Chapter 1 "What's with everyone today. "

Ravens POV

"Aug." I woke up in a cold sweat. How weird is this? I had a nightmare. That's not the weird part. It was about Beast Boy. He tried to protect me from something, I didn't know what, but he was thrown to the ground. Then I woke up.

A breeze caught my hair. I stood up. For some reason my door was slightly open. I was about to close it when I noticed A rose. Not a real one but one made of crystal or glass. It had purple petals and a green stem. On one of the petals was carved "I always noticed you."

Normal POV

Raven put on her cloak and went into the living room. She sat, in silence, on the couch and examined the rose by the light of the rising sun. At least until she heard footsteps coming towards her and she quickly hid the rose under her cloak just as Cyborg and Beast Boy walked in.

"Morning Rae." Cyborg greeted.

"Hey Raven." Beast Boy said but he didn't look to awake.

She swallowed hard as she remembered her dream. "Morning."

"Hello friends." Star and Robin came in next and Nightwolf followed them in.

"What's up?" Night said "Hey what's for breakfast?"

"Tofu." BB sang out.

"No, bacon and waffles." Cyborg argued.

Robin and Star sat down on the couch. "Night your turn to figure it out." Robin called.

"Okay I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10." She said to her friends.

"Six." Cyborg called.

"Five…no three…no seven…no five." Beast Boy said

"It was seven." She told them. "Looks like we're haven waffles." She walked to the counter and picked up her C.D. player and put on her headphones. Then she turned it on and bobbed her head to the music.

Beast Boy sulked over to the couch and sat next to Raven. "Raven, you alright?"

"Hun? Yeah." She turned to face him and was reminded of her dream. She fingered the crystal rose under her cloak. Beast Boy looked worried but said nothing else.

Beast Boy looked around. Night had decided to help Cy in the kitchen. Robin and Star were getting very close together.

Nightwolf heard what BB said to Raven and she raised her eyebrow, shaking her head. Then she went back to helping Cy with breakfast.

When Cy and Night were done cooking every one met at the table. Robin and Star, who were dating now, kissed as they sat down.

Cyborg waited for BB's comment but it never came. Then he noticed the green boy was sitting next to Raven. Cy looked over at Night and gave her A confused look. She gave him one back and shrugged.

Everyone filled his or her plates, except Beast Boy. He got himself some tofu. Raven got some tea. Cyborg was about to ask what was wrong with everyone but Night shoved some meat in his mouth and shook her head. They finished the meal in silence. When they finished Cy yelled, "Robin and Star got dish duty."

"I second that." Night called as she jumped on the couch.

"Fine." Robin said, "We'll wash them."

"Come on B lets play us some ninja monkey." Cy called.

Beast Boys eyes followed Raven as she retreated back to her room. "Maybe later." He followed her. "What's with everyone today!" Cy yelled

"Don't ask!" Night said. Then she picked up her headphones, which she had taken off for breakfast.