesshomaru, Kagura's roommate. I just needed to know what time your party started."

"Seven o'clock. Bring your own drinks… I think. I know that Kagura likes a screaming orgasm or two."

"I did not need to know about Kagura's sexual preferences." Sesshomaru choked out.

"Not much of a drinker are you?"

"That's a drink?"

"Never mind. Just get over here around seven okay?"

"Kay." Sesshomaru and Yura hung up their phones at the same time.

"Poor Kagura, she certainly has her work cut out for her there." Yura remarked to no one in particular.

"So, did you have fun?" inquired a soft feminine voice inches from Sesshomaru's ear.

"Fun? With what?"

"Calling Omega Phi. Don't say I didn't warn you."

"You didn't." sulked Sesshomaru.

"I didn't?" Kagura tapped her chin with her index finger. "You're right I didn't My bad. Well, what did you think?"

"Did Hikaru eat paint chips as a baby?"

Kagura just shrugged in reply.

"I thought so."

"That's nice." Now if you'll excuse me, I think I should probably get dressed. "What time did Yura tell you the party started?"

"Seven." Sesshomaru looked up at his roommate and noticed that all she had on were two towels and some red eyeliner. "Good Gods Woman, put some clothes on!"

"Pay backs are hell Sesshy, don't let anyone tell you differently." And with that Kagura left to get dressed and Sesshomaru did the same.

An hour later both Kagura and Sesshomaru were dressed in nearly identical outfits. Kagura was wearing a deep red silk camisole underneath a white denim jacket that had a ruby dragonfly brooch pinned to it and a pair of white linen capris which flared out slightly and a pair of deep red strappy low heeled sandals that matched her top perfectly.

Sesshomaru was wearing a brighter red silk short sleeved dress shirt and a pair of baggy light brown khaki shorts. On his feet were a pair of medium brown leather sandals.

"Yura's going to have something to say about this." Kagura told her roommate after she had scanned his attire.

"It doesn't bother me, I just feel that it is too late to change." Sesshomaru replied calmly.

"Fine. Let's just get going before I get sick."

"Why would you get sick?"

"Because Yura's gonna suggest that we got dressed together and the mere thought of you being naked churns my stomach."

Sesshomaru was about to suggest otherwise when he noticed the threatening way Kagura was holding her red and white Coach bag and thought better of it. Without another syllable from either of them, Kagura and Sesshomaru drove off to Yura's sorority mixer.


Well, I was thinking about making it longer, but the I figured eleven pages was enough! Okay, now as promised-translations for what I said in the part of the chapter with the riding lesson.

The non horsey people dictionary

Dressage- The art of guiding a horse through a series of complex maneuvers by using undetectable movements of the hands, legs and weight.

Mare- Female horse

Flying Changes-Okay, let's see if I remember this one- a gait change done almost imperceptivity in the air.

Turn on the forehand- A move where the horse's front leg either right or left, depending on which direction you're turning, stays in the same spot as you make a 180 degree turn

Tack­- the equipment used on a horse including the saddle (Untack-to take the saddle and such off the horse.)

Well, that's it; let me know if I missed anything. Or got one of the definitions wrong

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