Authors note:

The characters are not mine; they are MR B's (much as I would love Gibbs to be!) This is my homage to a truly fantastic show.

This may turn into a Gabby but I cannot promise, the makings are there for it but I don't know how it will jump yet.

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Just a short one to get it started…


Abby walked out of the club with her friend Jenny and her boyfriend Spike, the band had been fantastic and now the three of them were heading home.

"Spike and I will walk you to your car hon. then we're going to get some food and get a cab home, OK?" Jen asked as they walked along the street towards the car park. Abby had been designated driver tonight and so she had stayed alcohol free all night, but it hadn't stopped her having a great time.

"Okey dokey, if you're sure?" Abby said as they approached the dimly lit car park.

"Yeah hon. we need some down time before we head home" Jenny confirmed giving Abby a big hug "Love ya Abs" she said as they parted

"Me Too" Abby replied smiling. She climbed into her car, turned on her music and left the lot; she never gave a thought to the car that left with her.

The roads at 2am were quiet and Abby loved the feeling of having the whole city to herself, there was something magical about driving a normally busy street in the dead of night, when the rest of the world was asleep. Her hand tapped in time to her music, turned loud but not loud enough to be heard outside of the car, Abby didn't want to wake people up, she liked that they were all asleep. Abby drove past the turn off she normally took for work, and her mind drifted to Gibbs; she wondered if he was asleep or if he was working on his boat, she looked at the clock and decided he would be asleep at this time of night. She slowly turned into her road and pulled up outside her apartment building, she couldn't be bothered to park it in the designated spot, she would be leaving for work in 4 hours anyway, she thought with a rueful smile. Abby turned in her seat as car lights approached; she smiled to herself, looked like one of her neighbours had had a late night too, she thought as she got out of her car and locked the door.

She never saw the man approach her, the first she knew of him was when his hand reached out and grabbed her around the neck, pulling her tight against his body and holding the gun in his hand to her temple.

"Shit" Abby groaned "Gibbs is going to kill me" she muttered, trying not to struggle, but wanting nothing more than to fight back.