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Chapter Fifty-Five: There Must Be A Way

"Karmina? Time is running out, my dear."

With a sigh, she pulled away from their kiss. "Seto… what are we going to do?"

He shrugged. "What are the options? They should all be considered before we make a descision."

This isn't a business meeting… but he's right… we have to consider everything.

"As far as I know… there are only three: You die, this world and then our own dies and you become something… else… or we find some way of compromise."

"I'm not sure I like those options."

Karmina let out a choked half laugh that ended in a sob. "Neither do I. But what other choices are there?"

"What about option three? Saying I believe in all of this, of course, there has to be another way to get rid of this 'darkness' thing that supposedly I am one and the same with. Because I know one thing: I am Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp, not a blob of evil darkness. If I was, I think I'd know."

"You'd think…" Karmina muttered, closing her eyes and thinking as hard as she could while hot tears rushed down her cheeks endlessly. Because she didn't see any way out. Any way in which Seto survived, that is. "Wingweaver… is there any way you can show me what will happen if we chose to do nothing?"

"I can try. But this is only a very educated guess."

The world was on fire again, only this time, it wasn't just Wingweaver's world. It was both of them. All of them. And in the very center of it all, was Seto Kaiba, the darkness surrounding him and consuming him completely. She was there as well, torn and crumpled on the ground, broken wings of light under her and broken at odd angles. It was painful… so utterly painful. She had caused this by listening to her own heart instead of what had to be done. And now… she was dying. The darkness was extinguishing the light entirely effectively. Karmina was powerless to fight it. Because she loved it. Loved him. Or what he had been before.

But now, this was not the same Seto Kaiba. This was hardly even recognizable. A machine that destroyed everything in its path.

The darkness would die if there was no light to feed it. So it had to keep her alive as well. She just wanted to die, but it would never let her, because in order to destroy everything and rule over that tattered world, it had to feed off of her light.

"Don't you care about me any more, Seto?" she asked in a voice that was both out loud and inside of her mind and his. They were still connected, though all that came from his end now were thoughts of destruction, barely even human at all anymore. "You told me you loved me. You promised me that you wouldn't let the darkness in your heart consume you. And then… you let it anyway. I tried to help you, love, but it was no use… there was no fighting destiny. We both became what it was foretold we would… you the warrior of darkness, and me… the guardian of light… But why?"


Karmina felt hot tears washing over her cheeks, but this had become so common since that day in the Realm of Monsters that she didn't even bother to wipe them away. "I…" she mumbled, and then was silent. She had only one choice. She could not, would not, be responsible for the end of the world. It had to be done. The ultimate sacrifice. From inside her pocket, she withdrew two blank duel monsters cards, and let her tears hit their empty squares, which promptly began to glow with her magical energy. "I love you forever, Seto," she whispered with a sad smile as she pulled herself from the ground slowly, fighting the pain that shot through her entire body. "But look at us… we're nothing like we should be… this isn't you… and this certainly isn't me. I'm just a teenage girl… not the 'Guardian of Light.' And you… you were supposed to be my boyfriend… who I could fall in love with and someday marry… But you…" Unable to finish her sentace, she sighed and threw her scarred arms around Seto's neck and planted her lips upon his dark ones. "I love you forever, Seto… though I wish it didn't have to end this way…"

She couldn't take it anymore. She broke away from the vision. "That won't happen!" she insisted.

"I wish I could agree with you, Karmina. But… it's there. The darkness in him and the light in you."

"Would you mind not talking about me like I'm not here?"

"I'm sorry Seto… I didn't mean to… I'm concerned, is all. I don't want that to happen…"

"Neither do I, Karmina. But how can it? I'm not that thing, I'm me."

She sighed. She wished she could believe him… but her heart, which she had been so certain beat as one with his, told her otherwise. Something about Seto had always felt surprisingly dark and harsh. But he could be soft and sensitive, too, when he thought no one was looking.

"So… what do we do? I can't let that happen, but I can't let anything else happen to you, either…"

Seto shrugged. "You do whatever you have to do, Karmina. I trust you to make the right decision."

I don't WANT to make ANY decision… it's too hard. I just know whatever I decide to do will be the wrong choice.

"That's not true, Karmina. You've made tons of good choices."


He paused a moment. "Like leaving that crappy orphanage, and…"

"Exactly. I've barely done anything important in my whole life… but you've done so much, Seto… Next to you, I'm worthless."

"Next to me, you're the world, Karmina. Because without you, I'd still be a heartless CEO and not a person."

She shook her head. "Someone someday would have gotten through to you… and that would have been better… I think…"

Wingweaver shook her head. "Had that happened the world would already be destroyed. Only you have kept the darkness at bay this long with your light, but now it grows in strength and as you can see it's escaping."

"I still don't believe in all this crap."

Karmina sighed. "There must be some way… any way…"

Wingweaver paused a moment and then said "There is one…"

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