DISCLAIMER - I don't own Sarah or Jareth or the Labyrinth (unfortunately) they belong to Jim Henson & Co, and I'm definitely not making a profit from this. (Bummer) All other NPC's are a figment of my own imagination.

This fic was finished quite some time ago, but during 2013 has had some significant editing and hopefully has been improved in terms of plot clarity and writing style. Thank you once again to everyone who read this as I was writing it and gave me the encouragement to finish it!

Prologue - Broken

The machines clicked and whirred away in the artificial darkness, muted sounds, as unreal and hazy to her as the elusive dreams she craved. She silently begged for the oblivion of sleep in the emptiness of her exhausted mind and was rewarded with nothing. She lay in the unfamiliar and frightening surroundings with her eyes closed, hoping that if she slept and woke in the morning, the noises and monsters would be gone, replaced by her bedroom and apartment, the light pouring in through the windows.

In the darkness, a tear escaped and glistened as it slid across her soft cheek. She bit her lip to keep from howling and tasted the hot copper of blood. Why, just a single word, with so much meaning. A machine bleeped its warning to her left, making her take a breath in shock. It registered and resumed its quiet humming, just another noise. She heard the door opening, felt the cool draft across her face, smelt the harsh astringent smell before it was gone.

"Now Sarah, you must try to sleep. I've just upped your meds, but you must sleep, and no more daring the monitors. If you can't breathe on your own I'll have to put you back on the respirator, and I know how painful it is for you." The nurse said soothingly as she bent over the beautiful girl in the bed, sighing as she wiped away the un-dried tear.

"Just switch them all off."
"You know I can't do that Sarah. Every life is a gift."
"I have no life left."
"We will cure you. I know we will find a way."
"I don't want to be cured."
"You must think positively. Healthy mind, healthy body."
"Leave me alone."

Another tear escaped and the girl turned her head away from the nurse. In shame or anger the nurse could not fathom in the green glow of the screens surrounding the bed. She sighed again before resetting another machine and left the room.