Authors note:

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for everyone who has read and reviewed my stories, I get a real buzz when I open my email and I see a review waiting for me, I think though even if there were no reviews I would still write, I love it too much, but it is great to know that others like my work too

Anyway I have decided to leave the ending there for Alone, not everyone is a GAbby fan and I think the ending to Alone is perfect where it is

But for all you GAbby fans (Like me) I have continued the story in 'Alone no more' most of you suggested a sequel and I agree, so pull up a chair, grab a caf pow and indulge your senses in the continuing story…


(By the way, I live in the uk, so just what is a caf pow? I can't seem to find out for sure)