Chapter 3- "Stupid Robin"

Moment's later Star was pounding on Ravens door. When Raven opened the door and saw Star she asked, "What the matter?" Star clung to her. "Star, what happened?"


"I can't understand you."

"Robin has done the cracking up with me."


"Robin does not wish to be anything more than friends."

"Oh, Star I'm sorry." She tried to calm Star down. "Don't worry it will be okay."

"No it won't." She started to cry louder

"Did he say why?"

"No!" she wailed.

"Listen, I'm going to get some tissues, alright, but you need to calm down. Emotional outbursts don't help."

"Thank you… sniff… Raven."


Raven walked out of her room. She didn't intend on getting tissues, she wanted answers.

The boys and Nightwolf surrounded Robin. They hadn't seen her but she could hear and see them. "What's wrong with Star?" Beast Boy asked

"I broke up with her."

Night had taken a drink of soda and spit it all over Cyborg. "Sorry."

He wiped the soda off and said. "Why did you break it off with her?"

"Go away." Robin said.

"Just tell us." Night almost demanded.

"Yeah." Beast Boy agreed.

"Fine, I like someone else." Robin admitted.

Something in BB told him this wouldn't be good. "Who?" Nightwolf asked and took another drink.

"Raven." BB's eyes went wide. Night almost spit her soda but instead just swallowed hard.

Robin stood up and pushed past Night and Cy. He was walking towards Raven and she phased through the wall to avoid him. He walked past and she came out of the wall. Beast Boy was breathing hard and his eyes were wide. It looked like he was having a panic attack. Raven went back to her room and Star was gone, but she didn't really notice. She laid down on her bed and thought, 'I don't get it. I don't like Robin like that. How does he like me more then Star? Does Star Know? I hope she doesn't hate me. What about Beast Boy he seemed kind of freaked out. I wonder why.' Beast Boy had gone to his room. He felt like tearing it up but just sat on his bed. 'Stupid Robin. He's got the perfect life. He can just break up and then have any girl he wants. I wish he'd just leave.' He thought.

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